AAP At Crossroads In Punjab

AAP At Crossroads In Punjab

We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about aap its political fight in punjab assambly election which going to happen next year in 2022

Bhrigu muni is doing conversation with his son Shukracharya ji

[This political party in samvatsar 2078-79[2021-2022]will contest election in p named pradesh [punjab].Their  result in Punjab will not be according to their expectation .This political party will be concentrated in Centre [Delhi]of India.It will not perform well outside Delhi. This will rule from samvat 2078  upto four to five year onwards after that it will become weak]  

Aap`    party led by Arvind Kejriwal is trying every foot hold to establish its supremacy in Punjab against Captain Amrinder Singh and Akaali  Dal led by sukhbir  singh Badal  but till now not major gain has been earned by Aap in Punjab .The strong hold of Captain Amrinder Singh in Punjab has derailed the dream of Aap party lead by Arvind kejriwal to have his chief minister in Punjab.Aap party’s  good performance in Delhi’s  last assembly  election  has not put any good impression on general public in Punjab. but still its is third runner after  Akaali Dal, Congress-I.But what star foretell its future performance in Punjab will be ascertained by the  horoscope of Aap party.

Horoscope of APP party

Aap party was formed by off shoots of Anna Hazaarae  march against corruption protest in New Delhi by Arvind kejriwal on 26-11-2012 at 12 hrs Delhi With Makar or Capricorn sign rising as lagna with lagna lord conjunct with Mercury retro ninth lord of  luck,venus fifth and tenth lord forming a Rajyoga in tenth house. Moon seventh lord aspect this combination from fourth house. Seventh lord  moon has opposition from Venus from tenth house so its relation from opposition specially with congress-I in Punjab will never remain cordial till Captain  Amrinder Singh is in power in Punjab. Aap  party track record in Punjab is average as its has won total 20 seats in last assembly election .

Some positive  points in the  horoscope  of Aap  party

1]Saturn ,Mercury retro,Venus conjunct in tenth house as lagna lord ,ninth lord of luck,tenth lord of profession is forming  Rajyoga of excellent quality a benefic moon is also aspect to this combination.

2]Malefic in Sun and Rahu in eleventh house of gain. Malefic in 3,6.11 houses are good for expansion in all over India.

3]Vimshotari Mahadasha of Venus tenth lord of profession gives good survival rate and expansion all over India of Aap party.  

Some negative points in the  horoscope of Aap party

1]Shakat yoga formed with placement of moon in twelfth house from natal Jupiter.

2]Both luminary afflicted in horoscope ,Sun conjunct with Rahu and moon aspect by Saturn.

3]Leo Navamsha rising as eighth house in the horoscope of Aap party.

4]Mahadasha of eighth  lord Sun starting after 24-5-2030 aspect from twelfth lord Jupiter.

Aap has scored 20seats in last assembly election in Punjab.


Coming varshphal starting from of tenth year which is concerned for coming assembly election in Punjab.

Gemini lagna is rising in tenth year Varshphal which is sixth house of birth horoscope which represent enemy ,fights ,disease, etc. Gemini  lagna lord is mercury is posited in sixth house  conjunct with third lord Sun and Ketu .Mercury is in paap katri badly sandwiched between Ketu  and Sun .But Mercury  with malefic in sixth house create internal  problems  due to internal politics in Punjab. But malefic are good in 3,6.11 house. But Aap party will fight against all  opposition in Punjab With  great difficulty it will able to win some desired seats in punjab .

Muntha :Muntha is posited in fifth house with sixth and eleventh lord  mars and aspect of Saturn from eight house shows trouble in Aap due to internal politics in Punjab section of party. Arvind kejriwal Aap party’s head will try his best efforts to persue  the   agenda to win maximum seats in assembly election in Punjab .But it is difficult to overruled congress-I lead by Captain Amrinder Singh in Punjab .Aspect of jupiter on muntha  is a reliving factor here. Which is tenth lord .Somehow with best efforts it will able to secure some respect able seats in Punjab assembly election in 2022    

Appliying vimshotari mahadasha of birth chart on running varshphal of tenth year

Venus –jupiter :23-7-2020 to24-3-2023

Venus mahadasha lord is posited in seventh house of position as fifth and twelfth lord giving strength to opposition of Aap in tenth year varshphal .As fifth lord it is good for Aap and twelfth lord provide loss to the party ,since mooltrikona sign of venus is libra so it will give more result of twelfth house. Mixed result for Aap party in Punjab assembly election. Some seats will increase as compared to last assembly election result.[Venus is badly afflicted in d-9 navamsha  progression chart .Mars and Saturn aspect this Venus in eleventh house.]

Jupiter anter :Jupiter is seventh and tenth lord in ninth house of luck in  tenth year Varshphal. In d-9 Navamsha progression chart Jupiter is in tenth house with eighth lord Sun is  in debilitation conjunct with Jupiter. Jupiter is two twelfth relation with Mahadasha lord venus in d-9 Navamsha chart. Jupiter position is  some better in d-1 Varshphal but some affliction is been noticed in d-9 Navamsha progression chart.

Vimshotari Mahadasha and anter in birth chart:

Venus –Jupiter from23-7-2020 to 24-3-2023

Venus Mahadasha lord is placed in tenth house with twenty nine ashtakvarga point which is  one above average. Venus  is yogkarka for Capricorn lagna, conjunct with exhalted Saturn lagna lord and mercury ninth lord .This mahadasha has provided Aap party good result right from its birth .In d-9 Navamsha chart Venus is tenth lord in sixth house of fights and dispute badly afflicted in Rahu-Ketu axis and Saturn ,Mars opposition  six twelfth axis.In this mahadasha it is  very difficult to fight congress-I led by Captain Amrinder Singh in Punjab.

Jupiter anter from 23-7-2020 to 24-3-2023:Generally Jupiter anter in Mahadasha of Venus is afflicted anter as described by famous astrologer my Jyotish Guru  SH.K.N.Rao.Rao sahib warn  about this Dasha  Venus –Jupiter or Jupiter- Venus anter are period of disease and humiliation in native ,party or horosoocpe of nation. Here Jupiter anter is afflicted anter due to  its lordship .Jupiter is twelfth and third lord for Makar lagna . Twelfth house is trikh or bad house according to Maharishi Parashar. Jupiter in fifth house is conjunct in Rahu Ketu axis and aspect of eighth  lord Sun has degraded the positive quality of Jupiter.In Navamsha d-9 chart Jupiter position has improved due to forth and tenth lord ship in ninth house of luck..In d-10 dashmansha chart Jupiter in third house of efforts as eleventh and eighth  lord aspect by sixth lord Venus and aspect of twelfth lord mars indicate with lot of efforts Aap party will be successful in increasing its present seats in Punjab assembly election.

Deciding pratyaanter at the time of election :Venus –jupiter-venus from 14-11-2021 to 25-4-2022:Venus pratyaanter is again an  afflicting pratyaanter but Yogkarka for makar or  Capricorn lagna conjunct with exhalted Saturn  and Mercury in tenth house is good. Venus  as tenth lord in navamsha d-9 chart is afflicted in sixth house conjunct with Saturn in Rahu Ketu axis and aspect of mars from twelfth house. so much affliction to Venus in sixth house indicate little success with lot of difficulty and dispute. In d-10 dashmansha chart Venus in ninth house as sixth lord conjunct ketu with aspect of Jupiter indicate little luck will shine on Aap party at time of Punjab election  in 2022.


Bhrigu progression of Saturn .In this technique Saturn will progressed year by year .Tenth from natal Saturn will reach to  cancer sign.Cancer lord natal moon is placed in seventh house in twelfth from natal Jupiter. Tenth house is aspect by Saturn and mars which afflict tenth house. Position of tenth lord moon is good in seventh house but aspect of eighth  lord  Venus and twelfth lord mercury is not good .Moreover moon and Venus opposition is not good according to Bhrigu Astrologer.Since tenth house has also afflicted by aspect of Saturn and mars indicate tough fight for aap party in assembly election in Punjab. Moon and Saturn aspect on each other in Sukshma  Rajyoga as Saturn is fifth and fourth lord from Saturn lagna and moon in kendra lord from natal Saturn lagna


Jeev Jupiter progression: Jupiter is in Taurus  sign .Progressing Jupiter tenth comes to to Aquarius sign its lord Saturn is in sixth house form natal Jupiter conjunct retro Mercury and Venus in Libra sign.Tenth house is vacant .Saturn is in sixth house create lot of enemy and dispute and conjunct with sixth lord Venus and mercury two benefic definitely help Aap party  a leverage which give some more seats less than expectation in assembly election in Punjab in 2022.Making Aquarius as lagna tenth house is Scorpio sign where sun sixth  lord from Aquarius sign is posited conjunct with Rahu a malefic .Tenth lord mars from Aquarius is in eleventh house of gain aspect by Saturn from ninth house .Dispute  and trouble with opposition congress-I in Punjab will create hurdles for Aap party whose   aim to win large chunk of seats in Punjab.


Saturn in transit in lagna at time of election in own sign Capricorn .From here it aspect tenth house will help Aap party to concrete on assembly election of Punjab.

Jupiter in transit will be in Aquarius sign aspect tenth and tenth lord Venus Saturn mercury combination in tenth house will help Aap party to increase its seat ratio in Punjab election assembly election in 2022