[We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about PM Narendra modi mission to make india a 5 trillion economy]

From Bhrigu Jeev Naadi

This land which is  famous by name of “bha”[bharat or india]and its king ruling by name starting from alphabet  [na]PM  Narendra Modi.  From samvat 2078[2021]  India will achieve its aim to make this land financially prosperous   and it will achieve its target in three and half year and after  four year onwards from this in samvat 2086 this land  will become Super Power at  second  position.


Indian Foreign Reserve on 9-7-2021 was$ 611.895 which is fourth in world ranking which has increased by$1,883 . India has entered the anter of Mercury in mahadasha of Moon in the  foundation horoscope of India. I have written an article on 19-3-2020 “MAKING INDIA A 5 TRILLION ECONOMY A DREAM OF PM NARENDRA MODI” in my same blog which I have given indication about PM Narendra Modi dream  to make India a 5 Trillion economy. His dream  is taking a shape now to make a financial and economically a stable country. India has take a step ahead of Russia on fourth number below Switzerland who is  third in number after China and Japan.

In the  foundation horoscope of  India anter of planet  Mercury which have started on 5-7-2021 is watch full now for India in regard with financial terms.


Foundation horoscope of India: India got independence on 15-8-1947at 00:01 hrs ,New Delhi. Taurus  lagna was rising with Rahu posited in it .Taurus  lord Shukhra charya ji or Venus is placed in third house conjunct  with four planets Sun,Saturn ,Mercury,Moon a combination of Sanayaas yoga in house of preaching .But at same time we  have got now  a Prime Minister equipped with yogic power who can foresight future  to lead India on the path of progress. 

Timing progress in the  foundation horoscope of India

Vimshotari Mahadasha and Anter

Moon-Mercury from 5-7-2021to 4-12-2022

Moon Mahadasha :Moon Mahadasha is significant in the  horoscope of India.Moon is karka of mind conjunct with karka of communication ,Mercury and Venus karka for wealth in Bhrigu Astrology, conjunct with karka of profession Satrun.All these karka are extract  from Bhrigu astrology .India will be giant in digital technology ,communication ,computer ,and electronic component of hardware of computer etc every thing related to third house .There will be  flow of FDI [Foreign Direct Investment.].Second lord in Mercury which represent wealth  is conjunct with Mahadasha lord Moon in third house. See degree of Moon and Mercury, Moon is ahead of Mercury and most close to Mahadasha lord Moon. Mercury is meeting ahead Moon in progression. Which mean this anter of mercury will be significant with  respect of all nine anter in Mahadasha of Moon.   In d-9 Navasmha chart moon in sixth house conjunct with ketu as fifth lord shows significant development of Indian defense Arms  Industry. Sixth house is related with defense industry. Moon aspect to twelfth house shows export of that defense equipment to different underdeveloped countries which were once market of Russia and china. These export of defense equipment will add to increase of Forex Reserve .This  in turn will boast up  PM Narendra modi initiative  his dream project to make India 5trillion economy by the end of 2024.

Mercury anter dasha :Mercury anter lord  in second lord of finance the house of Foreign Reserve. Mercury is sign despositor of twelfth lord Mars which indicate FDI[Foreign Direct Investment]which  will help India to reach at mission of 5trillion economy. Mercury in Navamsha is posited in ninth house as fourth and seventh lord aspect by another benefic Jupiter tenth and lagna lord .Ninth house is called as Lakshmi Sthaan or  house of Goddess Lakshmi indicate rise of fortune in the field of finance. . In d-10 dashmansha chart is again in fifth house  which is also the house of Goddess Lakshmi which indicate incoming of finance or in term of nation like India it is related with progress of India towards achieving goal of PM Narendra Modi.

D-60 Shashtiamsha

We can use d-60 shashtiamsha chart in the  horoscope of India because time is very accurate .In d-60 shashtiamsha chart Mahadasha lord Moon is eleventh lord .Mercury is in second house of finance and Share Market and fixed wealth aspect by Venus  sign lord of Mercury a very good combination for rise in 5 trillion mission of PM Narendra modi.

Transit:Through the use of Ashtakvarga and Binashtakvarga


Ashtarkvarga of birth chart in the  foundation horoscope of India

Saturn from Capricorn aspect second lord natal mercury in third house and in Aquarius it will aspect second house from moon sign that is Leo. Both mercury is second lord of finance and second house from moon is also the house of finance.

Jupiter is present on 7-8-2021 in transit in Aquarius  will aspect second house of finance from Taurus lagna and second house from moon lagna .

It will come back in Capricorn  on 20-9-2021 from here it will  aspect Mercury anter dasha lord .So both second  house from lagna and  moon lagna are activated in transit by Jupiter.

Binnastakvarga of anter lord mercury and transit of Jupiter in binnastarvarga of mercury

In binnastarvarga of mercury Aquarius sign contain  five points and Jupiter is in transit in Aquarius will provide positive result with  increase of foreign reserve from 26-4-2021 to 20-9-2021

 Jupiter  will transit from Capricorn to Aquarius on 20-11-2021 where it will transit permanently for year will boost the economy of India through the  increase of foreign reserve.

Saturn in transit at present in Capricorn in binnastakvarga of Mercury which contain only two points which is  below four  average point. When Saturn will transit Aquarius tenth house in binnastarkavarga of Mercury  contains  five points which is  one more than average that is four .It will prove beneficial for India to raise the Indian Forex Reserve.


Seventy Fifth year Varshphal

Aries lagna is rising twelfth house in the  foundation  horosocope of India Twelfth represent foreign land in the foundation horoscope of india from where India earns its foreign reserve to reach the aim of becoming Five Trillion Economy. In seventy fifth  year varshphal muntha is in fourth house in cancer sign .Muntha sign lord is moon aspect by twelfth lord Jupiter which indicates  incoming money from foreign land in form of FDI[Foreign Direct Investment]and by export of Indian goods to foreign market.

Applying Vimshotari Dasha of Birth Chart

Moon -Mercury 5-7-2021to 4-12-2022

Moon mahadasha lord is posited in seventh house aspect by tenth lord Saturn and twelfth lord Jupiter retro from eleventh house .Aspect of tenth lord Saturn will push government of India to give incentive to manufacture product needed to boost export .Jupiter as twelfth lord in Aquarius house of Saturn as tenth and eleventh lord will help in  moon mahadasha a way for India to  attract foreign income which in turn will increase Indian foreign reserve. This will way for India to go ahead to accomplish mission of PM Narendra Modi of 5 Trillion Economy .

Mercury :Mercury anter is anter of sixth and third lord of efforts  in fifth house with lagna lord Mars  aspect by twelfth lord  Jupiter of foreign incoming of money .