Declining Trend Of Turkey 2021-2022

Declining Trend Of Turkey 2021-2022

[[We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about TURKEY present condition. Reading ………………..This country starting with alphabet named  T [turkey]which situated in middle of earth. The country is facing disturbing circumstances these days. Starting from samvat 2078[2021]the position like disturbing condition will continue upto five year. After these five year ,three year will have continue  violence in this country .The present king named by alphabet “R” will not regain power .Even the next elected king will not be so competent .This country named by alphabet  “t” [turkey]its relation will  be more disturbing with its neighbor countries in coming time]


Once upon a time Turkey was  most powerful country of NATO and  Europe but  now it’s facing declining trend .One can easily understand the decline of Turkish economy by the fact on 6-5-2016 Turkish Lira[currency].  1 Lira was equal to  22.7649 Indian rupees  now today 12-8-2021it has fallen to 8.70 Indian rupees .In many area of world Turkish  economy and Turkish influence all over the world is declining  day by day.The present crisis of fall of Turkish economy is due to excessive current account deficit and large amount of private foreign –currency denominated debt in combination with president Recep Tayyip Erdogran increasing authoritarianism and his unorthodox ideas about interest rate policy  has caused the fall of Turkish economy. What star foretell about decline of Turkey we have to study the horoscope of Turkey.


Turkey  formed  as country on 29-10-1923 at 20:30 Istanbul. With Gemini lagna rising with  lagna lord in fifth house conjunct with Sun,Saturn,Venus is formation of creativity in fifth house one of the Lakshmi Trikona is good for this nation. Sun ,Saturn two hard core malefic in fifth house indicate advanced thinking on western countries pattern .Sun and Saturn hardcore malefic influence has been covered by Mercury behind Sun and Venus ahead of Saturn degree wise.

Some Negative Yogas In  The  horoscope of Turkey

1]Shakat yogas with Jupiter and moon in six –eight position in placement to each other.

2]Mercury lagna lord and fourth lord totally combust in conjunction with sun .

3]In navamsha d-9 chart eighth house of birth horoscope is lagna of navamsha chart.

  Some positive  points in the  horoscope of Turkey

1]Moon lagna and birth are same.

2]Good order of vimshotari mahadasha scheme in the  horoscope of Turkey.Jupiter from 13-3-1941,Saturn from 12-3-1957,Mercury from 12-3-1976,ketu from12-3-1993,Venus from 12-3-2000.

3]Four planets including Lagna lord Mercury in fifth house of creativity .

4]Lagna lord,forth lord mercury, eight  and ninth lord Saturn .Fifth and twelfth lord venus ,Third lord sun is forming Rajyoga in fifth house of Lakshmi Sthaan.

Vimshotari dasha in birth chart of Turkey

At present Sun -Rahu is running in birth chart of Turkey from 6-5-2021 to 30-3-2022.

Sun mahadasha lord :Sun mahadasha lord is dasha of third house which is generally not good for birth chart.It shows more input by hard work and less result for public of Turkey .Sun is posited in fifth of public sentiment and emotion .Lagna lord mercury which is combust represent king of Turkey. It indicate public emotion is going against kings policy or present  government of Turkey is not able to counter public sentiment and emotion perfectly .In indirect way public is not satisfied with working  of its government. Sun mahadasha lord is facing opposition from eighth lord Saturn and twelfth lord Venus two Trikh houses lord[bad house].In navamsha d-9  chart sun has attained position of eight lord a trikh house [bad hosue]posited in lagna weakens Turkey in its mahadasha .

Rahu anter lord :Rahu anter lord is posited in third house of efforts is sign of Sun.Rahu is in nakshtra is Phalguni nakshtra of venus twelfth lord .Both placement of Rahu in third house and in Nakshtra of twelfth lord is towards negative trend because both houses are bad houses .Sun sign lord of Rahu will meet Saturn ahead in progression   the biggest enemy of Sun which eighh  lord also. Third, eight ,twelfth house signification of Rahu are appearing here in its anter. Turkey has rift with Europe ,America,Russia and India which are major power of the   world.

Yogini Mahadasha:

 Mahadasha yogini will give clear presumption regarding in which direction Turkey is going .In this yogini Mahadasha scheme Venus Mahadasha is running from 15-10-2016 to 16-10-2023.

Venus Mahadasha lord is twelfth and fifth lord conjunct with three planet Sun,Satrun,Mercury. Sun is third lord ,Mercury is lagna and fourth lord ,Saturn is eighth and ninth lord. Here twelfth, third, eighth house signification of these planet are mostly appearing in mahadasha of venus  .All these three house are bad and  provide bad result .Venus as twelfth lord has given Turkey bad result in regards with its foreign policy. Its expenditure is high as regards with income. This mahadasha of Venus has provided the present crisis of fall of Turkish economy is due to excessive current account deficit and large amount of private foreign –currency denominated debt in combination with president Recep Tayyip Erdogran increasing authoritarianism and his unorthodox ideas about interest rate policy .

Sudershan chakra:


[Sudershan chakra work in very simple manner. First year represent first house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing]

We are concentrating  on progression of ninty ninth  year of Turkey which is starting on 29-10-2021.This progression reaches to third house in leo sign where Rahu is posited .When ever in progression reaches to Rahu-Ketu axis in progression it is more difficult time for any person ,nation according to  its horoscope in question. Here Leo sign lord Sun is in fifth house combusting lagna lord Mercury  and have opposition from Saturn  is not happy condition for Turkey in coming ninty ninth year.

From moon lagna: Progression Same as lagna.

From Sun Lagna :From Sun lagna ninty ninth  year progression reaches to Sagittarius sign vacant aspect by moon tenth lord from Sun lagna .Mars and Saturn two hard core malefic also aspect Sagittarius sign .Sagittarius sign lord Jupiter is posited in twelfth house from its own sign in second house from sun lagna . This is something to be concerned with diminishing financial position of Turkey. Aspect on third  house by two malefic Saturn and Mars on third house indicate tensed relation with neighbor countries specially Greece and Egypt.

Bhrigu Transit: Saturn karka for profession and karma is in eighth  house in Capricorn .Capricorn natal depositor natal Saturn is in fifth house combust in nearness with Sun and has opposition from Sun. Saturn will change sign on26-4-2022 transit in Aquarius sign over natal ketu . Saturn  as karka for profession whenever transit over ketu it is time of trouble. There is break in progress of Turkey ahead. Natal sign lord of transit Saturn is natal Saturn in fifth house conjunct with mercury, Venus,Sun. These conjunction with natal sign lord Saturn of transit Saturn will cause pain in emotion of public against their ruler for diminishing financial status of Turkey.

Jupietr :Jupiter is soul of any horoscope .Jupiter in transit in ninth house over natal ketu is not welcoming prospect for Turkey.Transit Jupiter depositor natal Saturn is in fifth house combust in nearness with Sun and has opposition from Sun. Natal Saturn is conjunct with Sun third house,Venus twelfth lord indicate loss, eighth house indicate trouble and problem ,hindrance in progress.

Parashar transit: Saturn in transit in Capricorn in eighth  house aspect eighth  lord natal Saturn in fifth house

Jupiter  transit in Aquarius in ninth house is aspect to eighth  lord natal Saturn in fifth house.

Both Saturn and Jupiter in transit is activating eighth  house a bad house .represent hindrance ,obstacles ,uncertainty in the  horoscope of Turkey