Different variant of covid and its impact on Great Britain in 2021

Different variant of covid and its impact on Great Britain in 2021

[We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about covid condition in England. The country named by ‘E’ alphabet ruled by malechha . This country is suffering from  this[disease] disturbance from last one and half year .This disease will be completely cured after two and half to three years. Starting from today this disease wilL again spread after three  to four months  .Its public will suffer from physical and mental pain from this disease.]


Great Britain  has recorded 29,173 new cases on Sunday on 25-7-2021 which is down from 48,161 cases which was reported on 18-7-2021.This down fall is normal because covid vaccination drive is on full speed in Great Britain.

Great Britain has seen worst face of covid-19 in vimshotari mahadasah of rahu-saturn started from 25-1-2018to 1-12-2020 and rahu- mercury from 1-12-2020 to 20-6-2023.Their has been 5,722,298 people has been suffered from covid-19 and in which 129,172 people have died,4,459,231people recovered.

The third wave of covid started in great Britain in which it was on peak on 19-7-2021.But it was weaker then second wave which has occurred in peak on 18-1-2021. What star foretell about future of covid pandemic in Great Britain after this third wave peak which has been passed on 19-7-2021.Will their there are more wave to come in great Britain and when finally this covid will totally slow down in great Britain has to be assessed from its horoscope .

Foundation horoscope of Britain :1-1-1801,00-01hrs ,london


Some check   points about verification of horoscope of Great Britain

Great Britain participated in first world war on 4-8-1914 in Vimshotari dasha of Jupiter -Saturn  from 7-2-1913 to 21-8-2015

Jupiter mahadasha  lord is seventh lord of open war in eleventh house .From moon lagna it aspect by mars sixth lord of war ,fight dispute aspect mahadasha lord Jupiter. Saturn anter lord is sixth lord of open  war and dispute in twelfth house of foreign countries .Great Britain fought war against  Germany

Great Britain participated in second world war   started on 3-9-1939 in Vimshotari Mahadasha of Satrun-Mars from 26-6-1939 to 2-8-1940.In which Saturn in twelfth house as sixth lord clearly explain the validity and verification of this horoscope .Mars  third and eight lord  also justified the violence in which Britain fought against Germany is clear from both lagna and moon lagna in  the  horoscope of Britain.

Now come main stream about future of covid in Britain which will be explained from present running Vimshotari  Mahadasha and anter in the  horoscope of Great Britain for timing event. At present Rahu-Mercury-venus is running from 5-6-2021 to7-11-2021

Mahadasha of Rahu:Rahu mahadasha lord is seventh house of death in sign of Jupiter and in nakshtra of mercury.Rahu sign depositor Jupiter is aspect by mars from eighth  house as third  and eighth  lord.Rahu is direct or indirect way connected with third house represent disease related with covid -19 .Third house represent communicable disease and sign lord of Rahu is Jupiter is aspect by mars that is third lord.This  is indirect way connection. Rahu nakshtra lord is mercury posited in third house of communicable disease which represent by covid-19.

Mercury anter:Mercury anter lord is lagna lord in third house in sign of Mars in eighth house. Mercury is aspect by Jupiter fourth and seventh lord ,mars  third lord and eighth lord .Both Jupiter and mars are death inflicted planets for Virgo lagna .Mercury is posited in third house which represent communicable disease like covid-19.Mars is aspect by  mercury from eighth house that represent mass death .We know there has been  129,172 numbers of people died in this pandemic of covid-19.Mercury anter will also give Great Britain fourth  wave of covid-19 after third wave of 19-7-2021.

Pratyaanter of venus from 5-6-2021 to 7-11-2021:Pratyaanter of venus will be starting from 5-6-2021 and end on 7-11-2021.Between this period Britain may experience the shock of fourth wave of covid before 7-11-2021this will be lighter than third wave which occurred on 19-7-2021.It will in the same pratyaanter of venus maarkeshdeath afflicting]  [due to   lordship of afflicting  house]due to second lord for virgo lagna.Venus nakshtra lord is mars eighth and third lord for virgo lagna.Both are bad houses for virgo lagna .In navamsha d-9 chart venus is sixth lord of disease and epidemic .

When next wave after fourth will strike back in Great Britain?

It will happen in pratyanater of mars from 11-3-2022 to 5-5-2022:Mars pratyaanter dasha lord is third and eighth  lord for virgo lagna .Third represent communicable disease like covid-19 and eighth house represent mass tragedy due to epidemic .Mars is also sixth lord from moon lagna.Sixth is house of disease. In navamsha d-9 chart Mars is in sixth house in worst opposition from its enemy saturn from twelfth house.


Varshphal for 221 year:In 221 year Varshphal for Great Britain Aquarius lagna is rising .Aquarius is sixth house of natal virgo lagna .sixth represent disease in general and death due to epidemic. Also lockdown imposed in country. In 2021 year varshphal saturn lagna lord is in twelfth house in own house Capricorn which also represent hospital when Jupiter is debilitated here indicate pressure on hosiptials in  this running 2021 year in Great Britain. Muntha is in twelfth house is not considered good .Munthta pati Saturn is in twelfth lord conjunct with debilitated Jupiter indicate pressure on  whole Britain suffering through the covid wave this year,


Varshphal for 222 year:With Gemini lagna is rising in 222 year varshphal tenth house in natal birth chart of  Great Britain.Lagna lord in eight house is not a good sign for relief from epidemic covid-19 .Mercury lagna lord is conjunct with moon and Saturn eighth lord .Moon second lord Maarkesh and Saturn is eighth  lord of mass tragedy from Covid. Muntha in ninth  but muntha pati Saturn in eighth ,muntha is aspect by sixth lord mars from sixth house of pandemic.

Superimposing vimshotari pratyaanter Dasha ofMars[11-3-2022 to 5-5-2022] of  birth chart on vVarshphal of 222 year: Pratyaanter of mars is sixth lord of disease conjunct with ketu karka for virus  of covid-19 will be cause of returning of fourth wave in Great Britain next year.

Bhrigu Transit:Saturn karka of profession in transit in fifth house is  it’s natal depositor natal Saturn is in twelfth house aspect natal sixth house of disease and epidemic.

Jupiter karka of soul is in sixth house in aquarius aspect by natal saturn from twelfth house.

Conclusion: saturn and Jupiter is activating sixth house of disease in the  horosocpe of Great Britain  in Bhrigu transit