Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji


The native born with these planetary combination has bizarre luck. He will face average and above average[very good] phases in his life. He can get wealth suddenly from anywhere or can get some good unexpected benefit. All his wishes will be fulfilled but he can face some tensions and worries side by side. Some time anxiety level can be very high and can’t stable. He can get good results and  gains but these gains can be delayed but will enjoy good wealth. He performed\did some wrong act or deed but later he regret a lot. This native have friends as well as enemies too. He always remains worried about one person specially and think lot about him\her. For getting happiness from children and financial point of view  he must do some salvation. He must chant ‘’SANTAAN GOPAAL MANTRA’’ for his family and for coming generations also. He will earn profit from his profession or business. This person likes truth and stay away from falsehood. He is very hard working and courageous person. This person never loose courage in facing  problems and difficulties and face them boldly. This native is very intelligent but get confused some time. He always think about new work By doing remedies or chanting Mantraas related to malefic planets in the horoscope he should get some relief and his wishes also be fulfilled. The relation of this native is not so good with his brothers and even not so much have family support .This native also spend money on religious places and for religious purposes          He will earn good respect and reputation in his family and social circle. This native is very soft spoken .He will face his enemies very patiently and will destroy them. Sometime some difference of opinion can be with his wife.  He will face a major trouble or problem in his lifetime but it will be vanished and will lead a long and happy life. Some troubles came in his life due to his last birth Karmaas[deeds]


He was born in a Kshatriya family. He lived in Haridwar.The native bought horses, elephant cart from the Brahmins or pandaas at half rate and sold them at full rate.The Brahmins get these elephant cart and horses in donations or charities. He sold all these things in a great greed He became guilty of sin.


.If he will perform some remedies for the salvation of his last birth Karmaas[deeds] he should visit a pilgrimage. He must offer secret donations to Brahmins and pandaas and satisfy them according to your capacity. He must chant Gaayatri Mantra and feed the Brahmins ,then surely you will get happiness and prosperity.


From birth to two years of age the period was average .This period was beneficial for the native’s father[either promotion or financial gains]

In the third and fourth year this native faced some physical problems like fever, acne etc. His parents got tensed and worried.but all problems were vanished due to grace of God.

From fifth to eighth year his father enjoyed financial gains. The native spent his time with his peer group in playing, studying etc. He became little bit naughty also during this period and some time get confused. Some auspicious occasion also take place during this time in which relatives and friends visited the native’s house. There was no tension during this period.

From eleven to fifteen years of age the growth of this native was normal but his mind became sharp and active and became intelligent .He think about to do something new and his ideas were innovative. Expenditure on some auspicious occassion  can be done by his father.

During sixteen to twenty five years he faced  mixed situations [positive and negative] .The native can get some wealth suddenly during this period. When his wishes fulfilled he became happy and some time due to effect of negative planetary positions he get  tensed also. Sometimes he faced delay in money matters and he think a lot .He always keep himself busy in doing creativity and thinking about new things to do and then he earned money and enjoyed monetary gains. Some wrong task done by him upset him but after some time by doing efforts all worries were vanished and again flow of income became normal.

During twenty six to thirty years he did hard work .Some physical problems can be possible during this time. The native spent money on auspicious occasion. The native must chant Hanumaan Chaalisa during this time. By donating grains the native can get relief from worries. All his problems will be vanished and life will become smooth.

During forty to fifty years ,this is period of gains .The native will feel happy . Gains from land or property are also possible during this time. Rise in name and fame is also possible and feel satisfy from his children.

During fifty to fifty six years the native will think a lot about his work or profession. He can purchase some land or property also. He will get happiness due to his efforts and hard work. Construction of new house or renovation of house is also possible during this time. .Gains from profession or business are also can be seen during this time by this the native’s family [children ,wife]will be happy

After fifty six years some physical problems can take place For getting relief from physical problem he must feed the cows.’ Must donate some beddings [bed sheet,pillow ,mattresses] and also can donate some gold idol. Bhrigu Muni is advising this native to chant ‘MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA’ FOR HIS WELLNESS