President Joe Biden foreign policy towards Afghanistan :Afghanistan crises-2

President Joe Biden foreign policy towards Afghanistan :Afghanistan crises-2

  [Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about  President Joe Biden -This person is king of melachha kingdom .The name of kingdom is famous by the name of pataldesh[AMERICA].The name of this person starts from alphabet’J’the person is facing lot of opposition from general public where he is ruling. This will continue upto six months from today. The person as a king has ordered his army to retreat from a country named by alphabet A’[Afghanistan ]is right decision taken by the native .The native should take care of his health for next three and half year .After facing criticism of six months this person will gain lot of name and fame in the next three months starting from28-2-2022 onwards.]


President Joe Biden foreign policy towards Afghanistan is not welcomed by his native fellow American.This is because a survey was conducted in America about his handling the Afghanistan crises in which his popularity was dropped by 7% points .The national opinion poll conducted on Monday found that 46% of American adults has approved of Biden”s performance in the  office, the lowest recorded in weekly polls that started when Biden took office in January. Joe Biden decision to withdraw American troops from with earliest has been criticized sharply all over world.

But whether his decision was right or  wrong to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was part of his foreign policy .It should ascertained by his horoscope.


Horoscope of President  Joe Biden: President Joe Biden has Scorpio sign rising  as ascendant with Lagna lord Mars  in twelfth house  with eleventh lord mercury .

Some good points in  the  horoscope of President  Joe Biden

1]Tenth lord Sun in Lagna aspect by Jupiter forms Rajyoga of excellent quality. Jupiter is fifth lord [trikona lord] combined with  Sun tenth lord [Kendra lord ]is Raj yoga praised by Maharishi Parashar.

2] Tenth lord sSun in lagna is lifelong combination for name and fame.

3]Third lord Saturn aspect on Sun indicate gain of position through hard efforts.

4]Gaj kesari yoga with Moon in Kendra from retro Jupiter .

5] Two benefic venus conjunct with Sun tenth lord in lagna  .Second benefic Jupiter aspect Sun in lagna

Some negative yogas

1] Bad exchange of lagna and twelfth lord.

2]Tenth lord Sun conjunct with twelfth lord Venus in lagna.

3]Tenth lord Sun opposition with Saturn in one –seven axis

4]Rising of Libra navamsha twelfth house of birth chart.

President Joe biden foreign policy towards Afghanistan

Present Vimshotari Dasha running in  the birth chart

Jupiter Rahu-Mercury:from19-5-2021 to 21-9-2021.

Mahadasha of Jupiter:Jupiter is 2nd  and 5th lord posited in ninth house of foreign policy. Jupiter is aspect by Saturn retro from seventh house of public opinion indicate some criticism  of his  decision in taking foreign policy .Saturn is in marak bhava[bad house] seventh house that is retro, indicate some times a person take decision in favour[for the issue concerned ] but may be criticized due to markesh influence of planet in seventh house. Jupiter is retro and exalted aspect lagna and tenth lord Sun may  save President Joe Biden from  much criticism .Jupiter in d-9 navamsha again exalted unaffiliated but sixth lord of navamsha d-9 chart .Enemy [sixth lord] will criticize him but he will escape all this problem and continue with this foreign policy to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In d-10 Dashmansha  Jupiter is in sixth house own house Pisces afflicted by retro debilitated Saturn ninth house of foreign policy. So he has to face the criticism for saving life of his fellow American.

Anter of Rahu:Rahu anter lord is in Leo in Magha Naksahtra at 7-05 min is  in Nakshtra Gandaant .Rahu’s  sign lord is Sun posited in lagna conjunct with twelfth lord Venus aspect by Saturn from seventh house is afflicted .All thus indicate in Rahu anter Sun tenth lord sign lord of Rahu anter is conjunct with venus [12th lord]in lagna has opposition from Saturn from seventh house[represent opposition parties  Donald trump] criticized his decision of withdraw American troops from Afghanistan.    

Mercury pratayanter lord: Mercury pratyaanter lord is 8th and 11th lord posited in twelfth house with lagna lord Mars .Since Mercury is posited in twelfth house with lagna and 6th lord Mars.Here two Vipreet Rajyoga are  involved first Mercury as eighth lord in twelfth house, second Mars sixth in twelfth house .Vipreet Rajyoga generally give result in reverse condition. Mars is karka for violence in twelfth house conjunct with pratyaanter lord Mercury as 11th lord indicate violence in foreign land .Mars as 6th lord of war  in twelfth house of Afghanistan represent   American forces fighting there in twelfth house started withdraw form Afghanistan.and also Mars represent act committed in hurry is conjunct with pratyaanter lord Mercury. That  is why President Joe Biden taken decision  in a hurry to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan..Mercury in d-9 Navamsha is posited in ninth house conjunct with Saturn and tenth lord moon .Mars and Saturn are aspect to each other and mercury and tenth lord moon conjunct with Saturn with this combination has indication to withdraw controversies everywhere .If this combination seen partially the condition of Mercury as ninth lord is not bad .President Joe Biden has taken right decision to withdraw military from Afghanistan .Mercury in d-10 dashmansha Mercury as ninth lord is exchange with tenth lord Moon is a good combination.

Next pratyaanter of ketu:21-9-2021 to 11-11-2021This pratyaanter of ketu in the  horoscope of president Joe Biden is watchful due to its position in fourth house .Ketu pratyanter sign lord is natal retro saturn  in seventh house .Ketu is  also aspect by sign lord Saturn. Saturn position in the  house of public opinion is retro mean on any act committed by  President Joe Biden is not well taken by public. It is due to reason Sun-Saturn opposition in one –seven axis. In this opposition tenth lord Sun is afflicted by opposition from the  house of opposition where Saturn in posited .Ketu is posited in eleventh house from moon lagna and its natal despositor is natal retro Saturn in second house from Moon lagna is primary Markesh from Moon Lagna. Saturn is opposing from Sun fifth lord from Moon lagna .so his enemy will  hurt   him emotionally. In d-10 ketu is conjunct with Mars karka for violence is watch full in his Afghanistan .He will take major steps in this pratyanter of ketu.Maybe they start supporting fully  northern alliance in Afghanistan to oppose Taliban. Major decision will taken in this pratyaanter of Ketu.


Varshphal of seventy ninth year:In seventy ninth year President Joe Biden  lagna  rising is Scorpio .This dwi  janam [SECOND BIRTH]year lagna rising same as birth chart.When there is repetition of birth lagna  in varshphal lagna this is considered bad. Lot of obstacles and trouble occur in that particular year.We have seen President Joe Biden graph of popularity has taken a dip 7% low .He is facing Criticism  over his decision by withdraw American troops so early from Afghanistan. But see tenth lord Sun posited in lagna conjunct with Ketu will save him from more criticism in running seventy fifth  year present varshphal.

Muntha :Muntha is in seventh house conjunct with Rahu and aspect by Sun. Muntha pati is venus in twelfth house conjunct with Mercury. Muntha pati venus is badly afflicted by aspect of mars and Saturn in twelfth house.Ttwelfth house is foreign land represent Afghanistan and withdraw of American forces from there has been a trouble creator for President Joe Biden.

Tri Pataki Chakra.

Vimshotari dasha running of birth chart:Jupiter-Rahu-Mer from  19-5-2021 to 21-9-2021.

1]See affliction to Mahadasha lord Jupiter  from Sun and Mars.  

2] affliction to pratyanter dasha lord  Mercury from Sun and Saturn


Use of Ashtakvarga and Bhianastakvarga chart for transit of Jupiter and Saturn.


Saturn in transit is in Capricorn in ashtakvarga is in  third house which has got  26 points that is low or below average .Average  points are 28 .

1]Bhinastarvarga of Jupiter: Saturn is in transit is in Capricorn  only 4 point that is low or just average that result in trouble for President Joe Biden

2]Bhinnastkavarga of Rahu: Saturn is in transit is in Capricorn have  only 4 point that is low or just average that result in trouble for President Joe Biden.

3]Bhinnastakvarga of Mercury: Saturn is in transit is in  Capricorn has got  only 4 point that is low or just average .

Transit Jupiter: Transit Jupiter is in  Aquarius sign  at present on 26-8-2021 has got  35 points which are very good which have save President for the present trouble

But Jupiter will enter Capricorn on 20-9-2021 and  will remain there  upto 20-11-2021

Now see in Ashtakvarga how many points third house with Capricorn sign has got.only26 which are  two below average

Below is given transit of Jupiter in Aquarius sign Bhinnastakvarga of Mahadasha[Jupiter] –anter [Rahu]-pratyaanter lord [Mercury]

1]Transit of Jupiter in Bhinnashtak varga of Jupiter in Aquarius sign has 4 points  which are passing marks.

2]Transit of Jupiter in Bhinnashtakvarga of Rahu also have got only 4points which are  passing marks.

3]Transit of Jupiter in Bhinnashtakvarga of mercury  also have got only 4points which are  passing marks.

Jupiter in transit Ashtakvarga and Bhinnastakrvarga have saved President  Joe Biden from much trouble.

Jupiter has covered up the trouble created by Saturn in transit.

Bhrigu Double transit of saturn and Jupiter

Saturn  in transit in Capricorn in third house aspect to twelfth house.

Jupiter in transit in Aquarius aspect twelfth house in the  horoscope of President Joe Biden

Both Saturn and Jupiter is activating twelfth house now and in future also .Twelfth house represent foreign land that is  Afghanistan .President Joe Biden will take major steps  in near future when he  will reenter  Aquarius sign on 20-11-2021 in pratyaanter of Ketu in birth chart against Taliban.