Pakistan and china wish to control Afghanistan –Afghanistan crises -3

   Pakistan and china wish to control Afghanistan –Afghanistan  crises -3

[Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about 

the political will of Pakistan nd china to control Afghanistan …….The country named by alphabet ‘p’[Pakistan]which is ruled by yavan .The king of this country in named by “I”[Imran]His political ambition is too high.His political will is to rule country named by alphabet “a”[Afghanistan]who is ruled by yavan. Here political rule is of origination whose name start from alphabet “t”[Taliban].This political origination name with alphabet”t” [TALIBAN]in future will capture the major part of country named with alphabet “p”[Pakistan]and it will break into many division. The time frame for its division will be four and half year to five year.

Country  named by alphabet “c”[china]will try to established its control over country named by alphabet “a”[Afghanistan]but his wish will not be established   ]


Pakistan and China are two countries who has recognized the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Most media outlets and political commentators in Afghanistan are  blaming Islamabad  for the current turmoil in Afghanistan. China is backing Islamabad for controlling Taliban in Afghanistan. China has an  eye over precious underground wealth  of precious metal which worth 5$ of cost. Moreover  China has understanding with Taliban and has established first diplomatic contact with Taliban in Kabul just a week ago after militant group take over Afghanistan. China and the Taliban have unimpeded and effective communication and consultation “Chinese foreign ministry spokesmen said in media briefing soon after.

But whether China and Pakistan wish  to control Afghanistan will be assessed  from its foundation horoscope .

Horoscope of Pakistan

Pakistan :Pakistan got into existence on 14-8-1947 ,00:01 hrs Karachi with Aries Lagna rising as an ascendant .Lagna lord is posited in third house with fourth lord Moon .Four planets in fourth house gives picture of unrest at home front. These four planets  are Saturn,Mercury,Sun,Venus.

At present  Pakistan is running Vimshotari dasha of Venus-Saturn-Mercury from 21-4-2021 to 2-10-2021


Mahadasha of Venus :Venus mahadasha lord is posited in fourth house  as 2nd  and 7th lord .With saturn 10th and 11th ,Sun 5th lord, Mercury 3rd and 6th lord. Venus is badly sandwiched between Saturn and Sun degree wise with Saturn behind and Sun ahead. Venus Mahadasha is Mahadasha of second lord of finance is totally afflicted and combust will lead financially crumbled Pakistan  in time to come in future. Venus in d-9 navamsha in  third house of neighbour countries represent by Afghanistan and India .  Venus is in bad papkatri with Mars in previous house and Rahu in second  house.This clearly shows involvement of Pakistan in Afghanistan. Venus is 12th lord conjunct with 4th lord Saturn in third house of neighbor countries also indicate that some of the territories  may be captured by  Taliban  in future.

Saturn anter.: Saturn anter lord is tenth lord in the  horoscope of Pakistan afflicting fourth house of internal peace conjunct with mercury 3rd and 6th lord ,Venus 2nd and 7th lord  and its worst enemy sun 5th lord. Saturn is posited  with these planets  in second house of finance from Moon Lagna . Pakistan’s  wish to control Afghanistan  will not be fulfilled due to  its shaking position financially. Saturn in navamsha d-9 in own house in papkatari Mars in twelfth and Rahu in second house from Saturn .Saturn in third as 4th lord with 12th lord Venus represent some change in geographical area or may be boundaries sharing with Afghanistan .Taliban in Afghanistan may captures some of area of Pakistan in coming future. Pakistan’s wish to control Taliban will not be accomplished  instead Taliban may capture some of its boundariesin  future by supporting  terrorist      origination in Pakistan.

Pratyananter of mercury: Mercury pratyaanter is running at present  in the  horoscope of Pakistan from  21-4-2021 to 2-10-2021.Mercury pratyaanter is dasha of 3rd  and 6th lord in fourth house indicate unrest due to  Afghanistan circumstances. Mercury as sixth  lord represent  fight and dispute and that to posited in fourth house of domestic peace conjunct with Sun,Saturn,Venus is going to raise lot of  trouble in time to come. Mercury anter is starting from 21-12-2023 to21-10-2026.This will be watchfull period in the  horoscope of Pakistan. Mercury in navamsha d-9  is posited in twelfth house  foreign land aspect by fourth lord Saturn clear his wish to control Afghanistan land by using Taliban as weapon .Instead Taliban is going to capture some of its place in near future. Notice here, Mercury is in Mrityu Bhaag,Point of fatality in the  horoscope .


Modified sudershan chakra: In modified sudershan chakra only progression from lagna will  be taken into consideration.. At present seventy fifth year in progression is running in the  horoscope of Pakistan. Seventy fifth year in progression reaches to third house from lagna which contain Mars Lagna and 8th lord and Moon 4th lord. This combination indicate lot of bloodshed in running  progression in neighbor countries which is Afghanistan .Mars is karka of violence and blood and war conjunct with fourth lord which represent domestic peace  of Pakistan will be disturbed this year..In progression third house contain Gemini sign its lord is in exchange with fourth lord moon. This is  not a good exchange .Mercury is in Mriityu Bhaagh the point of fatality this signification spread to its   sign  Gemini  and Virgo in which  Gemini sign is  in progression in  the horoscope of Pakistan.

Transit: Saturn in transit in tenth house retro today. Aspect sixth in retrogression. Saturn also aspect third lord mercury in fourth house.

Jupiter in retrogression in Aquarius aspect sixth house and sixth lord natal Mercury in forth house .Sixth indicate dispute .fight, war .Jupiter  is also aspect third house and third lord natal Mercury.

Both transit Saturn ,Jupiter aspect on natal Mercury 3rd  and 6th lord in fourth house indicate that in near future the war running in Afghanistan will not stop in this region and  it will spread to Pakistan also.

China:China is the main inspiring force behind Pakistan controlled Taliban in Afghanistan. China has Capricorn lagna with lagna lord Saturn in eighth house.

At present china  is running in  Vimshotari Mahadasha of Mercury-Mercury-jupiter from 8-6-2021 to3-10-2021.


Mahadasha of Mercury:Mercury Mahadasha lord is 6th and 9th lord conjunct with sun 8th lord and ketu in the sign of Mercury. Saturn is in twelfth house [in 8th house]to this combination Mercury is eclipsed by  ketu ahead Sun behind. This a kind of papkatri provide dispute and trouble in Mahadasha of Mercury. Mercury is retro and also combust with nearness  with Sun. Here one thing to be noted both 6th [mercury]and 8th  [sun]lord are appearing in this combination. Mercury is 6th lord and Sun is 8th lord.Both are bad or trikh house. Sixth represent enemy , war, fight and disease. Covid -19 pandemic and now interference in Afghanistan by China will going tarnish image of China in near future. China has an  eye on 5$underground wealth of Afghanistan .Mercury  in d-9 navamsha chart is 6th lord aspect 3rd house of neighbor countries .China is sharing boundaries with Afghani stan.Third represent neighbor countries like Afghanistan and sixth represent fight and dispute through terrorism which will disrupt the internal peace of china through positing of mercury in 4th house. Mercury is aspect by 8th lord mars karka of violence  and bloodshed will disrupt the domestic peace of china in area which are  sharing  boundaries with Afghanistan in coming future.

Mercury  anter:Same as Mahadasha

Pratyanter of Jupiter: Jupiter pratyaanter is 3rd and 12th lord in the  horoscope of China. Jupiter is in 12th house own house   being third lord near its boundaries something thing not going right in Afghanistan. . The Chinese government is concerned about the possibility of Taliban support for militants in Xinjiang.but Taliban will support the militant  in xinjiang province in China.In navamsha .since Jupiter is in Nakshatra  of Sun 8th lord is not good indication in time to  come for .China  China’s wish to control Afghanistan over Taliban will not be accomplished  

Next pratyaanter of Saturn: Saturn pratyaanter is watchful due to  its lordship as Lagna Lord and 2nd lord in eighth  house is not good. Saturn pratyaanter will definitely going to harm China due to  its bad lordship .Its aspect by 3rd and 8th lord Jupiter from12th  house of foreign influence .Saturn is posited in sixth house as 10th and 11th lord will not help china to supply arms and ammunition to Taliban in Afghanistan .This ammunition and arms will be used against  China in anter of Ketu which is starting on 9-2-2022 which is totally eclipsing Mahadasha lord Mercury in ninth house.


Varshphal of 72 year in the  horoscope of China: With Taurus varshphal rising as an ascendant. with lagna lord venus in fourth house. Taurus  is fifth  house of natal horoscope of china. See position of  third house  and third lord which represent by neighbor countries like  Afghanistan has an aspect of Mars from twelfth house and Saturn from ninth house and third lord  moon aspect by Saturn shows the agony in which china will feel the strength of Taliban in near future.

Muntha :Muntha is posited in eighth  house with 8th lord Jupiter is not good indication .Muntha pati is also 8th lord Jupiter in own house.. Muntha is d-9 navamsha in 12th house and muntha pati Jupiter in 11th house aspect retro mars indicate trouble through violence in running Varshphal. Overall  muntha is not well posited in birth chart and navamsha d-9 chart of varshpahl of 72 year in progression  .


Next year 73 year varshphal:Cancer lagna is rising seventh house of natal birth chart which represent war ,trouble. Seventh house is marak bhav for any birth chart. Cancer lagna and its lord moon at 14-55min.Saturn retro and Jupiter aspect this natal moon. See degree of Saturn 12-47min only roughly two degree difference .not enough .Lagna and lagna lord moon under aspect from 6th lord Jupiter and 8th lord Saturn a not very good combination for China in coming varshpahl..See the position of 3rd  house and 3rd lord Mercury. Third house has two hardcore malefic Sun and Mars and 3rd lord mercury aspect by 8th lord retro Saturn .Third house indicate china’s relation which it will share with Afghanistan occupied by Taliban. Third house indicate neighbor countries.  

MUNTHA :Muntha is posited in seventh house of opposition and open war conjunct with 6th lord debilitated Jupiter and 8th lord Saturn in seventh house is  not a good indication. In d-9 navamsha chart  Muntha is posited in twelfth house aspect by debilitated Saturn its lord and mars from 5th house two malefic aspect are there on muntha.

Bhrigu Transit: Saturn in transit in lagna in Capricorn its natal depositor natal Saturn in 8th house aspect by natal Jupiter 3rd and 12th lord .third represent neighbor countries .Third house indicate neighbour countries and 12th house indicate infiltration of foreign elements [Taliban support to militants to xinjiang province].

Jupiter :Jupiter  jeev[soul] is in transit in Aquarius It  will enter Capricorn on 20-9-2021from here it will reenter Aquarius on 21-11-2021. Re-entering In Aquarius will write a future for china when he will feel the rising strength of Taliban in Afghanistan. Jupiter in transit in Aquarius  its natal despositor natal Saturn in 8th house aspect by natal Jupiter 3rd and 12th lord from 12th house. .Third represent neighbour countries .Third house indicate neighbour countries and 12th house indicate infiltration of foreign elements [Taliban support to militants to xinjiang province