Whether  Afghanistan occupied by Taliban heat will reach India-.Afghanistan crises-4

Whether  Afghanistan occupied by Taliban heat will reach India-.Afghanistan crises-4

Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about

Afghanistan ruled by Taliban infiltration in India supported by Pakistan………………The kingdom  named by alphabet” a”[Afghanistan]which is ruled by origination named by alphabet “t”[Taliban].These people[taliban] with coordination country named with alphabet   “P”[Pakistan] will infiltrate in Bharatvarsh [india ]in the time frame after six and half to eight months[timing starting  from  april2022] onwards starting from today9-9-2021onwards.They will [Pakistan and Taliban]infiltrate in Pradesh or state of india named with “ja “and” ka”Jammu and kashmir and support terrorist activities. There after that king of Bharatvarsh named with alphabet “na”[PM NARENDRA MODI]  will collaborate with most powerful country of world named with alphabet  ”a”[America]will destroy their common enemy in four to five months onwards [from april2022 to upto aug2022]controlling the enemy in Jammu and Kashmir].Yavan which are living in Bharatvarsh [India]will have strong polarization in favor of political origination named by “outside India .when mars come in libra sign in transit on 22-10-2021.This polarization will take speed in favor of origination named with alphabet’T”outside india .When Saturn enter into Aquarius sign on 22-4-2022. This polarization  will take high pitch. All Sanatan Dharma and Yavan living in Bharatvarsh [India]will see total divide in faith


On  31 Aug 2021 India ambassador Deepak Mittal  held a talk with Taliban hard line Islamist  group of Afghanistan .The Indian ambassador met Sher Mohammad  Abbasi   Stanekzai  the head of Taliban political office in Doha. India has own tension against Taliban  because Taliban has close ties with Indian  rivalry country  Pakistan .Indian  concern is this Pakistan may use Tailban power to destabilize peace in Kashmir with  its terrorist   organization .Indian think tank is right with its developed thinking  about Pakistan supported terrorist  origination may infiltrate  Kashmir   with the help of Pakistan.

What star foretell about this thinking of Indian intelligence agencies is been accessed by foundation horoscope of India and Nav samvat  chart of 2078[2021],2079[2022].


India has entered in vimshottari anter dasha of Mercury in mahadasha of Moon   from 5-7-2021.India has got Taurus  ascendant with lagna lord  venus sandwitched  between Sun and Saturn. Also  Venus  is conjunct with four planets  in third house of countries surrounded by China,Pakistan and Taliban ruled Afghanistan which do not share any boundaries with India but a potential threat  to India. India in future entering in mahadasha fo Mars from 4-9-2025 to 3-9-2032 will lead to foundation now with unpredictable behavior showing countries specially China and Pakistan.I have given reason in pervious article ” Pakistan and China’s  wish to control Taliban ruled Afghanistan.”

Nav Samvatsar of 2078[2021] for India started   on    12-4-2021 at 8-2-00-42 hrs.


Nav  Samvatsar is a technique in mundane  astrology to access the well being of good and bad events happening with any nation within the time frame of a year..Nav samvat 2078 is rising with Taurus  lagna which just repetition of lagna  of foundation chart of India. In nav samvatsar 2078 lagna has conjunction  of Mars and Rahu indicate upheavals we have seen at the time of covid-19 situation in start of month of march and April. Mars  is twelfth lord conjunct with Rahu in lagna is not good. Lagna lord Venus has exchanged house with twelfth lord mars. Twelfth house represent foreign countries .This is bad exchange .Rahu conjunct with mars in lagna and mars exchange with Venus clearly indicate the reaching heat of Afghanistan in minority community of India. Mars conjunct with Rahu in lagna of Nav Samvatsar of 2078 indicate this.

 Vimshotari dasha of Mercury –Saturn-ketu dasha of Nav-Samvatsar 2078[2021].

Mercury Mahadash :Mercury mahadasha  is dasha of 2nd and 5th lord conjunct with moon 3rd  lord of neighbor countries which represent Afghanistan is aspect by Saturn from ninth house of religion .The religious emotion of minority community will be total influenced in time to come what is  happening in Afghanistan.

Anter of Saturn: Anter dsaha lord is Saturn in nakshatra of moon 3rd lord clearly shows the intervention of Afghanistan issue will totally influence the internal matter or  communal harmony in India. But Saturn is tenth lord aspect on this combination from ninth house on Mercury and Moon conjunction in eleventh house  clearly indicate tough stand of PM  Narendra  Modi  government on this issue.

Ketu pratyaanter: Ketu pratyaanter lord is in seventh house in Scorpio sign in the  house of mars clearly shows  the influence of Afghanistan issue on minority of India due to  the aspect of mars twelfth lord [event of Taliban  capturing  Afghanistan]on ketu. Ketu in navamsha chart d-9 is in eleventh house aspect by 3rd lord mars from 8th house of secrecy shows something is not going right .Third  house represent neighbor countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan and its lord mars aspect on ketu shows connection of emotion or sympathy with Afghanistan ,Taliban,and  Indian minority.

Pratyananter of Venus[from 8-10-2021 to 20-3-2021]:In pratyaanter of Venus will the heat of Taliban ideology will reach India? In pratyaanter of Venus in nav samvatsar of 2078[2021].The span of pratyaanter of venus is from 8-10-2021 to 20-3-2021.Venus lagna lord for  Taurus  lagna of nav samvat 2078 has exchanged house with twelfth lord  Mars posited in lagna conjunct with Rahu .Both planets itself  represent minority community of India which will be influenced by Afghanistan crises. Venus is d-9  navamsha  chart is 9th lord of religious activities  in third house of neighbour countries aspect by mars from eighth  house of secrecy  .So some  terrorist activities  will be happened in venus pratyaanter.  Pakistan with the support of Taliban try to  infiltrate terrorist in jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan with the support of Afghanistan ruled Taliban also try to instigate minority community of India which will do sharp polarization between majority community with minority community.  In this pratyaanter  of  Venus in anter of Saturn in present Samvat-2078[2021].moreover Saturn -Venus period are critical period as per astrological classic Madhya Parashari.


Samvatsar 2079 [2022]:Samvat 2079 is starting on 1april2022 at 11:54am Delhi with Gemini lagna rising with lagna lord Mercury posited in 10th house with 2nd lord Moon and 3rd lord Sun. Mercury lagna lord and 4th lord is totally combust due to  nearness to Sun. Saturn 8th and 9th lord of religion aspect of both luminary and lagna lord Mercury is not good. Some secret plot must be hatched  against  India in this running samvat2079[2022].Saturn as 9th lord of religion aspect lagna  and  4th lord mercury of domestic peace .Mercury is conjunct with 3rd lord of neighbor countries which include Pakistan and China with support of Taliban which will  spoil the religious atmosphere of India .This will result in sharp polarization in India between majority and minority community. In d-9 navamsha chart again 9th lord Jupiter[religion] in 3rd house of neighbour countries aspect by moon 4th         lord [peace ] sun 5th lord of emotion in 9th house of religion India  will suffer heavily due to  infiltration of  Pakistan with the help of Taliban  .So heat of Afghan crises will definitely reach India in coming samvat of 2079[2022] and present running samvat of 2078[2021

Transit:In  the foundation horoscope of India:

Saturn  transit  present is  in Capricorn aspect third house of neighbor countries represent by china ,Pakistan .Afghanistan which is  not in any way sharing boundaries with India but anything negative happening in Afghanistan it will affect India religiously. Saturn  from here aspect sixth of war ,so infiltration by Pakistan will definitely welcome by Indian  military at border.

Jupiter in Aquarius will aspect sixth house of war with  Pakistan  with the support of Taliban infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir will handled by Indian government with hard hand