PM Narendra Modi seventy second year future ahead for one year.

PM Narendra Modi seventy second year future ahead for one year.

Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about PM NARENDRA MODI “This person is endowed with divine nature and  devotee of Lord Mahakaal[LordShiva].His name start from alphabet “na”.The person named with alphabet”na”is king of Bharatvarsh[india].Start of nav samvatsar 2078[2021]was very difficult for him. But his coming time will be good. This person will overrule the terrorist activities in junction point of Samvat 2078to 2079[march-april2022]in Pradesh [state ]named by alphabet “ja”and “ka”[Jammu and  Kashmir]of Bharatvarsh[India.Time starting from today 13-09-2021 seven and half months onwards [middle of march-april2022]there  will be war like condition with neighbor country named with alphabet “pa”[pakistan]in which  Bharatvarsh will be successful in defeating Pakistan under the leadership of his king named by alphabet “na”[PM Narendra Modi] .This person will remain for sixteen year the king of Bharatvarsh form today calender shukla ,ashtami ,samvat2078 Bhadrapadh Maas[13-9-2021].He will make this land of sanatan dharma a super power number one in next ten and half year[2031]


Our beloved PM Narendra Modi is entering his seventy second year on 17-9-2021 with facing lot of challenges  from last year ,first is  of farmer protest in 2020 ,then rise of second wave of covid at the start of april-may 2021.But one thing is very special about PM Narendra Modi  never back out,  while facing the problem . He strike back  with double power . But with the start of Mars Mahadasha  from 4-12-2020 he has learnt the art to work silently at the time of trouble .He has an approval rating of 70% among highest among top world leader with the survey conducted by morning consult a foreign American based rating agency for popularity of world leader.

But opposition in India hates him so much that they can not  tolerate him at any cost. With the start of Mars Mahadasha in the  horoscope of PM Narendra Modi from 4-12-2020the level of hate  has crossed the limit .But he has styled the Lord Krishna’s  Neeti  to work silently and defeat the enemy silently.



Mars Mahadasha  the result giving Mahadasha  in the horoscope of PM Narendra Modi:PM Narendra Modi has Scorpio lagna with lagna  lord Mars conjunct with ninth lord Moon in lagna. This combination is a life long combination for name and fame. Mars Mahadasha lord is lagna and sixth lord posited in lagna.Due to this reason he always surrounded by enemy or his enemy is increasing day by day. Mars conjunct with ninth lord is changing his personality  from ordinary to long beard  on his face  reminding of Rishi tradition of past. Mars Mahadasha  Lord in navamsha  in d-9 is in ninth house of religion or spirituality. Debilitation of lagna lord and sixth lord mars in d-9 navamsha has two meaning. First as lagna it may provide mental tension and due to day by  day  problem created by his enemy. As sixth lord weakening of enemy this mars is aspect by 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter from lagna gives him divine protection from any calamity and trouble .In d-10 dashmansha mars is again in eighth  house as 5th and 12TH   lord giving a Vipreet Rajyoga[12th lord mars in 8th house ].Which we  analyzed during  his working at the  time of second Wave  of Covid on april and may2021.He worked silently and handled the situation efficiently. Here mars in eighth  house also aspect by Venus 7th and 11th lord of gain.Venus give gain which we are noticing his name and fame is  sky high in all over the  world.Aspect of Saturn as 2nd and 3rd lord from 6th house create enemy and hurdles from them.

Sudershan chakra:


[Sudershan chakra work in very simple manner. First year represent first house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing]

From lagna:On 17-9-2021 PM Narendra Modi will enter seventy second which twelfth house of horoscope .Since twelfth house junction in which pattern of last twelve year will change and PM Narendra modi  will enter in to different pattern of life in seventy third  year. Now since seventy second year is running and twelfth house in progression in respect of PM  Narendra Modi  represent foreign travel relate to his profession. His twelfth lord is Venus conjunct with Saturn 3rdand 4th lord in tenth house. Venus also aspect by Jupiter 2nd and 5th lord. There  is formation of Rajyoga in involving venus ,Saturn  ,Jupiter in four- ten axis of name and fame.All this will happen mostly on international platform  in which PM Narendra Modi will focus on international  politics.Point is very clear in my last four article on” Afghanistan crises” in my blog.PM Narendra Modi will be leading force against international terrorism lead by Taliban in Afghanistan. Even America ,Russia, Israel  ,all western countries will unite under PM Narendra Modi to counter  international terrorism  lead by Taliban,China ,Pakistan block. There is Rajyoga of 4th lord Saturn aspect to 5th lord Jupiter will give him unlimited name and fame all over the  world. Twelfth house which is starting in progression as  seventy two year will to its foundation of mission in which PM Narendra Modi is  heading to make world  free from terrorism .He always focusing in United Nation Assembly Conference right from the start that terrorism is terrorism [  there is  nothing like saying that good  terrorism and bad terrorism.] Since twelfth lord venus is posited in eleventh house from Libra sign[twelfth house] so PM Narendra Modi  will gain momentum right from the start in his mission to eradicate terrorism from the  world.

From moon lagna:same as from lagna

From sun lagna :From Sun lagna twelfth sign is leo in which Saturn and Venus is posited .Jupiter also aspect twelfth house. Saturn is 5th and 6th lord and Venus is 2nd and 9th lord ,Jupiter is 4th and 7th lord from Sun lagna .There is formation of Rajyoga in six twelfth axis from Sun lagna. This parashari Rajyoga with 5th   [trikona lord] lord Saturn aspect by 7th lord Jupiter[Kendra lord] .His parashari Rajyoga in six-twelfth axis from sun lagna will  silence the enemy may in India and outside india. Here 9th lord venus of luck is also participating which will native shine in overseas. We know  PM Narendra modi outshining   every leader  in India and outside India .Here Sun is 12th lord from itself conjunct with Mercury sign lord of Sun lagna and Ketu. Sun as 12th lord in progression 72year  will gave native less busy at home more at travelling and solving puzzle of international politics safeguarding his national interest in case of PM Narendra modi

Varshphal for seventy two year


Varshphal for seventy two year-In seventy two year Capricorn ascendant is rising  which is  3rd house in natal birth chart of PM  Narendra Modi. Third house represent gain with hard efforts. In natal Varshphal Jupiter 9th and 3rd lord in debilitation conjunct with Saturn lagna and 2nd lord  with Moon 7th lord is a good combination forming seventy two year varshphal. See the condition of 10th lord venus conjunct with muntha in 10th house in libra sign shows purity of karma or profession in seventy second year. Twelfth and 3rd lord Jupiter conjunct with lagna lord Saturn in lagna with moon indicate whole year of  PM Narendera modi will seen travelling overseas gaining momentum against Taliban –Pakistan-China nexus. This sure that  he will defeat this nexus in future.

Muntha :Muntha is posited in 10th house conjunct with 10th lord Venus who is also Muntha Pati.Year lord is mercury is conjunct with sun and mars this   combination shows busy schedule   of PM Narendra Modi for whole of year in seventy two year varshphal.

Superimposing vimshotari dasha of birth chart on seventy two year varshphal

Mars-Rahu:from 3-5-2021 to 21-5-2022

Mahadasha of Mars: Mars Mahadasha lord is 4th and 11th lord conjunct with 6th and 9th lord of luck Mercury ,and 8th lord Sun .He will gain lot name and fame which see no limit .But enemy  inside and outside  India will pose a  challenging treat to PM  Narendra Modi. Mars in d-9 navamsha d-9 chart in progression is posited in seventh house of opposition as 8th lord aspect to 10th house in which 11th lord Moon is posited indicate trouble through   powerful enemy which he will encounter in 72nd year Varshphal. But aspect of Jupiter and exalted mercury from lagna in d-9 navamsha chart will indicate that he will tackle his enemy through Lord Krishna Neeti[handling enemy effectively]will defeat that at any cost.

Anter of Rahu:Rahu is posited in the  house of venus  posited in 10th house in Libra sign. Aspect  of Jupiter another Rahu in 5th house. Two benefic influences  are there on Rahu in  varshphal of seventy two year. Rahu in 5th house with influence of two benefic which will accomplish of work undertaken by PM Narendra Modi in 72nd  year varshphal. In navamsha d-9 progression Rahu in 8th house conjunct with 6th lord Saturn  is  forming combination of Vipreet Rajyoga. Rahu and Saturn conjunct in 8th house and also Saturn is 5th lord of thinking  in eighth  house secrecy something great planning will take birth to tackle enemy in  India and outside India.

Jupiter anter from 21-5-2022 to 27—4-2023:Jupiter anter is very watch full anter  in 72 year varshphal. Jupiter is 12th lord of 72nd  year Varshphal conjunct with Saturn lagna and 2nd lord and Moon 7th lord .As 12th lord Jupiter IS  in debilitation mostly time of PM  Narendra modi will consumed in making planning with friendly countries specially America and Russia to tackle Pakistan –Taliban—China nexus.In navamsha d-9 mars aspect on Jupiter mercury combination conjunction  indicate aggressive hurdles from enemy.

Sarvartobhdra chakra for 72th year varshphal started at 12-09

Sarvato bhadra chakra

There are 3 bad veda ON 12-9-2021AT 12-09

Consonant pa is afflicted by sun

Scorpio sign  as lagna  is afflicted by sun and ketu

Scorpio  moon sign is afflicted by ketu and sun