Bhrigu muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji

 Shree Ganeshhaye Namah

 According to planetary combinations of this horoscope the native must be of average luck. She must be perfect in household work. The native was very attractive and charming in her childhood .Her mother suffered some physical problems after her birth and father also faced some tensions. Due to this her father’s anxiety level goes very high and became aggressive sometimes. The native enjoyed her relation with her parents and siblings. Her eyes must be attractive . All her wishes fulfilled in her teenage. Some auspicious occasion also take place and her father also achieved some name and fame in his society. She faced some problems in her young age and also suffered some disputes in her family life .She faced these problems due to her last birth karmas[deeds] .If she will do salvation of her last birth deeds she will get relief from all the problems that she is facing at present time;Happiness and prosperity is also not stable due to her last birth deeds.

Last Birth

She was born in a business family.She was very beautiful and enjoying all facilities and luxuries of life ‘and due to this she became very egoistic .She also perform many poojas[worshipping of God] ,and also do many charities and donations but by performing these things she became very proudy. Once she was on fasting she performed all rituals related to fast and also feed the Brahmins .After completing all rituals she visited to her Guru;s;[Spiritual healer or teacher] place she started arguing with him and do not listen his teachings and even avoid him and insulted him and remained rigid on her views by this her Guru got angry and gave her a curse .

If she wants to vanish her problems and wants to do salvation of her last birth deeds she must perfom the following pooja and rituals;

Install idol of Lord Vishnu on a wooden table or at your pooja[worship] place. And chant the following Mantra;


After completing this mantra1008 time feed the needy person and donate items related to beddings like ‘bedsheet; mattresses, pillow etc.

Year Wise Reading

During one to five yearsof age the native faced some general paedeatric problems like fever; toothache etc. Some skin problems like Acne can also occur during this period but all problems were vanished  by medicines. Some auspicious occasion also take place ; birth of sibling can also take place. Some major problem also occurred during these years after that the native thought that he got a new birth

During six to eleven years the growth of native was good..The native enjoyed all luxuries and facilities of life .This period will pass smoothly if the native will perform some spiritual rituals like charity, donations, and by helping the needy persons.

During eleven to sixteen years the native became expert in handling household issues,She also achieved some respect or name and fame in her family or society.She also enjoyed happiness and facilities during this time.

During sixteen to twenty years rise in fortune is must. Some physical problems also occurred  but these problems were vanished after some time.The native enjoyed good clothing,jewellery and other items due to her Punya Karmaas[good deeds] and the time passed smoothly.

During twenty one to twenty five years some physical problems can also take place. Gains and expenditure were remained equal. All your requirements and needs were fulfilled.You got respect in your field.

During twenty six to thirty three years the native remained upset or tensed due to multiple reasons or work. The native faced very troublesome period and faced enemies also but by the God’s grace her life was saved and her life span [age] is good. She managed multiple jobs or work at a time and her problems were vanished due to her efforts and hard work.

During thirty four to forty years the native can expend some money on auspicious occasion also.Some physical problems can also occur but will be vanished and the native will get relief

During forty one to fifty three years all wishes of native will be fulfilled. Some new happenings will also take place due to native’s punya karmas[Good Deeds]. Gains from land or propert can also take place or even construction of house can also take place. The native can also visi to some pilgrimages places and this will be very beneficial for the native. She will also feel satisfied.

During fifty four to seventy three years it will be good period. This will be period of gains. She will enjoy assets like gold ,silver etc; This period will pass smoothly.

;prayers and donations By doing all these she will feel satisfied and happy. Problems related to cough and cold can also occur during this period. Her next birth will be in a very well to do family;

Prashna Reading

At present your expenditure is very high .Your sex senses are also active these days. Suddenly some expenses can rise . Your mind is stuckked towards one person.       You are also conscious and alert towards your self respect and status. You always like the truth.and feel happy by helping others. You do not like mischieveous people.and ignore them. Your question is about wealth and some person.and sometimes you feel insecure towards your respect and status. You think about many plans but all in vein. Your efforts will go fail. So you must do some remedies of malefic planets which are placed in your horoscope. Then your wishes will be fulfilled. ;By worshipping all thiese your problems will be resolved. Your worries towards wealth will also be resolved.

All the best