Why Captain Amrinder quits as CM of Punjab? analysis from  sarvato bhadra chakra

Why Captain Amrinder quits as cm of Punjab analysis from  sarvato bhadra chakra

Captain amrinder singh quits  from the post of Punjab chief minister today 18-9-2021 due to internal conflict with Punjab chief Navjot singh sidhu

sarvato bhadra for 11-3-2021 at3:25

Captain was born on 11-3-1942at 3:25am Patiala Punjab .For analyzing his situation to reign as post of Punjab chief minister by Captain Amrinder singh we are using sarvatobhadra chakra  for analysis .

Parameter for sarvatobhadra chakra for varshphal starting on 11-3-2021at 3:25am

1]Tithi:Krishna navami if afflicted by moon bad vedha,Jupiter good vedha

2]Sagittarius sign as lagna is afflicted by veda from ketu[bad]

3]Sagittarius as moon sign is afflicted veda from ketu [bad]

Three bad veda as comparison one good veda

Three bad veda bad for full year

Today  vedha  on 18-9-2021

sarvato chakra for today 18-9-2021

1] Consonant “p”[represent punjab]a is afflicted by bad vedha  sun

2]Tithi Krishna  navami is afflicted by bad  veda from ketu