Mars -Saturn mutual aspect  to each  other  on 22-oct 2021 TO 5-DEC-2021 in Libra- Capricorn sign ,conflict between India and Pakistan

Mars -Saturn mutual aspect  to each  other  on 22-oct 2021 TO 5-12-2021 in Libra- Capricorn sign ,conflict between India and Pakistan

[Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about PAKISTAN CONFLICT INDIA WHEN MAR ENTER LIBRA ON 22-10-2021″The country named with alphabet “pa”which is ruled by yavan is going to  enter in difficult  phase  in future..But before entering into difficult +

phase  it give too much  trouble  to rulers of India.When Mars will enter in Tula Rashi or Libra sign [on 22-10-2021] in samvatsar 2078 it will create  trouble for India. When Saturn will enter Aquarius sign on 29-4-2022 they will  create trouble   with the help of organization named with  alphabet “ta”[Taliban]  will spread terrorism in Bharatvarsh [India] in state of Jammu and kashmir and Punjab. When Saturn will enter in Aquarius sign in samvatsar2079[] 2022the king of Bharat Varsh will deal these rogue elements with Iron hand.  .This kingdom with name of alphabet “p” Pakistan will start to disintegrate into Pieces  when Saturn will transit or enter Aquarius sign [29-3-2022]

About  P.M Imran khan;The king    named with alphabet  “I”[imran khan]of kingdom named with alphabet ”pa”Pakistan will rule this country for one year and  8months from today21-9-2021.After  seven to eight months from today[22-9-2021] his bad days will start .He will be disgraced all over the world.. This king named with alphabet “I”will do some wrong action in excitement when mars will enter  into Libra sign [22-10-2021]for that he will have to pay a heavy  price for his actions.  .When Saturn will enter Aquarius sign [29-4-2022]his opposition in his country  will give him bad name and from that date [29-4-2022]his bad days will start.]


Pakistan is very pro active due to  its initial success  in Afghanistan  rules by Taliban in ousting pro American influence .Pakistan success in helping Taliban is stabilizing its grip on Afghanistan has raise his stamina to see the dream to snatch Kashmir from India with the help of Taliban. But here we have PM Narendra Modi  in India all to set in silent mode watching very carefully turn and twist taken PM Imran khan’s  government in Pakistan .On other  hand America is  blaming on Pakistan that “Pakistan has  deep ties with the Taliban and has been accused Pakistan supporting the group as it battled the U.S-backed government in Kabul  for 20 years  and these charges are denied by Islamabad.

But what stars have decided the future of Pakistan when again it will gather strength provided by Taliban to infiltrate terrorist in state of Jammu and Kashmir India.

Foundation horoscope of Pakistan:

Pakistan has Aries lagna with lagna lord  mars posited in third with  4th lord moon indicate its eagerness and public sensitivity to captured jammu and Kashmir from India.It has been defeated in every big battle it has fought with Iindia.Now it has got some success in Afghanistan in stabilizing Taliban there  .Now it is  taking big dream to snatch jammu Kashmir from India  with the help of Taliban supported terrorist to  infiltrate in Jammu and  Kashmir.This dream will take a aggressive and nasty turn in coming transit of Mars in  Libra when it will aspect transit Saturn in Capricorn from 22-10-2021 to 5-12-2021.This is a kind of ignition by planets  to provide to Pakistan which will take big fire next year  Saturn will transit  in Aquarius on22-4-2022



Vimshotari mahadasha of Venus-Saturn-mercury from 21-4-2021 to 2-10-2021

Mahadasha of venus:Venus is markesh[death inflicting planet]  in the horoscope of Pakistan due to  its lordship as 2nd and 7th lord .Venus is badly sandwiched  between Sun and Saturn. Sun is ahead Venus and Saturn is behind. This is  bad paapkatari yoga degree wise in same sign. Venus is second lord badly afflicted. So as 2nd lord of finance it will become totally bankrupt in time to come. As 7th lord which represent  open war with India it has always faced defeat. Venus in d-9 again badly afflicted in paapkatri due to Mars in 12th from Venus and Rahu in 2nd house from Venus.

Anter of Saturn :Saturn anter is anter of 10th and 11th lord in 4th house conjunct with Mercury 3rd and 6th lord ,Sun as 5th lord, Venus as 2nd and 7th lord.Very confusion is surrounded in domestic peace  due to mercury conjunction as 6th lord enemy ,fight ,war as 3rd lord with neighbour countries will enter into its domestic environment in time to come. Due Saturn has nearness with 6th lord mercury so it will try its every efforts to interfere in Jammu and Kashmir with the help of Taliban in coming future. Saturn in d-9 navamsha again in bad paapkatri conjunct with venus has in 12th house Mars and in 2nd house has Rahu.

Pratyaanter of Mercury: Pratyanatyer of 3rd and 6th lord is not good to persuade Pakistan to think good .Now Pakistan  support by  Taliban will do full biased manipulation that he will win and snatch Jammu and  Kashmir from  India. Since Mercury is karka of logic and is badly afflicted due to  nearness with Saturn and in inimical sign cancer.In d-9 navamsha chart mercury is 8th and 11th lord in twelfth house of loss. Pakistan  will spend his money in making secret planning due to  8th   lordship of secrecy Earned income from 11th house will spend in loss due  to its position  in 12th house of loss .Saturn from 3rd house of neighbor countries is aspect to this Mercury in 12th house will indicate spending of earned money from China will support terrorist to infiltrate in India in coming transit of Mars in Libra on  22-10-2021

Pratyaanter of ketu from;2-10-2021 to 9-12-2021:Ketu pratyaanter lord is posited in 8th house in Scorpio sign the house of Mars.Ketu in eighth  house giving strength to Pakistan to do something secret planning against India supported by Taliban and China. Ketu sign lord Mars in 3rd house with 4th lord Mars clearly shows will to fight by crookedness to acquire Jammu and Kashmir for greed of land [4th lord of land moon is involved in this combination].Third house represent India in the  horoscope of Pakistan where Mars sign lord ketu is posited  with moon 4th lord.

Bhrigu transit: Saturn is in Capricorn in 10th house aspect by four planets  [venus 2nd and 7th lord, Natal Saturn 10th and 11th lord, mercury  3rd and 6th lord ,mars lagna lord 8th lord, Sun 5th lord] so all bad houses are participating in this combination. Mercury 6th lord of fight and war, Mars as 8th lord of secret  plots and also karka for violence, Sun 5th lord negative emotions, Saturn 11TH  lord will to gain Jammu and Kashmir from India

Jupiter in transit will enter Capricorn on 20-9-2021 will stay upto 20-11-2021 house aspect by four planets [venus 2nd and 7th lord, Natal Saturn  10th and 11th lord, Mercury  3rd and 6th lord ,Mars lagna lord 8th lord, Sun 5th lord] so all bad houses are participating in this combination. Mercury 6th lord of fight and war, mars as 8th lord of secret  plots and also karka for violence, Sun 5th lord negative emotions, Saturn 11TH  lord will to gain Jammu and Kashmir from India

Parashari transit: Saturn in Capricorn will aspect mars in seventh house from where natal Jupiter is posited in Libra.

Jupiter will enter Aquarius  on 20-11-2021aspect seventh house and natal Jupiter from Aquarius sign activating seventh house of war in the  horoscope of Pakistan.

Mars will transit in Libra on 22-10-2021 will stay here upto5-12-2021 will instigate Pakistan to start a mini terrorist infiltration in  India in Jammu and Kashmir to do some big terrorist activity .



Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khan: Imran khan Pakistan prime minister is rejoicing these days as his little success in supporting Taliban in Afghanistan. Imran khan has Sagittarius lagna with lagna lord in 5th house conjunct 8th lord moon aspect venus 6th and 11th lord. Great signification is attached with specially 6th         lord  which is lord of fight ,enemy trouble from enemy of Venus and secrecy of 8th house concerned with Moon

Mahadasha –anter –pratyaanter of

Jupiter-ketu –Saturn from 4-10-2021 to 27-11-2021

Mahadash of Jupiter :Jupiter mahadasha  lord the dasha lagna lord and 4th lord conjunct with 8th lord moon aspect by Venus 6th and 11th lord. Jupiter has given him  post of P.M on 18-8-2018 which mahadasha  of lagna lord has to give rise in his life now Jupiter giving full influence of 8th lord moon by fixing secret plots against India to snatch Kashmir from India. Aspect of Venus on Jupiter will land P.M Imran khan into trouble if he act against wishes of PM Narendra modi which is represent by venus in his horoscope .Venus as 6th and 11th lord in 11th house indicate his enemy will gain position against him in battle to snatch Kashmir from India.

Anter of ketu:Ketu anter is surprising in the  horoscope of Imran khan .Sign lord of ketu in moon conjunct with Jupiter in 5th house of thinking aspect by 6th lord venus indicate planning with ISI to infiltrate terrorist in India in Jammu and Kashmir in coming time. Ketu is posited in 12th house of foreign land aspect by 3rd and 6th lord mercury from 6th house indicate hatching a plot in neighbor country [india] through infiltrating terrorist 6th represent by mercury in India. Jupiter sign lord of ketu is aspect by 5th [planning]lord Sun in 3rd house [neighbor country India]planning a plot against India to do jihad .

Saturn:from 4-10-2021 to27-11-2021:This is timing in the  horoscope of P.M  Imran khan .Saturn as 2nd and 3rd lord [ neighbor country represent India] conjunct combust due to nearness with Sun 9th lord represent jihad against India in which mercury is  also involved 

Pratyaanter of mercury from 27-11-2021 to 14-1-2022:Mercury is 7th and 10th lord of open war conjunct with Saturn 2nd and 3rd lord [which represent neighbor country India]is badly afflicted in conjunction with Sun 9th lord [which represent jihad]by sending terrorist  in India on the name of jihad .

Transit :

Saturn  in Capricorn in second house aspect natal Venus in 11th house as 6th lord represent enemy [india] .

Jupiter will enter Aquarius on 20-11-2021 from here it will aspect natal Venus 6th lord of fight and dispute with India

Mars will enter Tula or Libra on natal Venus 6th lord [India]

From here Mars which will enter on 22-10-2021 from where it will aspect natal transit Saturn where natal venus 6th lord of war, dispute ,enemy will be active in  the horoscope of P.M  Imran khan .

PM  Imran khan is  running the the Mercury pratyaanter which is sixth lord of d-9 navamsha chart of  P.M Imran khan representing some act of terror should be happening in India with help of imran khan government .Mercury pratyanater timing is from  27-11-2021 to 14-1-2022



India:India has foundation horoscope with Taurus  lagna with 5 planets  posited in third house conjunct with lagna lord Venus .Venus is sandwiched in 3rd house with Saturn behind and Sun ahead degree wise afflicting lagna lord.

Vimshotari Mahadasha –anter-pratyaanter Moon-Mercury-Venus from 16-10-2021 to11-1-2022

Mahadasha of moon 3rd lord in 3rd house conjunct with Saturn ,venus lagna  and 6th lord Mercury ,Sun ,Saturn .Here moon conjunction with Venus is considerable because moon is 3rd lord of neighbor countries and Venus is 6th lord of dispute ,war ,terrorism  through infiltration in India  with the help of Pakistan .Infiltration comes through 12th house and moon is also conjunct with mercury 12th lord from Moon lagna. Moon is in sixth house of dispute as 5th lord conjunct with ketu in navamsha d-9 chart and d-60 Shashtimansha chart again in 6th house of dispute and open war conjunct with 12th lord Sun the house of infiltration of terrorist in India.

Mercury anter lord: Mercury anter lord conjunct with Moon 3rd lord in 3rd house. Mercury is also 12th lord from moon lagna represent the house of infiltration of terrorist in India through Pakistan.

Now running pratyaanter should of Venus which is starting on  16-10-2021 to11-1-2022 when mars in transit will reach Libra sixth house on 22-10-2021from here it will activate sixth house of war and terrorism .Venus prtyaanter lord is lagna lord and 6th lord in 3rd house badly sandwiched in Saturn behind and sun ahead. Third house also represent Pakistan in horoscope of India the neighbor country.


Saturn  in transit in Capricorn in ninth house foundation horoscope of India aspect sixth house of terrorism and war and dispute.

Jupiter will enter Aquarius on 20-11-2021 from here it will aspect sixth house of dispute and war,enemy

Mars will enter Libra sign on22-10-2021 6th house totally activate the sixth house which represent war ,terrorism supported by Pakistan in Kashmir. 16-10-2021 to11-1-2022

Sarvatobhadra chakra for monthly progression started from 15-10-2021to15-11-2021



1] Consonant “p”[represent pakistan]a is afflicted by bad vedha  sun

2]Tithi Krishna chaturdashi is afflicted by bad veda from ketu

3]Consonant “a”is afflicted by bad veda rahu

4]Cancer moon sign afflicted by bad veda from sun

5]Tarsus lagna sign afflicted from bad veda from rahu

Sarvatobhadra chakra for monthly progression started from 15-11-2021to15-12-2021


1] Consonant “a” afflicted by veda from sun and rahu

2]Tithi29 krishna chaturdashi afflicted by veda from ketu

3]Tarsus lagna afflicted by veda from sun and rahu