Jupiter transit  in Aquarius on 20-11-2021  hrs 23:31 its impact on India-1

Jupiter transit  in Aquarius on 20-11-2021  hrs 23:31 its impact on India-1

Jupiter is entering Aquarius sign on 20-11-2021 at 23:31 hrs at night in sign of Saturn  leaving its debilitation sign Capricorn .Saturn will join this Jupiter in Aquarius on 29-4-2022 at 7:54 hrs Delhi .Both soul Jupiter and karmesh  Saturn [indicator of profession]will conjunct in Aquarius sign to give big changes in world which has  started by the spread of covid-19 all over India .In India it also disrupt the normal working of life of nation. Now Jupiter will leave Capricorn and enter in  Aquarius the positive sign of Saturn but it will have the influence of Saturn till it will reach the ending sign of zodiac  its own sign Pisces  .Jupiter in Aquarius will be two –twelfth position to Saturn in Capricorn which is not good .Six eight-two twelfth relation between slow moving planets like Saturn ,Jupiter ,Rahu ,Ketu, Mars are not considered good for peaceful living or to encourage harmony in world .In India  Jupiter in Aquarius and two -twelfth to Saturn in Capricorn will do upheavals in politics  and in  normal life of people .Specially politics because in India  it has  special reference due to its deep impact on people of India  We  have to  analyze the foundation  horoscope of India ,BJP ,PM Narendra Modi,Congress-I ,Sonia Gandhi to see what Jupiter has store for future of India.

Foundation horoscope of India

FOUNDATION HOROSOCPE OF INDIA: India got independence on 15-8-1947 at 00:01 hrs Delhi with Taurus lagna . With lagna lord  venus in 3rd house with four  planets  Sun ,Saturn ,Moon ,Mercury .A very confusing state with two unpredictable neighbor countries china  and Pakistan and Indian relation with two countries  has never been smooth .Jupiter in transit in  Aquarius will transit in 10th house in  the foundation horoscope of India. Jupiter from here will aspect second house of finance ,fourth house of internal peace ,and sixth house of  war and fight with two countries specially  China  and Pakistan.

1] Jupiter will aspect second house from tenth house which  indicates  financial steps taken by PM Narendra Modi’s  government  .Bold moves will be taken by central government to stable financial condition of India ,specially improvement in banking sector will take speed up in list of central government. Second house also include finance ministry .Aspect   of Jupiter on this 2nd house also indicate achievement of finance ministry  and smooth running of finance ministry.

2]  Jupiter  seventh aspect on   4th house of internal peace  and Home Ministry will be very pro active solving  different issue which has sprang up due to transit of Rahu-Ketu in one-seven axis of India. Farmer protest will lost its importance with active governance  of home ministry and agriculture ministry which comes under 4th house. Both these department and this ministry will  under keen watch  by PM Narendra Modi  office which is represented  by 10th house.

3] Jupiter will aspect sixth house of defense  of India  all  defense and police personal will come under this house. Military OF India  will be very pro active due to  double Bhrigu transit which  is activating 6th house. Saturn aspect sixth house from Capricorn ninth house of foundation horoscope of India. Jupiter aspect 6th house from Aquarius from 20-11-2021 onwards. More and more initiative will be undertaken to strengthen military and defense specially Air force of India .We at present running with only 30 squadron which is  low by 12 squadron because we required 42 squadron  to counter China and Pakistan. It is due to presence of Jupiter in airy sign Aquarius .These two countries[Pakistan and china] will very proactive at border due to  activating of  6th house of war by Jupiter in Aquarius.

Bhrigu transit: I am  specially indicating Bhrigu transit which is not clear in parashari transit .Jupiter is life force which represent soul in the  horoscope of nation. Jupiter here in foundation horoscope is in Aquarius sign  on 20-11-2021.Jupiter in transit in sign of Saturn and despositor of transit Jupiter in Aquarius is  natal Saturn , posited in third house in Ashlesha Nakshatra of mercury .Whole third get activated due to  present of natal Saturn in third house conjunct with Venus lagna and 6th lord ,mercury 2nd and 5th lord ,Sun 4th lord ,Moon 3rd lord and natal Saturn 9th and 10th lord. Third house represent communication ,radio ,television ,internet ,media ,newspaper ,railways ,border clashes ,neighboring  countries..In all  these above signification ,new project will handled by government of India specially railways .Modernization  of railways will be for most significant. Making of roads near border[communication and connectivity ] will also one of initiative taken by central government on whole LAC  neighboring  China will be most importance aspect  fulfilled by  government of India.. For third house most important aspect  is developing infrastructure  at border surrounding Pakistan and China to protect  and safeguard the safety interest of India.


In the  horoscope of BJP:BJP  means Bhartiya janta ka pyar. Jupiter will transit in Aquarius in ninth house over lagna lord mercury . From 5th aspect it will aspect lagna and transit over lagna lord is good .Luck will activated in coming election next year in 2022 in which election of UP is foremost importance. Jupiter from 7th aspect will aspect third house of efforts where lot of planets are participating a Rajyoga of velour .by 9th aspect it will aspect 5th house of BJP .Overall dharma tikona house 9th,lagna,5th house is activated by Jupiter transit in Aquarius .So dharma will rise and BJP will get good amount of votes by religious polarization in coming time. In Bhrigu Jeev Naadi in my article “Whether  Afghanistan occupied by Taliban heat will reach India-.Afghanistan crises-4:” When Saturn enter into Aquarius sign on 22-4-2022. This polarization  will take high pitch. All Sanatan Dharmi and Yavan living in Bharatvarsh [India]will see total divide in faith”.this will help BJP in a  great way .

Bhrigu transit :Jupiter  in transit in 9th house in the  horoscope of BJP will twist the fortune of BJP. It is due  to natal despositor of transit Jupiter natal Saturn is posited in 3rd house efforts and velour. Natal Saturn is 8th and 9th lord conjunct with mars 6th  and 11th lord,Rahu,Jupiter,7th and 10th lord .Mostly in 3rd house a Rajyoga is formed Jupiter 7th  and 10th lord and Saturn 8th and 9th lord ,Mars as 11th  lord and 6th lord .Here Jupiter as 10th lord[Kendra lord] and Saturn 9th lord [trikona lord]and mars as 11th lord of gain is participating in this combination .So BJP  will gain but some hurdles is visible due to  Jupiter transit over natal ketu is not good..But with efforts and hard work BJP will gain considerably in transit of soul Jupiter in  9th house according to Bhrigu transit.  


    .PM Narendra modi: Jupiter is in transit in 4th house in the  horoscope of PM Narendra Modi. From 5th aspect it will aspect 8th house which represent health aspect .Lot of stress will be there over PM Narendra Modi in transit of Jupiter in Aquarius in the  horoscope of       PM Narendra Modi. By 7th aspect Jupiter is activating 10th house .In 10th house natal Venus as 7th and 12th lord conjunct with Saturn as 3rd and 4th lord posited in 10th house .Natal Jupiter as 2nd and 5th lord is also aspect to this combination .Natal Jupiter as 5th lord [trikona  lord is aspect by Saturn 4th lord [Kendra lord ]and Venus as 12th lord is also participating in this Rajyoga .This parashari Rajyoga is emphasizing  the purity of karmas committed by PM Narendra Modi for his motherland .Venus as 12th lord in 10th house aspect by transit Jupiter in Aquarius, the name and fame of PM Narendra Modi is reaching world  wide with no leader of his  status  is present in the world.

Bhrigu transit Jupiter in Aquarius entering on 20-11-2021.It will stay here for a year .As I have explained above a Rajyoga is formed by combination  natal 5th lord Jupiter aspect to Saturn 4th lord  on which Jupiter is in transit .With this Rajyoga he will also suffer at the hand of enemy mars as 6th lord  and saturn  as 3rd and 4th lord  aspect to transit  Jupiter in Aquarius .These two hard core malefic influence we have seen at the time of covid second wave in India  when Jupiter transit in Aquarius on 6-4-2021.how his enemy put hurdles in his work to handle Covid in India.


Congress-I:congress-I is in its worst time, facing latest hurdles and in fighting in Punjab .G-23 leader in Congress-I is also having different section at centre  against  GANDHI  family. So overall congress-I is running into tough time. Transit Jupiter in Aquarius will transit in twelfth house. As lagna lord Jupiter is  in twelfth house  for  Pisces  lagna lord in transit is not good. Muscle-tussle will increase in Punjab then this  disease will spread fully in other Congress-I rules state .Then it will reach at centre  stage in Delhi in whole transit of Jupiter in Aquarius. According Bhrigu transit Saturn retro  will aspect this soul Jupiter according to Bhrigu astrology from 6th house will increase its enemy  in all over India. Mars also aspect this combination. Mars represent communism and left party ideology in  India  Left ideology and communism though will capture a centre  stage  fast  in congress-I .It will put more fuel to farmer protest which will be of no use. More malefic influence on transit Jupiter in 12th house in the  horoscope of congress-I will make it more weak than present .May be possible it may loose some of its state in coming assembly election in 2022.


Sonia Gandhi: Head of congress-I with cancer lagna .Jupiter in transit in Aquarius will transit in 8th house unfavorable house. Jupiter in 8th house  in transit its  depositor natal Saturn in lagan is retro .8th lord in lagna  as Saturn aspect to 10th house show change in career but Sonia Gandhi will handle his opponent in congress-I effectively specially G-23 leader. In the last run Saturn in lagna suppress the enemy  but it will also give health trouble. Jupiter transit in 8th house with the support of his good dasha she will remain head of congress-I in future.