Jupiter transit  in Aquarius on 20-11-2021  hrs 23:31 its impact on world-2

Jupiter transit  in Aquarius on 20-11-2021  hrs 23:31 its impact on world-2

This second article in series with Jupiter impact on world[First was Jupiter impact over  India].Jupiter  conjunct Saturn  in Sagittarius on 5-11-2019 at 5-38hrs which has rewritten the world order  for next twenty year with china taking the center  stage by spreading covid all over the  world killing nearly45.5L turning world order in its favor . But planets plan  something different   .In this conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius there  one more country  which come into picture   in the  world order which is India .I have predicted  through Bhrigu jeev nadi in my article “PM Narendra Modi seventy second year”………This person [PM NARENDRA MODI]will remain for sixteen year the king of Bharatvarsh from today calender shukla ,ashtami ,samvat2078 Bhadrapadh Maas[13-9-2021].He will make this land of Sanatan Dharma a super power number one in next ten and half year[2031].Jupiter has conjunct transit Saturn first in Sagittarius ,then in Capricorn ,now third conjunction will take place in Aquarius when Jupiter will transit Pisces end sign of zodiac which represent charan of lotus feet of lord Vishnu. This conjunction will break and new order will again start after twenty year when again Jupiter and Saturn will coincide.

Now we will focus on Jupiter transit in Aquarius the positive sign of Saturn and what is  its influence over the  world .?We have to analyze the horoscope of USA, china, Russia, Afghanistan and of course Pakistan which is main centre  for jihad for hardcore Islamic  world.



USA:Jupiter is  in transit in Aquarius will transit in 7th house in the  horoscope of USA .USA has Leo lagna and 7th house is occupied  by Aquarius sign.

1]Jupiter from 5th aspect will aspect 11th house of prosperity from 7th house of Aquarius sign .Where mars 4th  and 9th lord ,venus 3rd and 10th lord,Jupiter 5th and 12th lord ,Sun lagna lord is posited .This combination  of 4 planet is a fine combination of economic prosperity  will develop in 11th house of gain .Eleventh house also represent friendly nation, in this scenario QUAD will take new height and relation of USA with India will reach  at new height .In international sphere more and more success of international formation of treaty and friends will form against china by USA.

2]Jupiter will aspect Leo lagna of USA. Jupiter aspect to lagna will control the third wave of covid-19 and also    reduces the death as it happened in past. By 7th  aspect to lagna it will give benefic aspect of Jupiter which is  provided by  it in natural zodiac .

3] Jupiter aspect to 3rd house by 9th aspect will help USA to maintain cordial relation with neighbour countries and it will  develop its supremacy in the  world.

Bhrigu transit: Jupiter in Aquarius sign of Saturn despositor of transit Jupiter is natal Saturn 6th and 7th lord in second house aspect by mars natal mars as 4th and 9th lord from eleventh house shows heavy expenditure on development of arms and ammunition [defense industry].It also indicate heavy tension and domestic unrest due to some war like situation with china or may  be in   Afghanistan .Domestic unrest may due aspect of Saturn 6th lord on mars 4th lord  which represent domestic peace.In this Saturn –mars mutual aspect to each other in 2nd house and 11th house Venus as 3rd and 10th lord ,Sun lagna lord ,Jupiter 5th and 8th lord.Overall a Parashari  Rajyoga of[Brihat parashar hora shatra ]combination also come forward in Saturn-mars mutual aspect to each other. Venus is 10th  lord[Kendra ] ,Jupiter is 5th lord[trikona lord] a parashri Rajyoga.Here mars  9th lord [trikona lord] and Saturn is 7th lord [Kendra lord]many combination of prosperity are forming in Bhrigu transit of Jupiter in Aquarius .It very clear that Jupiter  transit in Aquarius, USA will lead the world as super power.



China:China which is  second in number as super power financially after USA .China has Capricorn lagna and lagna lord Saturn posited in 8th house. Jupiter is  in transit in Aquarius in 2nd house will aspect natal Saturn in eighth  house. Jupiter by 7th aspect on 8th house  which will expose its  hidden agenda against India by 5th aspect Jupiter in transit aspect 6th house of enemy and war and dispute with neighbor countries .As 12th lord Jupiter in 2nd house of wealth shows exit of dollars in form of loss due  to ineffective finance policy executed by Chinese Government. Jupiter as 3rd lord in 2nd house in transit will ignite  the war impulse of China against its neighbor countries .

Bhrigu transit: Jupiter in transit in 2nd house is aspect by Saturn and mars two hard core malefic .Saturn as sign depositor of transit Jupiter as 2nd lord of finance in 8th house bad house[trikh bhav] will result in spending of money or finance in secret projects to sabotage economy of different countries.But mars as debilitated aspect transit Jupiter in 2nd house .China’s  opponent  countries will fail all his plan to sabotage their economy .Moreover his plan to capture the economy of Afghanistan will be a total failure .Natal Jupiter is aspect to natal Saturn [sign depositor of transit Jupiter]  as 12th lord from 12TH house means heavy expenditure which results in loss in which different plans executed  by Chinese government to capture world economy in their hand.



Russia:Jupiter is  in transit in Aquarius will transit in 6th house is good for Russia.Sixth house represent defense manufacturing industries .From here Jupiter is aspect  to tenth house by 5th aspect which represent  President Putin.His  government will  work effectively in maintaining  good  relation with India and other countries of world. Transit Jupiter aspect on 2nd house of finance from 6th house of defense industries which will raise its finance from export arms and ammunition to different countries of world specially China.

Bhrigu transit:Jupiter is  in transit its natal despositor is natal Saturn  in 5th house of thinking and ideology also aspect aspect to transit Jupiter in retro motion .Natal Saturn is conjunct with           Moon and Rahu. So there  will shift of power equation of Russia from India ,America,japan ,Australia group of quad towards china ,Pakistan ,Afghanistan block .It is due to Rahu and Saturn  in 5th house shift of power equation towards Islamic block which is lead by china. Jupiter aspect on transit Jupiter in Aquarius is 6th house from 10th house represent by  India influence over Russia which will hampered by aspect of natal mars in 7th house represent by China on natal Jupiter in 10th house. Russia will more inclined towards China as compared with India.



Pakistan:Pakistan  is a  hub to different terrorist origination of world which is  spreading jihad on name of religion. Jupiter will transit Aquarius 11th house in house of Saturn which is  9th house from natal moon lagna which is Gemini. Ninth house represent religion and also aspect Jupiter 9th and 12th in 7th house.Jupiter in transit itself 9th lord of religion  in 11th house of gain for Aries lagna will increase religious jihad in Pakistan .Jupiter in transit aspect 7th house will activate its opposition specially India .By 5th aspect it will aspect 3rd house of neighbor countries specially Afghanistan .Mars, moon combination in 3rd house will activate violence in neighbor countries  specially Afghanistan .When Jupiter transit in Aquarius on 6-4-2021 from Capricorn and re-enter Capricorn on 20-9-2021 we have seen bloodshed in Afghanistan by taking over of Afghanistan by Taliban by help of Pakistan. This same incident of violence will happen again when Jupiter enter in Aquarius on 20-11-2021 for period of one year. From Jupiter in transit aspect on 3rd house of Pakistan will start  a new race  of violence will trigger in Afghanistan that will capture Pakistan .This whole wave of violence in Pakistan  will  support by Taliban which will be responsible for disintegration of Pakistan by  capturing some of its area.   

Bhrigu transit: Saturn the natal depositor of transit Jupiter in Aquarius is posited in 4th house conjunct with venus as 2nd and 7th lord, mercury as 3rd and 6th lord.sun as 5th lord. Saturn is oppose by Sun and so many planet in 4th house domestic peace will disrupt by sun and Saturn opposition. Jupiter is in transit from natal moon sign is in 9th house of religion.Its natal depositor is Saturn which is posited in second house from natal moon sign shows bankruptcy of Pakistan by funding religion terror on the name of jihad. When Jupiter will transit in Aquarius it will be totally bankrupt by coming in black list of The Financial Action Task Force (FATM]



AFGHANSITAN:Most important country in list to be watchful as it ruled by Taliban the most hardcore islamic group of world. Even America the super power who achieved the status of number  one is afraid of  combination Taliban ,al-qaeda ,isis-k .In past al-qaeda has been responsible for 11/9 attack. Jupiter in transit will in Aquarius in 11th house of Saturn for Aries lagna of Afghanistan. From here it will aspect 3rd house where 9th and 12th lord  natal Jupiter conjunct with rahu  is posited  their .Jupiter is retro as 9th lord of religion conjunct with rahu indicate tailiban ruling there will be more aggressive in regulating sharia law .Third house also represent Pakistan and many territory connecting with other countries. But Pakistan will be the main target of Taliban and it will be supporting  Pakistan and bloch army terrorist  origination which would  like capture Pakistan as Taliban has capture Afghanistan .Taliban will be fully successful in capturing some of territory of Pakistan.

Bhrigu transit: Jupiter in 11thhouse of Saturn and its despositor is posited in 2nd aspect by mars lagna and 8th lord. There is mutual aspect of mars over Saturn in 2nd and 11th house two financial houses  of Afghanistan .Soul Jupiter in Bhrigu astrology  is stuck in transit in Aquarius from 20-11-2021 between these two hard core planet natal Saturn and natal  mars planetary  war with each other. Heavy blood shed will take place in Afghanistan  between Taliban and its anti forces