China wishes to occupy Taiwan 2021

China wishes to occupy Taiwan 2021

[Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about Taiwan occupation by china “The kingdom named by alphabet “T”Taiwan that is troubled by dictatorship of country named with alphabet “CH”china .It will keep on troubling country named with alphabet “T” Taiwan for more than three and half year from today 19-10-2021 onwards. This country with alphabet named “CH” china will be controlled by  force with most powerful country named with “A”America which is ruled by malechha .There will sharp conflict after three and  half year to four and  half year from today 19-10-2021 between two countries  named with alphabet ”a”America with country named with alphabet “ch”china .This conflict will take place in the  sea .In this conflict “CH”china will be defeated by”A”. America .After this conflict country named with alphabet “ch”china  will start getting  disintegrate from mar-2026 to ten to fifteen onwards]


These days China  is in full aggressive mood to invade  Taiwan . Taiwan has reported on 4-10-2021   that the largest ever incursion has been done by Chinese aircraft which were 52 in number has entered into Taiwan   air defense. Taiwan airforce had to scramble for the fourth straight day to warn off the intruder ,as tension spiraled between china and Taiwan .America has intervened between china and Taiwan and rushed  its two aircraft  carrier towards Taiwan to defend Taiwan from china aggression.

But what’s store in future of Taiwan whether it will  taken forcefully by china or world power like America ,UK  and NATO group will able to defend Taiwan from china? This scenario will be analyzed by the  horoscope of Taiwan and china two main contender in this fight.

Foundation horoscope of Taiwan

Taiwan: Taiwan foundation horoscope has Virgo lagna with 16-00 degree-min with lagna lord mercury in fourth house with twelfth lord sun rendered it weak and always a pray in front of its predator china. China is  ever ready to swallow Taiwan due to  this combination .Moreover mercury is in direct aspect by 3rd and 8th lord mars which is represented  by china.[communist china is represented  by red planet mars].Third house represent neighbor country china which is trying   to sabotage its economy and land by  military power represented  by 8th lord of mars .

Vimshotari dasha of Taiwan at present venus-venus-mer from 29-6-2021 to19-12-2021.

Vimshotari mahadasha of venus: Venus is mahadasha lord of foundation horoscope of Taiwan is 2nd and 9th lord posited in 3rd house with Jupiter as 4th and 7th lord of war. Aspect by mars 3rd and 8th lord from 9th house.There  is exchange between mars as 3rd lord and Venus as 9th lord. Over all scenario is forming in Venus is markesh dasha for the  horoscope of Taiwan which has Virgo lagna .It is primary markesh [death inflicting dasha]  as 2nd lord aspect 8th lord mars make it more dangerous .Venus is posited  in 3rd house of neighbour country represent by china conjunct with Jupiter 7th lord of open war with china in which   violence is also involve  due aspect by mars. Venus in d-9again in 3rd house of neighbour country represent by china but now mars exalted aspect in positive way as 12th lord from 9th house of luck .So this way or that way world will be united against china as mars aspect to this combination as 12th lord which represent foreign help in form arms and ammunition by America and its allies NATO  forces to prevent china to sabotage Taiwan .Mars is natural karka for arms and ammunition .Saturn exalted also aspect this combination from sixth house of war and dispute as 10th lord which represent government of Taiwan .This combination indicate this way or that way china dream to occupy  Taiwan will remain a dream.

Venus anter same as mahadasha lord :Venus anter dasha is dasha chhidra [ending of one mahadasha and starting of another mahadasha .ketu mahadasha ends at 29-10-2018 and venus mahadasha start on 29-10-2018 venus anter is running in mahadasha of venus.]       

Pratyaanter of mercury from 29-6-2021 to 19-12-2021:Mercury pratyaanter lord  is running at present .But china has an  eye on Taiwan it is fully indicated by mercury as retro lagna lord in 4th house with 12th lord sun indicate it will receive help from foreign countries as military aid and military help from countries like America and other NATO nation like UK .Mars aspect on mercury as 3rd and 8th lord represent by china in full mood to occupy Taiwan. Mercury in d-9 navamsha in twelfth house of foreign invasion is aspect by retro Saturn from 6th house of war and dispute and also mars which is itself 12th exalted in 9th house of luck. Luck will in favor of Taiwan it will always receive immediate help from foreign countries like America and NATO .Two benefic Jupiter and moon also aspect to this combination from 6th house which will prevent war of china with Taiwan.

Coming pratyaanter of ketu from 19-12-2021 to 28-2-2021

Coming ketu pratyaanter is also tension providing to Taiwan .Due its position in 2nd house. Second house is primary markesh hosue according maharishi prashar. Ketu is aspect by retro Saturn as 6th lord of dispute and moon karka of mind will sow the seed of tension in mind of people of Taiwan of china aggression .Ketu in d-9 navamsha in seventh house of open war in Scorpio sign .But somehow ketu depositor mars is exalted in 9th house of luck .So by luck again Taiwan will be saved by America and allied forces like UK which come to rescue when Taiwan will call them for help.  


Varshphal for 110year

Taiwan is running 110 year varshphal with virgo lagna.Dwi janam year repetition of janam lagna .This particular is not good because repetition janam lagna is not considered good in varshphal. Lagna lord mercury in fourth with 12th lord sun indicate when ever Taiwan in 110 year will in trouble America and its allied forces will come to help Taiwan at the time of need .Muntha in second aspect by 3rd and 8th lord mars from 8th indicate china bad eye on Taiwan to capture it by force will never be accomplished .Saturn also aspect muntha in 2nd house .Saturn is both 5th and 6th lord. As sixth lord Saturn aspect on muntha  represent bad influence over integrity of Taiwan as a nation by china. Muntha lord venus in 3rd house of neighbor countries in Rahu –ketu axis and aspect of mars from 8th house shows continues looming danger of China eye on Taiwan

Appliying of mahadasha and anter –prtyaanter of present venus-venus-mer from 29-6-2021 to19-12-2021.of birth chart on  varshphal of 110 year.

Venus mahadasha lord is 2nd and 9th in 3rd house in rahu-ketu axis aspect by mars as 3rd and 8th lord from 8th house shows looming danger of desire of occupy force- fully Taiwan by china. Venus in 3rd house is badly afflicted under Rahu ketu axis and aspect by mars shows ill intension of China from 3rd house of neighbour to occupy Taiwan.

Venus anter same as Mahadasha

Mercury pratyaanter: Mercury is pratyaanter of of lagna and 10th lord posited in 4th house a benefic Kendra conjunct with 12th lord sun shows how positively USA is willingly to help Taiwan at time of need


Varshphal of 111 year

Varshphal of 111year has rising Scorpio lagna of mars which is 3rd house birth chart. Third house itself represent nefarious design of china will not end even in 111year to invade Taiwan by force. But mars is posited in lagna is 111year Varshphal with 9th lord of luck and also ketu another malefic .Taiwan will respond fiercely to china with fire power in his hand of arms and ammunition  given by America and its allies will again prevent  China to invade Taiwan.[power of mars in lagna]


China: China  has Capricorn lagna with lagna lord Saturn in 8th house  secret desire  design to conquer world by power  

Vimshotari  Mahadasha  running at present which his jet entered in Taiwan 4-10-2021

Mercury –mercury-Saturn from 3-10-2021 to19-2-2022

Mercury mahadasha lord is posited in 9th house as 6th and 9th lord badly afflicted by ketu ahead degree wise and Sun behind and Saturn in 12th  house from this combination[in 8th house].Mercury as 6th lord shows his desire to fight unnecessarily with every country may his neighbor countries or may it be super power USA which far away for china .Sun as 8th lord and mercury as 6th lord conjunct with ketu and Saturn in 12th to this combination will brought down fall China in period of mercury mahadasha itself. In d-9 navamsha Mercury Mahadasha lord is posited in  4th house as   3rd and 6th lord aspect by mars as lagna and 8th lord .Again 6th and 8th lord [two bad house] signification is attached to  mercury mahadasha lord .Mars  as karka of violence  will instigate china to occupy territory of neighbor countries now Taiwan with force is aspect to mahadasha lord mercury.

Anter of mercury same as mahadasha lord   

Pratyaanter of Saturn :Saturn pratyaanter lord is lagna and 2nd lord in 8th house may be good for economy but its condition two twelfth to mahadasha and anter lord mercury is not good. Eighth house represent secret planning to sabotage the territory of neighbour countries so in this anter china miscalculation goes wrong to occupy Taiwan by force because America and  his allies reach in time to save Taiwan from clutches of China.In d-9 navamsha Saturn in sixth house of fight is generating extra energy to entangle in internal affairs ,sabotage economy, creating tension at border of neighbour countries will be the result of sixth Saturn in d-9 navamsha in chart of china.

Transit: Saturn in transit in lagna aspect to natal mars and third house and over natal moon is sadsati is not good ,this transit will generate miscalculation in judging opposition countries.

Jupiter again in transit in lagna over natal moon which is  not good miscalculation in judging the fire power of enemy countries. 

So what ever may be circumstance China will again try to capture Taiwan but fail due to bad dasha of mercury in its horoscope.