Great discovery of Madhya parashari -2

Great discovery of Madhya parashari -2

Madhya parashari is great astrological  work may be some of disciple of Maharishi Parashar.According to  Madyha Parashari venus –rahu,rahu-venus, Saturn -venus,venus- Saturn  ,rahu- Saturn ,Saturn -rahu period are period of great rise and fall. Great scientist like Albert Einstein, madam curie ,Thomas Edison has done great discovery in these periods

Now we will take  example of Thomas Edison


1]This is unverified horoscope but with some exact calculation we can be find out for Thomas Edison’s  first invention or his first discovery has taken place in year 1868 in the  form of  electronic voice recorder.

Thomas Edison first invention has taken place in mahadasha of venus-       saturn   from 28-10-1864 to 29-12-1867.

Venus mahadasha lord is 7th and 12th lord conjunct with Saturn and sun. Saturn is 3rd lord of efforts and sun is 10th lord of achievement.

Both are malefic planets  which supports for  great discovery of electronic voice recorder.

Saturn :Saturn anter lord in mahadasha of  Venus are often period of steep rise and fall .Saturn is technical planet which is with karka of music and voice venus which supports  for discovery of electronic voice recorder .Saturn is in nakshatra of rahu posited  in eleventh house aspect by Jupiter 5th lord of thinking  which give this great discovery of electronic voice recorder by Thomas Edison.   

Werner Heisenberg was famous for his research on theory of “quantum theoretical re-interpretation of kinematic and mechanical relation” which was published in sep-1925.He worked for this theory with Neils bhor on this theory under fellow ship under international education board Rockefeller foundation from 17-9-1924 to 1-5-1925


Vimshotari dasha running at that time rahu-venus from 14-1-1922 to 14-1-1925

Rahu mahadasha lord  

Rahu mahadasha lord in 5th house of research and education in which Werner Heisenberg has Witten his research paper on “quantum theoretical re-interpretation of kinematic and mechincal relation” .Rahu sign despositor venus in 8th house hidden treasure which was discovered by Werner Heisenberg in mahadasha of rahu.Rahu mahadasha lord in d-9 navamsha 6th house of hard work aspect by Jupiter 5th lord of education from 12th house. Rahu sign lord is mars in 10th house with 8th lord mercury. Moreover the combination of 3rd house+3rd lord ,5th house+5th lord,8th house +8th lord ,9th house+9th lord,10th house+10th lord result in invention and researches by scientist.

Anter venus: Venus anter lord is 5th lord of education in 8th house hidden treasure which has helped  Werner Heisenberg inventing theory of “quantum theoretical re-interpretation of kinematic and mechanical relation” in its anter dasha. Venus in navamsha d-9 in 5th of education and researches.

Wolfgang Ernst pauli was an Austrian theoretical physicist and one of the pioneer of quantum physics .He developed the theory about hydrogen molecular ion model in 1921 .In 1921 he also write theory or thesis  on the same topic.

Horoscope of Wolfgang Ernst paul

He was born in 25-4-1900,13:53hrs,Vienna,Austria .With leo lgna rising with 5th and 8th lord of study and invention aspect by 3rd lord of efforts venus from 10th house of karmas and profession .He developed his theory of molecular hydrogen in vimshotari mahadasha and anter of Saturn -venus from 23-5-1921to22-7-1924

Mahadasha of Saturn: Mahadasha lord Saturn is a planet of technical education retro posited in 5th house education and writing thesis on molecular hydrogen in 1921 by wolfgang pauli. Saturn in nakshatra of ketu posited with venus aspect by 5th and 8th lord Jupiter from 4th house. So 5th and 8th house connection established for writing thesis on molecular hydrogen by wolfgnag pauli. In navamsha d-9 Saturn is 5th lord in 11th house of gain aspect 8th lord hidden secret mars from 5th house.

Venus anter : Venus anter is  connected to 5th house by aspect from 5th and 8th lord Jupiter in  four –ten axis of profession and study. One of the condition of Madhya  parashari is fulfilled here that Saturn -venus period are period of steep rise and fall when comes in native life. Venus in navamsha is 9th lord of luck  in debilitation  in lagna in Virgo aspect by mahadasha lord Saturn which also 5th lord study and research.

Summary of above three cases

1]Thomas Edison done his major discovery venus- Saturn

2]Werner Heisenberg done his major research rahu-venus.

3]Wolfgang pauli done his major research in period of Saturn -venus

From above three example  period mention in Madhya parashari these vimshotari  dashas  has proved great life changer in the life of three  scientist mention above.

Here venus is also involved in  all the  above three cases of great discovery which have change course of technical education for future generation .Venus teacher of demons or shukryacharya son of great maharishi bhrigu .So as a teacher is going to give its signification in the mahadasha or anter of technical planet rahu and Saturn