original bhrigu samithas reading-21

Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharyaji ;


The planetary combinations of this horoscope is good. The native always try to keep happy other people by doing efforts and hard work .The native is very soft spoken person.He believes in justice and never be biased while taking any decision. He is truth loving person and hates the liar. He is brave and hard working. By worshipping and performing some remedies related to fifth house[The house of children] will be beneficial for bringing prosperity in family. He will enjoy all luxuries of life. He has a very good company of friends.A major problem can take place in his life after that he will feel he got a new birth so doing prayers and remedies will be beneficial for the native His old age period will be good .and will pass smoothly.


He was a very reputed Zamindar in his last birth .He performed many rituals and religious karmaas by performing Havan, Yagya and by feeding the needy persons. At one time when he was doing Havan then suddenly a saint reached there and requested for food early .This native rejected his request and asked him to wait and replied first Brahmins will be feeded  afterwards food is given to you .By this answer saint felt insulted and his self respect was hurtled and he started arguing with native .By his behavior the native attitude became very aggressive and he called his servants and they tortured him physically as well as verbally. The Saint came in anger and give curse to him and left the place.


Feed the saints and needy persons to apologize your mistakes done by you in your last birth. Pay some donations and touch the feet of saints to get blessings from them By performing these your wishes will be fulfilled. All your tensions will be vanished and will lead a happy life.


During first and second year  normal pediatric problems like fever, toothache etc. Take place. Parents were happy  by your birth. you will spent good time.

During three to eight years possibility of sibling can be seen in the horoscope. Some auspicious occasion also take place during this period in your home. The native pass his time happily by playing with his peer group and studying as well.

From nine to fifteen years the native face some problems[these may be physical or from any other reason] It was beneficial period for the father from the point of view of monetary gains. His siblings also faced some physical problems during this period and these problems were vanished after some time due to devotion towards God and some charities. Father spent money on auspicious occasion.

During sixteen to twenty years  some problem was taken place in any one of the family member by which native’s father got upset. Combinations of travelling can also be seen during this period.Parents of native were also feel tensed during this period and they were little bit confused.

During twenty one to thirty years you enjoyed family life .Monetary gains were medium . Chanting of SANTAAN GOPAL MANTRA will be beneficial for you and your’s children. The native did  his best by doing efforts and hard work. Expenses on auspicious occassions were also taken place

During thirty one to forty years the native earned lot of wealth,name and fame. He got good results of his efforts during this time. Gains from land or property is sure during this time. There is possibility of construction or renovation of house. You will spent money on good or auspicious occasions The native felt happy and satisfied.Performing some Poojas for children will be proved very beneficial for children which will give happiness.

From forty one to fifty years. Gains from land is possible. Some stress can be feel by the native Suddenly some aggression can take place Chanting MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA during this period will be very beneficial for the native. By performing this pooja all problems will be cooled down and even you can get a good position in you office or working place. This is good period for rise in fortune. You should be very soft while talking to other people. He  can also chant GAYATRIMANTRA to get rid from the problems.

From fifty one to sixty years of age is very good time for the native He will enjoy all luxuries of life like vehicles, servants etc, Effects of last birth deeds also be vanished and will lead a happy life.

During sixty one to seventy years some problems and tensions can take place. Some physical problems to native;s wife can also occur during this time. Performing some poojas with treatment can give benefit to native;s wife. Gastric upsettings ,fever like problems can also take place.

After seventy one years time will pass smoothly having all amenities of life Your life span is good