Jammu and Kashmir crises 2021-2022

Jammu and Kashmir crises 2021-2022

Jammu and Kashmir is in picture again after the removal of article 370 and 35a  on 5-8-2019  is on fire .Pakistan is providing full support to infiltrate the terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir. Different terrorist  organizations  are  active today in Jammu and Kashmir which is targeting minority .I have indicated in my article on  13-9-2021 PM Narendra modi seventy second year future ahead for one year “  Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about PM NARENDRA MODI “This person is endowed with divine nature and  devotee of Lord Mahakaal[LordShiva].His name start from alphabet “na”.The person named with alphabet”na”is king of Bharatvarsh[india].Start of nav samvatsar 2078[2021]was very difficult for him. But his coming time will be good. This person will overrule the terrorist activities in junction point of Samvat 2078to 2079[march-april2022]in Pradesh [state ]named by alphabet “ja”and “ka”[Jammu and  Kashmir]of Bharatvarsh[India.Time starting from today 13-09-2021 seven and half months onwards [middle of march-april2022]there  will be war like condition with neighbour country named with alphabet “pa”[pakistan]in which  Bharatvarsh will be successful in defeating Pakistan under the leadership of his king named by alphabet “na”[PM Narendra Modi] .This person will remain for sixteen year the king of Bharatvarsh form today calender shukla ,ashtami ,samvat2078 Bhadrapadh Maas[13-9-2021].He will make this land of Sanaatan Dharma a super power number one in next ten and half year[2031] .My Bhrigu Jeev Nadi prediction partially coming true in which  Maharishi Bhrigu predicts in the  horoscope of PM Narendra Modi about coming condition of Jammu and Kashmir through Pakistan infiltrated terrorist is proving havoc on minority.

But what store in present condition about the future of Jammu and Kashmir will be accessed by the  horoscope of of Jammu and Kashmir state


Jammu and Kashmir was formed on 27-10- 1947 at 13:21, Srinagar  India with Capricorn lagna rising with lagna lord Saturn in 7th house conjunct with debilitated mars as 4th and 11th lord .Debilitation of mars in 7th conjunct with Saturn indicated that  there will never be domestic peace .Two hard core malefic in 7th house of open war indicate number of battles fought by India with China and Pakistan to save Jammu Kashmir integrity as part of India. 

Present running vimshotari mahadasha –anter –pratyaanter Mars –Saturn -Jupiter from 26-10-2021 to19-12-2021

Mahadasha of mars :Mahadasha lord mars is in debilitated 4th and 11th lord shows creation of Jammu and Kashmir without article 370and 35a which  represents  the change demographic change in its boundaries through legalisation in Parliament. .Ladakah and kargil is now union territory   which once were  part of Jammu and Kashmir. Fourth house shows land and 11th  shows legislation passed by parliament of India to abolish article 370and 35a  of Jammu Kashmir. Mars is 7th house of open war indicate there will never be peace till Pakistan in disintegrated into number of pieces  till 2024 and 2025 year has come in future  which I have indicated in Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in series of article on Afghanistan .Mars is in navamsha in Capricorn as 9th lord of religion conjunct with Rahu  shows domination of majority community represented by Rahu [yawan] there  will lot of fire fights in coming time in Mahadasha of Mars.

Anter dasha of Saturn :Ending  anter of Saturn  is quiet or silent or ineffective due  to last prtyaanter of Jupiter in anter of Saturn will provide peace in Jammu and Kashmir due to  its position in 11th house of gain and as 12th lord it will increase expenditure of Jammu and Kashmir government due to security reason .

Coming anter of mercury :Coming anter of mercury in mahadasha of mars will watchful  due to  its lordship for Capricorn lagna .As 6th lord it will provide infiltration of terrorist from Pakistan to  India  specially  in Jammu and Kashmir.Sixth house represent war ,dispute ,border fight due to  its aspect of mars debilitated on mercury and conjunction with  sun eighth  lord  with mercury .Both bad lord 6th and 8th lord is conjunct with anter lord mercury which provide ignition of fire by terrorist  in Jammu and Kashmir in coming anter of mercury. Mercury in navamsha d-9 is in own house 4th of domestic peace is aspect by 6th lord sun is not good indication in anter of mercury. Fire fight and violence will take place in full swing by Pakistan infiltrated terrorist .[fourth house connection with sixth or eight lord is not good for domestic peace] 

Transit of Saturn :Saturn is transiting in Capricorn in lagna and Jupiter is also transiting in Capricorn in lagna aspect to 7th house aspect to natal mars and Saturn in 7th house . Transit Saturn also aspect Third house where natal moon is posited which is 7th lord form Capricorn lagna. Tranist Saturn also aspect natal mercury ,sun,venus.saturn  in transit activating 4th and 7th house and their lord.Moon 7th lord in 3rd house,4th lord mars in 7th house conjunct with Saturn is also  in transit aspect by transit Saturn from lagna/so 3rd house [neighbour countries represent by Pakistan],4th house [represent by domestic peace],7th house represent by [open war with Pakistan on issue of infiltration of terrorist by Pakistan in jammu and Kashmir],6th  lord mercury and 8th sun  in 10th house also aspect by transit Saturn from lagna represent [fight ,dispute ,secret spy by Pakistan in jammu and kashmir]

Transit Jupiter in lagna Capricorn will aspect 7th house where natal mars is conjunct with natal Saturn which is open house of war with Pakistan.

When transit Jupiter will enter Aquarius this will be touching the sensitive points in the  horoscope of Jammu and Kashmir.From 5th aspect it will aspect 6th house  of war on border ,dispute with Pakistan on issue of Jammu and Kashmir. From 7th aspect it will aspect 8th house of secrecy which will  come into lime light of some kind of spy work will be exposed by Jupiter aspect by in transit in  Aquarius .From 9th aspect it will aspect 10th where 6th and 8th lord natal mercury retro and sun are conjunct with venus  in 10th house will deteriorate the communal harmony in Jammu and Kashmir by Pakistan

Conclusion :In coming time in jammu and Kashmir communal harmony will be disturbed.Pakistan will repay heavily for supporting terrorist infiltration   in Jammu and kashmir