Coming lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021 and its impact on world

Coming lunar eclipse and its impact on world

Coming lunar eclipse which will be coming on 19 November, 2021, Friday from 11:32 in the morning till 17:33 in the evening. This will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and visible in India, America, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia and some regions of the Pacific Ocean.This lunar eclipse  will have great impact on America ,northern Europe , this eclipse is occurring in Taurus  sign  and kritika  Nakshtra.

foundation horoscope of usa

Solar eclipse and its impact on America :America has Leo lagna and this lunar eclipse  is occurring in 10th in horoscope of America. This lunar eclipse is starting at 4:02 am with kanya lagna rising at the time of eclipse .Since tenth house which contain Taurus  sign in  the foundation horoscope of  America represent president Joe Biden  office comes under scrutiny of lunar eclipse 19-11-2021 .This lunar eclipse is very long and eclipse point is aspect by mars has very hidden meaning. Whenever Saturn or mars aspect the eclipse point is not good for the house in which it is occurring..Since this lunar eclipse is occurring in tenth house which president office and also represent democrat government. and aspect of transit mars on this 10th house will create obstacles and trouble for President Joe Biden..    

Running Mahadasha  and anter and prtyaanter of Rahu-Jupiter-Satrun.from 23-10-2021 to11-3-2022 IN  the Horoscope  Of America

Sign despositor of Taurus  sign in which lunar eclipse is occurring in Venus is posited in 11th house with mars ,Sun,Jupiter,and Saturn is aspect to this combination from 2nd house.

Catching point. Running pratyaanter  of Saturn in anter of Jupiter and in mahadasha of Rahu.Anter lord Jupiter is 8th lord and pratyaanter lord Saturn is 6th lord of dispute and disease and fight and 7th lord of open war. In this combination Saturn pratyaanter is running from 23-10-2022 to 11-3-2022 .This period of  pratyaanter lord Saturn is going to provide conflict of America with China and Russia in coming time within 6 months from date of lunar eclipse occurring on 19-11-2021at 4:02 hrs in America.

horoscope of joe biden

Horoscope of president Joe Biden :Lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021 is at 4:02 hrs in America in Taurus  sign will the seventh house of horoscope of President Joe Biden on natal one –seven axis on natal Saturn.

Running Mahadasha –anter-Pratyaanter of Jupiter –Rahu-Venus from 11-11-2021 to6-4-2022

President Joe Biden is running pratyaanter of venus in anter of Rahu Mahadasha of Jupiter. is  maarkesh from scorpio  lagna posited in lagna with tenth lord sun. Lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021 is occurring in taurus sign in kritika  nakshatra at 4-02hrs in seventh from lagna of president Joe Biden .Sign depositor of eclipse is venus whose anter is running in the  horoscope of President Joe Biden in anter Rahu will going to create lot of trouble for him,Since his pratyaanter of venus is posited  with tenth lord sun  which represent president Joe Biden office or profession or his karmaas. .President Joe Biden has to take harsh  decision  against China and Russia to keep American interest intact.

foundation horoscope of china

China:  China has Capricorn lagna and this lunar eclipse is occurring in 5th house in Taurus  sign with Rahu conjunct with moon and sun in 7th  from Taurus  sign and mars aspect Taurus sign  from Libra sign. Since 5th house represent mantra ,vidya, buddhi[mantra,education or intellect,mind] according to Maharishi Parashar.if eclipse is occurring in this house is not good for China.

Mahadasha-anter-pratyaanter of MERCURY-MERCURY-SATURN FROM 3-10-2021 TO19-2-2022

Pratyaanter   of Saturn in anter of mercury is afflicting Taurus  sign and sign lord of eclipse, Venus which is posited in 10th house receive aspect from Saturn from 8th house. Aspect of Saturn to 5th house Taurus  sign of eclipse and 5th lord Venus in 10th house is afflicted .Indicate affliction to mind inflect of China which going to provide problem to the world within sixth months from occurring of this eclipse.

foundation horoscope of russia

Russia :Russia has virgo  lagna with lagna lord mercury posited in 9th house with 12th lord Sun. Lunar eclipse is occurring in 9th on lagna lord mercury and also on 12th lord sun. This eclipse will aspect by karka of violence mars from Libra. Lunar eclipse on lagna lord mercury is not good .Aspect of transit mars on this combination of eclipse will create problem for Russia in next six months starting from 19-11-2021.Russia will involve in unhealthy cold war with America and allied forces in coming time with support of China.

foundation horoscope of isreal

Israel  :Israel has virgo  lagna lord is posited in 9th house  with 12th lord Sun .lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021 will occurring in 9th house in Taurus  sign on natal lagna lord mercury and 12th lord sun.

At present Israel is running vimshotari mahadasha of Rahu-Mars-Mercury from  5-10-2021 to28-11-2021 then Rahu-Mars-Venus from 21-12-2021 to 23-2-2022

Pratyaanter of mercury :This pratyaanter will not give any effect of eclipse but with the pratyaanter of venus in anter of Mars will starting from 21-12-2021 –to 28-11-2022 Pratyaanter of venus will give result of lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021.venus is posited in 12 from moon lagna and venus aspect by 6th lord Jupiter from moon lagna some tension may escalate in middle east with Palestine or may be Iran.

foundation horoscope of iran

Iran :Lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021 will occur is Taurus  sign in 11th house on natal moon lagna lord for cancer lagna for Iran .This lunar eclipse is occurring in 11th house both natal moon and lagna lord moon is not good. Iran is already sanctioned by America economically and 11th house represent gain so financial  economy of Iran will crippled like that of Pakistan and Turkey.

Mahadasha –anter—pratayaanter:Jupiter –Venus-Mercury from 4-11-2021-22-2022.anter lord Venus  in whose sign lunar eclipse is occurring on 19-11-2021 will definitely provide inauspicious result to Iran specially in regard with gain through the  sale of oil and gas. Many sanction by America may tighten in coming  time in time of sixth months  starting from 19-11-2021

foundation horoscope of Pakistan

Pakistan:Very interesting in  Pakistan horoscope this lunar eclipse has wide spectrum to cover specially 2nd house is involved in this lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021.Pakistan is already in grey list FATF. Taurus  is second house of finance will be badly afflicted in coming time by this lunar eclipse.

Running mahadasha- anter -pratyaanter Venus-Saturn-Venus from 9-12-2021 to 20-6-2022 mahadasha of Venus and Pratyaanter of Venus is starting from 9-12-2021 to 20-6-2022 very bad period for Pakistan. Pratyaanter lord venus is 2nd lord in whose sign in 2nd house this eclipse is occurring .Venus is bad Paapkatri in Sun ahead and Saturn behind What more to tell this eclipse will definitely going rewrite history of Pakistan in time to come.