BJP; Really Bhartiya Janta Ka Pyaar?

BJP; Really Bhartiya Janta Ka Pyaar?

Our dear PM Narendra Modi is leading BJP on national level .Otherwise BJP is slowing down its momentum on issue of lifting majority community or for the benefit of majority community .BJP is running in weak anter dasha of 10th lord Jupiter is mahadasha of moon. Since mahadasha lord moon is forming a Gajkesari yoga with anter lord Jupiter in 3rd and 6th house in 4th and 10th   house  in relation to each other .BJP saffron    drive  in BJP is under Yogi Aditya Nath in  UP and Himanta Vishwa Sarma in Assam is praise worthy .  

Since election of five or six states are around in corner in year 2022 .What store in future of BJP despite weak dasha of 10th lord Jupiter in mahadasha of 2nd lord moon in vimshotari dasha  in the  horoscope  of BJP has to be analyzed in coming election  in  state of UP,Punjab,Uttarakhand,Goa,Gujarat.



Bjp:BJP has Gemini lagna with lagna lord mercury is posited in ninth house of religion conjunct with ketu aspect by Saturn retro,Jupiter retro,mars  retro from third house of valor .BJP has always taken use of religion in favor to mobilize majority community in his favor. With rise of visionary PM Narendra Modi in core of BJP has given immense benefit to BJP.

Present vimshotari mahadasha of moon-jupiter from 18-3-2021-18-7-2022

Mahadasha of moon: Moon mahadasa lord is 2nd lord of maarkesh death inflicting placed in 6th house debilitated is good. The  multiple bad effect of 2nd lord of moon is cancelled by placement of moon debilitated in 6th house. Debilitated planet in sixth house is praised by Maharishi parashar.Also moon is in kemadruma yoga,no planet in 2nd and 12th from moon. This combination also cancelled by aspect of mars 11th and 6th    lord aspect moon in 6th house. Moreover combination of Gaj keasri yoga of moon with Jupiter 3rd and 6th house cancelled  the  bad effect of kemdruma yoga. So in mahadasha of moon started from 18-4-2018 BJP has rise with much force in centre and in many states under leadership of  PM Narendra Modi. Moon in d-9 navamsha chart is well placed in 10th house as 3rd lord efforts and valor aspect by 10th lord Saturn from 8th house.

Anter of Jupiter :Jupiter anter lord is 7th and 10th lord  of profession in 3rd  house of valour forming a Gajkesari yoga with mahadasha lord moon. This Jupiter is retro conjunct with retro mars and retro Saturn and Rahu aspect by lagna lord mercury is three-nine axis. Jupiter  has exchanged sign with sun 3rd lord is posited in 10th house. This exchange is good, give result with lot of efforts to BJP. Jupiter is posited in  2nd house as 8th  and 11th lord. Jupiter aspect to 10th house is good as 11th lord but as 8th lord it can give some setback in some states in coming assembly election in 2022. As 8th lord it can provide some change in state assembly  where it is weak or it may gain less seat as compared with present legislative assembly in UP,Goa,Manipur,Gujarat.

Pratyaanter of mars from 8-4-2022to6-5-2022:Mars as pratyanter  dasha lord is posited in 3rd house of valour and self efforts with two malefic rahu and retro Saturn and 10th lord Jupiter. Retro Saturn is 9th lord conjunct with 10th lord retro Jupiter and 11th lord of gain retro mars .This is great yoga for name and fame gain with self efforts due to position of mars as 6th and 11th lord. When 6th  lord a malefic lord situated  in 3rd house gives immense strength to fight in odd situation. Bjp is  going to perform the same performance in coming election in five states in 2022. Mars in navamsha in 12th house as 12th lord indicate lot expenditure  will incur on assembly election in pratyaanter of mars

Pratyaanter of Rahu 6-5-2022 to18-7-2022:Rahu pratyaanter lord is in posited in 3rd house in sign of sun .Sign depositor of Rahu is Sun is posited in 10th house of profession .Sun in 10th house is praised due to digbali position .It give strength by gain in election as sun is exchange sign with 10th lord Jupiter in 3rd house conjunct with Rahu in 3rd house of valour and self efforts. Since Rahu is conjunct with 9th lord Saturn and mars so there  will very strong polarization of votes of majority community in favour of BJP. Rahu is posited in nakshatra  magha of ketu in nakshatra gandaant. Nakshatra lord of Rahu is posited in ninth house conjunct with Mercury


Varshphal for forty second year:Bjp has entered on 6-4-2021 with Sagittarius lagna rising which is 7th house of horoscope of BJP. Lagna lord Jupiter in 3rd house is good as it will give boost to the particular year.Third house represent valour ,short travelling and self efforts. We have been watching the travelling aspect of  BJP core head duo PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah travelling all around India to estabilish BJP at the fore front ahead of all opposition parties Muntha  is placed in 12th house conjunct with ketu show trouble and  loss. Twelfth lord mars aspect muntha its lord in twelfth house. There  will lot of unrest in BJP workers and BJP core voter from top leadership  can cause some loss to BJP in some state at the time of election of 2022 of five states. But over all position of muntha is not good in the  varshphal horoscope of BJP

Superimposing  vimshotari dasha of birth chart on present varshphal. Moon –jupiter- at the time of election from 18-3-2021 to 18-7-2022

Moon mahadasha lord is 8th lord  posited in 2nd house conjunct with Saturn 2nd and 3rd lord. Moon mahadasha lord effect we have seen the loss of west Bengal election which has provide lot of depression in BJP after this loss due conjunction of Saturn with moon.

Anter dasha lord Jupiter: Jupiter in 3rd house shows lot of efforts done by BJP leader by travelling extensively in  coming election in five state  in near future in year 2022.In progression navamsha d-9 Jupiter anter lord is ninth  lord of luck posited in  7th    house  with 6th lord mercury indicate rising of communal  disharmony which will give immense benefit to BJP state like UP ruled by Yogi Adtiya Nath.

Coming varshphal of forty third year:


Coming varshphal has Pisces lagna which  is tenth house in the  horoscope of BJP the house of profession and political aspiration . This varshphla is also not so promising of BJP. Lagna lord Jupiter in 12th house conjunct with 8th lord Jupiter and 6th lord Sun in lagna shows ego clashes with 7th lord debilitated mercury is also not very promising .Muntha is 10th house is good but muntha lord Jupiter in 12th house with 8th lord venus is a kind of Vipreet Raj Yoga for BJP.So, not so smooth sailing for BJP in future in coming year