original bhrigu samithas reading-22

Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji


The native born with such planetary combinations is blessed with all auspicious signs. She must have a very soft and spongy appearance. She can arrange multiple tasks at a time .She will be very loving of her parents. She can handle household work and her official work very efficiently. She will enjoy all luxuries of life. All her wishes will be fulfilled. Whenever and wherever she will go she will be benefitted by all facilities and amenities of life. She will get results according to her Karmaas[deeds] In her life span she can face some problems or some obstacles can come in her way. These obstacles will come due  to her last birth deeds.


She was born in a Brahmin family. She was very religious and married in a very well to do family ,where she was  enjoying her life with all luxuries of life. She kept herself busy in social and charity work and helping the needy persons and spent a lot of money on religious work but suddenly she came in contact with some bad company and started wandering here and there with her friends and starting wastage of money .Her husband tried to stop him but all his efforts went in vain. Due to her behaviour her husband got very much upset and got depressed..Due to her behaviour he gave her a curse .If this native wants to do salvation of her last birth karmas she must follow the following remedy

She must pray to Lord Shiva. If she will do proper pooja then she will get all happiness in her life

She must establish photo of Lord Shiva and must chant the following Mantra 1.25 lakh times


She must feed the Brahmins and needy persons and take blessings from the Brahmins by touching their feet. She must donate bedding material like bedsheets, mattresses, pillows etc.

After doing these remedies she will be blessed with all happiness and live a prosperous life.

First and second year from birth will pass smoothly. Some common paediatric problems can occur like suddenly started crying at night

From three to five years of age the growth of native will be normal and she will be very attractive and charming during this period. Some problems can occur to old age person in the family relations. Some physical problems like toothache, acne etc. Can also occur during this period.Her parents will be happy and enjoy this period. Some increase in assets and luxuries is also indicated during this period.

From six to nine years her father will be benefited .His expenditure will also rise but on some auspicious occasion .Some happiness will also come in life.

From ten to fourteen years some physical problems like fever, stomach pain etc. Can occur but all these problems will be vanished by medicine. She will enjoy all facilities and amenities of life during this period. Her looks became attractive. All her wishes will be fulfilled.

From fifteen to  twenty years she will achieve good .Some auspicious occasion will also take place and this time will pass very smoothly and efficiently.

From twenty one to twenty six years she will be appreciated by family and relatives. She will achieve good things. Father’s expenditure will rise and gains will also rise .Families will enjoy this period as a festive period.

From twenty six to thirty years  some spiritual views  will increase in the family.Family will be more devoted towards God’s prayer and during this period if any problem or trouble comes it will be vanished by grace of God. Some differences of opinion can also disturb family members but this issue will also be resolved due to Good Karmaas[deeds] performed by the native.

From thirty one to thirty five years monetary gains are indicated .Some difference of opinion with husband can take place.but it can be resolved .Chanting of MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA  during this time will be beneficial for the couple.Donating saptaann[mixture of seven grains] will be helpful for resolving the issue. Then time will pass happily.

From thirty six to fourty years  she will enjoy this period This period is indicating a rise in fortune. All her wishes will be fulfilled. She will also visit pilgrim places.

From forty one to fifty years she  will help in husband’s work .She will achieve good name and fame in her family and relatives circle. No problems will be stable during this time and happiness and prosperity will come in house.

From fifty one to sixty years  she will be blessed with all happiness in the family .She will enjoy it with her children. She will also enjoy all luxuries like vehicles, servants etc. During this time.

After sixty one years she will get the result of his own karmas .If she continues doing charity work then her next birth will be in a very well to do and spiritual family.

She will enjoy good life span,