Farmer protest-2

Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about farmer protest it future in india” In the horoscope of Bhartvarsh[India].In  samvat 2078-2079[2021-2022]whose king name  start by alphabet “na”[PM Narendra Modi].The farmer’s protest under   political influence will remain continue upto when rahu –ketu will transit in lagna [TARSUS -SCORPIO AXIS FROM SEP-2020 TO APRIL-2022]in the  foundation horoscope of India.After this transit of Rahu-ketu in aries -libra axis on 22-3-2022 this farmer protest  will be ended  after three to four months onwards[June 2022].The prime minister had to bow down as much as  he had to bow down will not be able to bow down any more but at the  end king will win [PM Narendra Modi]


I have written an  article on farmer protest on 27-12-2020 .In which I have predicted that this farmer protest will lose its  importance But till we have rahu- ketu in one seven axis  in the  foundation horoscope of India  from 20-9-2020 to17-3-2022 this farmer protest will prevail on roads in silent  form.

But whether this farmer protest will take an ugly turn we have seen  the foundation horoscope of India concerned with  coming four sankranti in coming months  with nav samvat of 2078 and also 2079

Foundation horoscope of India


India has Taurus  lagna with Rahu-Ketu axis falling on one –seven axis.Lagna lord is venus  conjunct with four planets in 3rd house which is sun, saturn,mercury,moon.  Venus is badly sandwiched  between Sun and Saturn.

Present Vimshotari Mahadasha –Anter-Pratyaanter of moon-mercury-venus from 16-10-2021 to11-1-2022 for timing event

Mahadasha of moon :Moon mahadasha lord is 3rd lord is  conjunct with five planet in 3rd house ,Venus  6th lord of agitation, law passed by PM Narendra Modi government for  farmer betterment ,Sun 4th lord represent agriculture land and ,Saturn 10th lord represent government  and anter lord mercury is 5th lord represent public sensitivity regards with agriculture bill which give rise to this agitation of farmer against central government legalisation which is called as three  farmer bill. This farmer bill has been repealed by PM Narendra Modi government  in ongoing  parliament session .But still farmer representative body is not ready to withdraw agitation on the name of so called farmer agitation on border of Delhi. Moon in d-9 navamsha is conjunct with  ketu in 6th house of agitation .Ketu represent Sikh community and we have seen maximum representation of Sikh community in this farmer protest.

Anter of mercury: Mercury anter  lord has been started from 5-7-2021 to4-12-2022.Mercury is posited in nakshatra  pushya  of Saturn which represent masses and mercury is conjunct with   four planets venus,lagna and 6th lord,Sun 4th  lord, Saturn 9th  and 10th lord, moon 3rd lord. In this planetary conjunction there is planetary war in which venus emerges most strength full due obtaining 1.34 Shadbala according to parashar light 9.Due to  this strength of Shadbal venus will give more result of 6th house due to mooltrikona sign libra which is the house of agitation[farmer protest] and law passed by parliament on farmer law. Venus pratyaanter is running at present .Mercury is also  3rd and 12th lord from moon lagna.Twelfth house is foreign element which shows foreign connection in this running present farmer protest. Mercury is posited in 9th house in navamsha d-9 aspect by Jupiter form 3rd house. Mercury as 4th lord clearly shows problem related with farmer or agriculture land .Mercury position in d-30 trimshamsha is worth noting .Mercury is in debilitation conjunct with ketu shows agitation by farmer specially by Sikh community which represented by ketu clearly shows that this protest will not end till mercury anter in present in mahadasha of moon. Saturn as 6th lord of fight agitation in  d-30 aspect this mercury anter lord and ketu ,conjunct with mercury.    

Present  pratyaanter of venus from 16-10-2021 to11-1-2022

In this pratyaanter of venus is lagna and 6th lord in paapkatari between Sun and Saturn in 3rd house conjunct with moon and mercury anter lord. Since in this pratyaanter of venus three farmer bill and had been repealed by PM Narendera Modi government and taken back by legalisation in parliament will not solve the propose of agitation going around border of delhi. But it will loose its importance by the progressing of time and take ugly shape when mars will enter in transit Capricorn on 26-2-2022 at 15:49 hrs and will conjunct transit Saturn in 9th house in  the foundation horoscope of India

Pratyanter of sun 11-1-2022 to5-2-2022:Sun pratyaanter  lord is 4th lord of agriculture land is conjunct with 6th lord venus which govern  farmer bill passed by parliament and even taken on the date today in parliament on 29-11-2021.Sun is 6th lord of navamsha d-9 posited in lagna aspect by mars planet of violence the zeal and zest of so called farmer protest will not slow down as real motive of this agitation is to disrupt   the normal working of  PM Narendra modi government at centre.

Partyaanter of moon from 5-2-2022 to21-3-2022 :Moon prtyaanter lord will reach in mid of march -2022 when state assembly election of 2022 will at its peak. Moon is 3rd lord of foundation horoscope of india. Moon prtyaanter clearly shows involvement of anti national forces from  cross border as 3rd lord conjunct with four planet in third house of border countries like Pakistan and china who are sharing boundaries with india. Moon pratyaanater lord  in d-9 navamsha is in 6th house conjunct with ketu which represent Sikh community which has maximum participating in this farmer agitation movement .in this pratyaanter of moon there  will be disturbances in Punjab.

Pratyaanter of mars  from 21-3-2022 to21-4-2022

Mars pratyaanter dasha lord is 7th and 12th lord placed in 2nd house of finance .Since mars is karka of violence and its aspect on 5th house of public emotion will create unrest in so called kisaan or farmer protesting at border. This is last pratyanater upto which this farmer protest will reach because Rahu-ketu axis in transit will change sign in one seven  to six –twelfth  axis [FROM TAURUS  -SCORPIO AXIS TO ARIES-LIBRA AXIS ]in the  foundation horoscope of India in the month of march  2022.

Another way to see the strength of farmer protest from Sun entry into sign which is called as  sankranti .At present Sagittarius ,Capricorn ,Aquarius ,pisces  sankranti which will reach upto months of march 2022.


Sagittarius sankranti: Sun will enter Sagittarius sign of Jupiter on 16-12-2021 at3-45hrs Delhi.with libra sign is rising which sixth house of foundation horoscope of India and rising Samvat 2078 which started 12-4-2021 at 8:00:42hrs Delhi. Lagna lord  Venus is placed in 4th house with 4th lord Saturn shows close watch of PM Narendra modi government over this issue. Fourth  house represent agriculture land and farmer agitation and agriculture ministry .Not much affliction is showing negative effect of farmer protest  effect in this Sagittarius sankranti


Capricorn sankranti: Capricorn sankranti  is afflicted due to position of Rahu-ketu in one-seven axis and aspect of mars on lagna  afflicting lagna. Position of exalted moon is not giving any relief. Fourth house has aspect of eighth lord Jupiter is not good .But  being benefic it will create much problem in farmer protest. Fourth lord Sun is conjunct with mercury  with Saturn and mercury in ninth house is good, not much aggression will be shown by farmer organization in this sankranti.


Aquarius  sankranti: In Aquarius sankranti has Sagittarius lagna again 8th house of foundation horoscope of India and Samvat 2078.Lagna lord Jupiter is conjunct with Sun in  3rd house. See affliction to 4th house and 4th lord Jupiter. Fourth lord Jupiter in 3rd house 12th house from 4th house which represent farmer and agriculture land. Fourth house has aspect of Saturn from 2nd house and mars from lagna.This affliction will lead some violence in farmer protest in this sankranti.


Pisces sankranti: Pisces  sankranti has Scorpio lagna in this sankranti both luminaries are afflicted .Eight lord mercury in placed in this house conjunct with Jupiter. Fourth lord Saturn in 3rd house 12th house from 4th house its own sign Aquarius. Fourth lord Saturn is conjunct with 6th lord mars and 12th lord venus Is not good indication for so called agitation against PM Narendra  Modi government.

TRANSIT[ON FOUNDATION HOROSCOPE OF INDIA]:Saturn  in transit in Capricorn in 9th house in the  foundation horoscope of India aspect 6th and natal Jupiter 8th lord.

Jupiter in aquarius  aspect natal 6th and natal Jupiter -8th lord .both are not good house.

6th house represent agitation on farmer bill by farmer organization