Omicron covid-19 new variant will it be cause of third wave in India

Omicron covid-19 new variant will it be cause of third wave in India

Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about covid-19 pandemic :this pandemic will spread within one and half months from today[9-12-2021] and there will be complete lockdown in India from two to two and half months. This third wave of covid -19 will be more powerful than previous two waves of covid pandemic.It will create problem and pain to people of india. This covid pandemic will slow down when Jupiter will transit Gemini sign 14-5-2025 .When it will enter cancer sign on 2-6-2026 this pandemic covid -19 will fully vanish from world


Omicron new variant of  covid-19 family is spreading fast all over the  world .In india it has  penetrated through foreigner coming from African and European countries .I have written two articles  in this regards with spread of covid-19 again in India and Britain .In which first article  was  written on DELTA PLUS VARIANT OF COVID-19 THIRD LOCK-DOWN IN INDIA IN 2021?on 11-7-2021 in which I have given hint about spread of third wave in India due to delta variant. But now new mutated more fatal virus named by omicron has start spreading all over  the world .Now it has entered in  India and two suspect has  been traced in India till date [3-12-2021].Another article I have written on 18-8-2021 with title “ Different variant of covid and its impact on Great Britain in 2021in which  predicted through Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which I have given possible time of outbreak of covid -19 wave in all over the  world specially in  Britain .In this article  I have written possible timing for outbreak of this pandemic– [starting from today 18-8-2021this disease will spread three to four months onwards[ which comes December 2021]——-“actual predication [We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about covid condition in England. The country named by ‘E’ alphabet ruled by malechha . This country is suffering from  this[disease] disturbance from last one and half year .This disease will be completely cured after two and half to three years. Starting from today[18-8-2021] this disease will  again spread after three  to four months  .Its public will suffer from physical and mental pain from this disease.].

In nutshell what store in future of India about the start of third wave . we have to see  the samvat 2078 and samvat 2079 with  present varshphal in the  foundation horoscope of India 

Seventy fifth  year for running varshphal in the  foundation horoscope of India:India is running seventy fifth  year in present varshphal in which Aries lagna is rising with lagna lord mars conjunct with mercury.

Seventy fifth year varshphal in foundation horoscope of India

Salient feature of seventy fifth  year varshphal

1]Aries lagna rising which is twelfth house of foundation of India .Twelfth house represent hospital and also rising  expenditure  which India is going to incur in coming time in maintaining infrastructure  of hospital and facilities of controlling covid -19 on large scale .Twelfth house also represent lockdown.

2]Lagna lord mars conjunct with 3rd and 6th lord mercury.[3rd house represent communicable disease like covid-19 and 6th house represent disease in general]

3]Muntha is posited in 4th house afflicted in Sun -Saturn opposition.

4]Muntha lord is moon  as a luminary afflicted by malefic Saturn.

5] Rising NAVAMSHA D-9 progression is libra in which lagna lord Venus is afflicted by aspect of Saturn and mars. Moon is also afflicted by aspect of Saturn and mars. Moon as 10th lord shows heavy pressure on government at the  time  of third wave of covid which will definitely going to occur in future.

6]In d-9 navamsha progression venus lagna lord is aspect by retro Jupiter as 6th lord is not a good indication with regards with coming third wave of omicron wave of covid -19

7] Muntha is conjuct with 12th lord mercury in navamsha d-9 progression ,aspect of 6th lord Jupiter is also not good.Both are lord of two bad houses 6th and 12th house.

Appliying vimshotari mahadasha on birth chart of foundation horoscope of India on present varshphal for timing  third wave of covid-19 by omicron variant in India.


Moon-Mercury-Venus from 16-10-2021 to11-1-2022

Moon Mahadasha :Moon Mahadasha lord is 4th lord posited in 7th house aspect by malefic Saturn shows disturbed public sensitivity due to  covid-19 omicron variant in time to come in form of third wave in India. Moon is karka for sensitivity which shows public sensitivity in form of panic at the time of third wave in India in time to come. Note affliction to moon in birth chart of varshphal by Saturn and again in d-9 progression navamsha  of seventy fifth year varshphal in 5th house conjunct with venus ,aspect by Saturn and mars.

Anter of mercury:Mercury anter lord is 3rd and 6th lord  of seventy fifth  year varshphal. Third house represent communicable disease covid-19 and 6th house represent disease in general. Here mercury is conjunct  with lagna lord and 8th lord mars in 5th house. Jupiter retro 9th and 12th lord also aspect this combination. This is  combination of disease mercury as 6th  lord and mars as 8th lord of mass tragedy and Jupiter as 12th lord of hospital is forming in anter lord mercury in seventy fifth  year varshphal. Mercury in d-9 navamsha  is forming the same combination. Mercury is 12th aspect by Saturn from 8th house and Jupiter as 3rd and 6th lord aspect anter lord mercury in 10th house. Anter lord mercury give clear indication the of third wave with spread of omicron  variant all over India.

Present running  pratyaanter of venus from 16-10-2021 to11-1-2022:Venus as pratyanter lord is 2nd and 7th lord debilitated in 6th house of disease .Since venus is markesh [lord  of bad house 2nd  and 7th in present varshphal fo seventy five year. Moreover its placement in 6th house of disease will be responsible for starting of third wave of covid -19 through omicron variant in India .Venus is lagna and  8th lord of d-9 navamsha of progression varshphal. Note affliction to venus by mars and Saturn two hardcore malefic will be responsible for starting of third wave of covid-19.

Next pratyanater of Sun  from11-1-2022  to5-2-2002:Sun is 5th lord conjunct with muntha in 4th house in cancer sign of moon .Saturn 10and 11th lord is afflicting this natal sun Sun in progression d-9 navamsha is in 6th house of disease aspect by 6th lord Jupiter giving full indication of spread of covid-19 in form of omicron variant.

Pratyanter of moon from 5-2-2022 to21-3-2022:Moon is 4th lord seventy fifth  year varshphal. Moon is placed in 7th house aspect by 12th Jupiter retro which represent lockdown which will be introduced with start of pratyaanter  of moon in India.


Tripataki chakra:In tripataki chakra Sun,Moon ,Ketu, Saturn ,Venus all are conjunct in Virgo sign which is 6th house of running varshphal which is represent by disease covid-19. Mars also cause veda to virgo sign from leo sign. So mahadasha lord moon,anter lord mercury,pratyaanter lord venus,sun,moon mars all are afflicted in time to come.


Vikrami samvat 2078: Present running vikrami samvat  is 2078 which started on 12-4-2021 at8:00:42 hrs Delhi. Samvat 2078 is badly afflicted due to placement of lagna lord in 12th house and exchange of 12th lord  mars with lagna lord venus is not good .Two hard core malefic are conjunct in lagna which is Rahu and Mars two hard core malefic is not good. Both luminary Sun and moon are also afflicted

Running prtyaanter of venus from8-10-2021 to20-3-2022:We are not taking mahadasha and anter in running samvat 2078  . Only pratyaanter of venus is taken into account  in vimshotari  dasha scheme in considering samvat [hindu new year]result. Pratyaanter of venus is samvat 2078 is lagna and 6th lord .Venus as 6th lord placed in 12th house of hospital and also foreign connection.[covid -19 as omicron variant is also comes foreign countries].As 6th lord disease in 12th house which represent lockdown in India will starts before the ending of venus pratyaanter in samvat 2078 horoscope.


Samvat 2079:In samvat 2079 lagna lord mercury is posited in 10th house conjunct with 2nd lord moon and 3rd lord sun which represent communicable disease like covid-19. Here running pratyaanter is again venus which is running at start of samvat 2022.Venus is 5th and 12th lord in 9th house shows slowing down of covid at that time due its conjunction of dev guru Jupiter .

Coming pratyaanter of sun from 8-4-2022 to22-5-2022

Sun is 6th lord from  moon lagna in samvat 2079  but posited in 9th house conjuct with moon and aspect by twelfth lord Jupiter in navamsha d-9 shows lokdown in many state in india.

TRANIST: Saturn in Capricorn aspect sixth house in foundation horoscope of India

Jupiter in transit in Aquarius aspect sixth libra in foundation horoscope of india.

Sixth house represent disease