Will Tension Between Russia and Ukraine   Will Diffuse In Coming Time.

Will Tension Between Russia and Ukraine   Will Diffuse In Coming Time.  

On Tuesday 7-12-2021  Joe Biden and  Vladimir Putin held a talk to diffuse Russia Ukraine tension .But Russia was firm on its stand before talk should progress that Ukraine should not  be include as NATO military alliance ,but this talk on issue of Ukraine failed.

What Ukraine has to say over this Issue ?

Ukrainian officials say Russia may launch an attack next month [January 2022]. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov said the estimated number of Russian troops near Ukraine and Crimea was 94,300 and warned that war could erupt in January.

But what stars has to say about possible outcome of Russia –Ukraine conflict has to be analyzed from the  horoscope of Ukraine and Russia plus president Vladmir putin the most important factor which will decide the course of Ukraine –Russia conflict

Foundation horoscope of Ukraine:

foundation horoscope of Ukraine

Ukraine was formed on 24-8-1991,18 hrs kiev Ukraine. With Capricorn lagna rising Saturn retro posited in lagna shows confidence of Ukraine backed by NATO countries  to stand against Russia.

Vimshotari Mahadasha for timing event. Jupiter-Venus-Sun:from 23-11-2021 to11-11-1-2022

Mahadasha of Jupiter

Jupiter mahadasha lord is 3rd and 12th lord posited in 8th house conjunct with Sun,Venus retro,Mer retro. Sun 8th  lord and Mercury retro 6th lord shows impulse of Russia to capture Ukraine by force but presence of benefic in eighth    house and presence of lagna lord retro Saturn in lagna shows strong resistance  against Russia by Ukraine backed by America  and NATTO allied forces which represent by 12th Jupiter conjuration with Sun,Mercury,Venus in 8th house. Twelfth house represent foreign help by Jupiter in the eighth  house of secrecy by NATO  forces. America  is providing every help to Ukraine to show resistance to Russia aggression to occupy Ukraine .Jupiter in navamsha d-9 aspect by Mars from shows some sharp steps taken by Ukraine to deploy its military at border against Russia.

Anter of venus :Venus retro  is anter of  5th and 10th lord  [represent government of Ukraine]in 8th house conjunct with Sun 8th lord [secrecy],mercury as 6th lord [represent fight],Jupiter as 12th lord shows foreign help by NATO secretly] will prevent this war by Russia against resistance shown by Ukraine at present.

Sun Pratyanter: Sun pratyaanter lord is 8th conjunct with Venus ,Jupiter,mercury is good in perverting war at present .Sun in d-9 navamsha is in 3rd house of neighbor countries shows aggression of Russia in its  prtyanter. Since sun is not aspect by mars so violence is not possible at present in  anter Venus.

Moon pratyaanter from 11-2-2022 to 2-4-2022: This pratyaanter lord is not good for Ukraine .Moon is conjunct with Saturn retro lagna lord shows depression or suppression against Russia or in other words  fear of aggression by Russia on Ukraine .Moon pratyaanter lord is posited in 6th house in d-9 navamsha aspect by Saturn 10th and 11th lord from 12th house  as 11th [foreign connection].but moon as 4th lord in 6th house clearly shows danger of war  looming at border of Ukraine .But war will not tale place between Russia and Ukraine and Russia do to  helpful anter of Venus Yogkarka for Capricorn lagna for Ukraine.

varshphal for thirty first year

Present Varshphal Of Thirty First year: With Libra lagna rising with lagna lord in twelfth house in debilitation  clearly shows panic in Ukraine against Russia aggression. but lagna lord in 12th house shows foreign help in the  form of America and NATO forces. Lagna is aspect by yogkarka retro Saturn is good sign .Muntha is also aspect by Saturn retro 4th and 5th lord. Muntha lord moon is 6th house aspect by Saturn shows preparation of war   but aspect of Saturn on moon and muntha  shows uncertainty in the  public of Ukraine against  mounting pressure of Russia on Ukraine.

Superimposing Vimshotari Dasha Of Birth Chart On Varshphal Of Thirty First Year.

Jupiter –Venus – from 14-6-2021 to 13-2-2024

Jupiter Mahadasha lord is posited in 5th house as 3rd [neighbor country Russia]and 6th [fight]lord  aspect by Mercury ,Mars,Sun .since .Mars is karka of violence  and Sun is 11th lord of gain and Mercury as 9th and 12th lord .Clearly shows Russia war aggression against Ukraine in Mahadasha of Jupiter .Jupiter in navamsha d-9 is in 12th house conjunct with lagna and 6th lord mars [arms and ammunition  ]also shows full military support of America and  to counter Russia aggression.

Venus Anter:Venus is 7th and 12th lord conjunct with 3rd and 4th lord Saturn .Venus as 12th lord aspect to lagna clearly shows the support of western countries to Ukraine to protect integrity  of land [Saturn as 4th  lord ]from neighbor country Russia [Saturn as 3rd lord].

foundation horoscope of russia

Russia:Russia is ruled by Virgo lagna and lagna lord mercury is posited in 9th  house conjunct with 12th shows Sun.The latest lunar eclipse has occurred on 19-11-2021 on Taurus  sign on the lagna lord mercury and 12th Sun in 9th house indicate the fear of Russia against western countries specially Ukraine joining NATO forces .NATO  in turn will establish its base in  Ukraine just on border of Russia had instigated Russia to show its aggression against Ukraine.

Vimshotari Mahadasha running at present for timing event .Rahu-Moon-Rahu from 12-10-2021 to2-1-2022

Rahu  mahadasha lord:Rahu mahadasha lord is posited in 5th house in Capricorn with Moon 11th lord and 5th and 6th lord Saturn .Rahu sign lord Saturn is 6th lord also which represent war and fight .Saturn is retro also which  is providing unnecessary fear [due to moon karka of mind and suspicious    due conjunction of Rahu with Saturn  with Moon] in mind of Russia against Ukraine .Rahu Mahadasha lord again in Navamsha d-9 is in 5th house aspect mars 4th and 11th in rahu- ketu axis afflicted shows war ambitious of Russia against Ukraine .Due to this fear of Rahu which poisoning  the mind in horoscope of Russia against  Ukraine, due to which  Russia has deployed heavy military on border of  Ukraine.

Anter lord Moon:Moon anter lord is 11th lord of gain is conjunct with Saturn 5th and 6th lord and Rahu in 5th house of mind .When ever Rahu and Saturn conjunct with moon in 5th house it will eclipse the vision or mind of native or country in whose horoscope it is posited in 5th house .Since Saturn is 6th lord of war so conjunct with moon 11th lord of gain which adding adrenaline in blood of Russian to shows their muscle power against Ukraine .Moon in navamsha d-9 chart as anter lord is posited in 4th house as 7th lord with 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter showing their wish to occupy Ukraine  with military  power but since Jupiter natural karka Tatva is not to promote war but shows only impulse of war due to  its lordship of bad houses.

Rahu pratyaanter lord same as Mahadasha lord

Next pratyaanter of Jupiter from 2-1-2022 to17-3-2022:Jupiter is 4th and 7th lord for Virgo lagna. Jupiter is posited in 10th house aspect by 8th lord mars shows full border tension between Ukraine and Russia but war will not take place only heavy deployment of military force will be mount up at border of Ukraine  and Russia in pratyaanter of Jupiter. Jupiter in navamsha d-9 chart  is 3rd and  12th lord posited in 4th house conjunct with moon 7th lord every planet in this combination is promoting war apatite of Russia  against Ukraine .But war will not take place if it happen it will lead of nuclear war between NATO and Russia on the annexure of land of  Ukraine by Russia .But a little war like condition will take place in anter of mars in mahadasha of Rahu in the  horoscope of Russia in coming time 26-2023 to13-2-2024

  Transit in the  Horoscope of Russia

Saturn    transit in Capricorn   5th  house aspect 7th house Pisces sign

Jupiter in 6th house in Aquarius aspect 10th house and 7th lord Jupiter in 10th house

Seventh house and seventh lord Jupiter in 10th house by transit Saturn and Jupiter which indicate opposition of Russia specially by  Ukraine backed by America and NATO forces.

President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin: President Vladimir Putin   of Russia on whose will this standoff between Russia and Ukraine will diffuse or convert into war. Vladimir Putin has Scorpio lagna with lagna lord mars posited in 2nd house.

Present vimshotari mahadasha and anter,prtyaanter is running is of

Mercury-Mercury-Sun from13-11-2021 to27-12-2021

Mercury Mahadasha lord is   8th and 11th lord posited in 12th house with 7th and 12th lord Venus .Mercury also aspect by 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter from 6th  house of war. Mercury mahadasha lord will never provoke Vladimir Putin to start war against Ukraine .Since mercury nakshatra is Chitra whose lord is mars karka for violence is well aspect by Jupiter from 6th house .Mercury is posited in 8th house navamsha d-9 chart as 4th and 7th lord aspect by another benefic moon 5th lord of navamsha d-9 chart which never  instigate Putin to start full fledged  war against Ukraine backed by America and NATO alliance.

Anter of Mercury:same as Mahadasha lord

Pratyaanter Dasha of Sun: Sun pratyaanter lord in 10th lord In the   horoscope of Vladimir Putin badly afflicted by conjunction with 3rd and 4th lord Saturn .This small pratyaanter which will finish on 27-12-2021 which is not long to excite Putin  to rage a war against  Ukraine.

Pratyanater of Moon from 27-12-2021 to10-3-2022

Next pratyanter will of moon after Sun is Mercury  which will start on 27-12-2021.Moon is exalted but a lunar eclipse 19-11-2021  has occurred on natal moon of Putin may excite Putin to shows more aggression against Ukraine but moon is well placed in both birth chart and navasmha D-9 chart .In navamsha chart it is placed in 2nd house aspect by natal mercury 4th and 7th will prevent  the condition of war  in this pratyaanter of moon.


Saturn in Capricorn on natal Rahu but aspect Mercury and Venus and 12th house. 

Jupiter in aquarius in transit in 4th house aspect natal 12th house  Mahadasha and anter lord mercury and 12th lord venus                                                    

Putin 12th house is active which shows loss to putin in this exercise against  Ukraine