Amit Shah The  Sardar Vallabh  Bhai Patel Of BJP

Amit Shah The  Sardar Vallabh  Bhai Patel Of BJP

[Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about  HM AMIT SHAH IN Bharatvarsh [India] king ruling with alphabet  named with “N”[Prime Minister Narendra Modi] has his most reliable partner named by alphabet “A”[Home Minster  Amit Shah] .He  has most crucial time in samvat 2078-2079[2021-2022] to make PM Narendra Modi win in next coming state election in 2022 in five states .His coming two and half year  starting from today 9-2-2022 are very difficult.He will pass the tough time in which he will emerge as successful.He will handle most impossible task of pm Narendra Modi on the road of success.


Amit Shah the  Sardar Vallabh  Bhai Patel of BJP is again ready for nation wide election campaign for 2022 state assembly election to held in state of UP,Goa ,Uttarakhand,Punjab,Manipur whose election is due in second quarter of 2022.Amit shah has worked very hard in last assembly election of west Bengal with PM Narendra Modi, but was not able to convert their hard work in victory .Amit shah’s  contribution  in BJP combined with PM Narendra modi is very important in time to come .The  important reason why the hard work of  Amit Shah gone waste in last assembly election in state of west Bengal  was  start of vimshotari mahadasha of Rahu –Mars from 4-11-2020 to22-11-2021. This mahadasha was at the dead  end at the time of west Bengal assembly election with start of Jupiter Mahadasha on 22-11-2021

Now Amit Shah is in mission mode to make BJP win  in  state assembly election in 2022.What his horoscope foretell about his mission mode to PM Narendra Modi and BJP in its way ahead to make India a real super power?.


Amit shah was born on  22-10-1964 5:24 hrs in Bombay, Maharashtra. With Virgo lagna rising with lagna lord  mercury in second house with tenth house with Gemini sign rising as navamsha is good indication of true partner of PM Narendra modi. Amit shah lagna lord mercury in posited in 2nd house with 12th lord debilitated Sun in libra sign aspect by debilitated mars 3rd and 8th lord from 11th house of gain. Too  much influence of debilitated planet on lagna lord shows guts and shrewd policy maker in home minister .Aspect of debilitated  mars from 11th as 3rd lord shows efforts to implement policy of PM Narendera modi silently and secretly  due to 8th house lord ship successfully due to its aspect to lagna lord mercury from house of gain.

Rising  navamsha  is Gemini another sign of mercury .Lagna lord mercury in 7th house in navamsha chart  shows self centered person but aspect of mars as 6th and 11th house shows trouble through his enemy in his profession and they can  also harm him .But due 11th lord lordship he will win over these enemies…Position of malefic in 6th house retro Saturn and Sun will shows win over enemy in NAVAMSHA D-9 CHART.

Present running mahadasa of Jupiter –jupiter and Saturn   from 6-3-2022 to7-7-2022 for timing how he will help PM Narendra Modi to establish supremacy against his enemy in this coming state assembly election in second quarter of 2022.


Jupiter Mahadasa :Jupiter is retro 4th and 7th lord posited in 9th house  of Dharma or Religion has lot to indicate for his future. As 4th lord it will give long lasting home ministry  in PM Narendra modi cabinet. Fourth house in the horoscope of native  and  nation represent Home Minister Ship. It is long mahadasha of 16 years in ninth house of religion shows PM Narendra Modi mission to make India a land of Sanatan Dharma.Nation ruled by majority community in future, Jupiter is dev guru in ninth house of religion indicate what ever law passed by PM Narendra Modi Government like CAA.NRC. uniform civil code to help majority community will be well implemented by Home Minister Amit Shah in near future. Since Jupiter is also represent 7th house which shows opposition in retro Jupiter he will get lot of obstacles in implementing these laws in India  as Home Minister of India . But one important point to noted is that Jupiter in 9th give divine help of God to implement these moves of PM Narendra Modi. Jupiter is 10th  lord of navamsha d-9 chart posited in 8th house of secrecy aspect by 8th and 9th lord Saturn from 6th house. Full meaning of this combination in navamsha chart., divine work of God to be implemented secretly in 8th house .Mostly these work will have religious in back ground due to aspect of 9th lord retro Saturn from 6th house on  natal Jupiter 10th  lord. Since Jupiter is aspect by Saturn from 6th house so lot of dispute will occur in coming time.

Jupiter  Mahadasha lord impact on coming election of five state assembly election in  second quarter of 2022.jupiter will definitely help Home Minister Amit Shah due  to its lord as 4th and 7th lord posited in 9th house of luck .Jupiter is well placed in d=10 dashmansha chart as 3rd and 6th lord conjunct with benefic 9th and 12th lord mercury aspect to 10th  of profession of Home Minister Amit Shah.

From Moon lagna :Jupiter Mahadasha lord in 9th lord of luck posited in 2nd house of moon aspect to 10th house of profession in moon chart of Home Minister  Amit Shah. What ever Home Minister  has suffered in the  battle of West Bengal assembly election will compensated by this running mahadasha of Jupiter in coming assembly election of five sate in 2022.Amit shah hard work definitely be rewarding by good performance for  BJP in coming election at least winning of four states out of these  five states uttarakhand is doubt full about falling in bag of BJP.

Anter of Jupiter :Same Anaylsis As Mahadasha lord.

Coming pratyaanter of  Saturn from 6-3-2022 to7-7-2022:Saturn running pratyaanter 5th and 6th lord posited in own mooltrikona sign Aquarius in 6th house .Saturn in sixth that too retro will create enemy and then defeat them one by one. Mars 3rd and 8th lord also aspect  running pratyaanter lord Saturn at the time of election. Mars is 3rd lord which represent lot of travelling at the time of election .Saturn is posited in navamsha d-9 as 9th lord conjunct with 3rd lord sun in 6th house fight and enemy. Sun as 3rd lord represent lot of hard work by short travelling all over India. Since Saturn is ninth lord of luck conjunct with  venus also 5th and 12th lord .Some  short spell of bad health  may occur at that time.In d-10 dashmansha Saturn is 4th and 5th lord retro in 6th house of enemy aspect by 10th lord  moon from 12th house. This is  Sookashma Raj Yoga of d-10 in which Yogkarka Saturn of d-10 is aspect  by Moon 10th lord of d-10.Mars as 2nd and 7th lord of d-10 aspect natal pratyaanter lord Saturn in 6th house shows hectic routine of election starting in second quarter of 2022.But hard work done by Amit Shah at this time will definitely going to help BJP in coming election.


[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

Sudershan chakra:fifty eighth year

From lagna:From lagna progression of Sudershna Chakra will reach to fifty eighth  year in  which 10th house of horoscope from lagna. Tenth house contain Rahu in Gemini sign and its lord Mercury is posited in 2nd with 12th sun and aspect by 3rd and 8th lord mars from 11th house. Since there are number of malefic  planets like mercury 10th lord is afflicting it.. Aspect of mars and conjunction of mercury with Sun shows change in career, Some down fall and difficulty may be experienced by Amit Shah in this running 58th year in progression. Aspect of 8th lord mars on mercury shows carrying out of mission of election campaign will be secretly with PM Narendra Modi. His enemy will try no stone to malice his image in public. As 3rd lord aspect of mars on mercury will involve lot of short travelling for election campaign in five states in coming time in year 2022.But presence of Rahu and aspect of Mars on Mercury and conjunction of Sun with mercury shows  the election result will not be as per expectations if four sate except UP which will handled easily by CM yogi Adtiya nath to be win by BJP. Tenth lord from Gemini lagna progression year fifty eighth year clearly shows obstacles and trouble in karma..Tenth lord from Gemini  lagna in Jupiter is posited in 12th from Gemini lagna.

From moon lagna :From moon lagna fifty eighth year  comes to tenth house which  contains  Capricorn sign which is aspect by debilitated mars as lagna lord of moon sign and 8th lord from moon lagna . Jupiter also aspect 10th house from moon lagna. Tenth lord from moon lagna is Saturn which retro posited in 11th house of gain. Two positive aspect are there  Saturn  as10th lord posited in 11th give gain and aspect of Jupiter benefic on 10th from moon lagan remove negative effect of mars on tenth house. But picture is not so positive in Sudershan Chakra for running tenth house in fifty eighth  year.

From Sun Lagna: From Sun lagna progression reaches to fifty eighth  year reaches to tenth house which contain cancer sign.tenth lord from Sun is Moon which has exchanged house with mars 7th lord from Sun lagna . Sun is debilitated  aspect moon tenth from Sun lagna .Moon Is also come under  aspect by Saturn  ,Sun,Mercury .So moon is also afflicted which will lead to obstacles in attaining positive result for BJP in coming election as for as Amit Shah’s  horoscope is concerned.

So as for sudershan chakra Amit Shah’s  horoscope is giving hard trend for participating in coming state election for 2022 and to make BJP win in all states.

Transit of Saturn  and Jupiter at the time of election in 2022 in the  horoscope of Amit Shah. In Ashtakvarga and Binastakvarga chart  we are taking mahadasha lord , anter  lord at roughly running at the  time of election,Jupiter-jupiter-



Binastakvarga of Mahadasha lord Jupiter:

Saturn  will running in Capricorn upto 29-4-2022 in Capricorn with 6 benefic points in fifth house in binnastakvarga of Jupiter. Six points are above average .Saturn will reenter sixth house in Aquarius sign in transit with 5 benefic points which will provide difficult result to Home Minister Amit Shah .benefic points in binnastakvarga provide negative result .it will increase problem and trouble from enemy.

Jupiter in transit will remain Aquarius in sixth house on natal Saturn and sixth house contain 5 point in binnastarvarga .Jupiter in transit will provide negative result to Amit Shah due to more benefic points in binnastarvarga which will provide more enemy and less success. Jupiter will reenter Pisces in binnastakrvarga contain 3 points which is less than  4 below average if in Kendra and trikona there are more than average points then Jupiter will give better result in transit.

Ashtakvarga of Home Minister  Amit Shah


Transit of saturn

1]Capricorn  got 21 points benefice points in 5th house in which it will transit in 29-4-2022 .

2]Aquarius contain 34 benefic points and Saturn will transit this sign after 29-4-2022 .This transit will give Amit Shah more hard efforts and less result.

Transit of Jupiter

1] Aquarius  contain 34 points and Jupiter in transit will give more efforts and less result to HM Amit Shah.

2]Pisces contain  27 less than average points also a Kendra .Jupiter in Pisces will give mixed results .

Bhrigu transit

Saturn  karka for karma or profession in the  horoscope of Amit Shah is in transit in 5th house in Capricorn  sign aspect by natal mars and Jupiter .Natal mars is 3rd and 8th lord show changes and uncertainties, and obstacles which is represent by 8th house and 3rd house represent short travel  in coming times for election campaign .Transit  natal depositor natal Saturn is posited in 6th house in Aquarius sign shows enemy .Saturn in 6th will create enemy first and then destroy them later. Natal mars aspect natal Saturn in 6th house shows ditch by secret enemy in time to come at the time of state election.

Jupiter karka for soul is in transit is in 6th house in Aquarius sign over natal Saturn which is 5th and 6th lord in 6th house aspect by mars 3rd and 6th lord. Transit Jupiter in 6th house over 6th lord Saturn will create enemy for him and aspect of 3rd mars from 11th house very hard routine in future .Saturn in 6th  house will destroy his enemy but lot of  hurdles will come in coming time.