Akhilesh Yadav political future in  Coming Election in Uttar Pradesh in 2022

Akhilesh Yadav political future in  Coming Election in Uttar Pradesh in 2022

Akhilesh yadav is facing some obstacle in his political future in Uttar Pardesh in coming election in 2022.Akhilesh  Yadav was born on 1-7-1973 ,Etawah ,Uttar Pradesh .Since his time is not confirmed so we will take help of Bhrigu progression of Jupiter and Saturn to access his political future in Uttar Pradesh .

[JUPITER AND SATRUN LAGNA PROGRESSION WORKS in very simple manner. First year represent fist house where Saturn and Jupiter are placed in a horoscope ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

Progression of Saturn and Jupiter lagna
jupiter lagna chart

Progression of Jupiter :When time of birth is not confirmed we can take help of progression of Jeev Jupiter.In  the horoscope of Shri Akhilesh yadav Jupiter is in Capricorn sign ,So progression will start from Capricorn sign .In this progression he is running in  forty ninth year. Forty ninth year  in Jupiter progression reaches  to Jupiter lagna.  Jupiter is posited in Capricorn sign and this sign will be forty ninth year in progression. Since Jupiter is retro ,12th lord from itself aspect to 10th   lord venus and 9th mercury shows change in profession .Forty ninth year lord   is Saturn  posited in 6th house conjunct  with three planets Sun,Moon,Ketu.Here forty ninth year lord Saturn is also aspect by mars afflicting it. Saturn 49th yr lord is conjunct with 8th lord Sun and aspect of Mars on it and one more malefic ketu also conjunct with Saturn making fifth for Akhilesh  Yadav very difficult .Since bad house influence are conjunct in this progression of 49th year like Jupiter 12th lord ,Saturn 49th lord in 6th house ,conjunct with 8th lord Sun makes fight for Akhilesh Yadav to win UP election in 2022 very difficult .[In other words very less chances for win ]   

saturn lagna

Progression of Saturn :Saturn is posited in Gemini sign .Sign  lord of Saturn is Mercury posited in 2nd house conjunct with 5th and 12th lord Venus. In progression from Saturn 49th year reaches to Saturn lagna .In Saturn  lagna there  is planetary war is going on with Sun worst enemy of Saturn with another enemy of Saturn is mars is aspect to this combination .Ketu and moon also conjunct with this combination in 49th year. Tenth house from Gemini sign has got Pisces sign with 10th lord Jupiter is posited in 8th house of loss and 8th lord Saturn is aspect to 10th  house from Saturn  lagna .This combination of unexpected result which will be not in favour of Shri Akhilesh Yadav. Mars as 11th and 6th lord shows that his friend will create problems for him and this election wed lock with  RLP will break after election.

Bhrigu Transit from

Jupiter lagna:

Saturn: Saturn  transit in Capricorn sign in 49th year is on Jupiter lagna activating 12th lord Jupiter.Natal depositor of transit Saturn in natal Saturn in 6th house from natal Jupiter lagna  conjunct with Sun 8th lord ,Moon 7th lord ,ketu and aspect of natal Mars on this combination is providing a position of more hard work and very less result. Shri Akhilesh yadav will do extra hard work to win against present CM  yogi Aadtiya Nath but his efforts will go waste .His election alliance with RLD will break after election.

Jupietr:Jupiter which represent soul in Bhrigu Astrology will  be in transit at the time of election 2022 will be in Aquarius sign in 2nd from Jupiter lagna. Jupiter natal depositor natal  Saturn will be in  6th house fight and dispute conjunct with sun 8TH lord and ketu and Moon and Mars will aspect this combination from 3rd house of short travelling. Akhilesh Yadav is  doing lot of hard work  but result expected from this combination give less satisfaction in fight  against BJP.