Recep Tayip Erdoğan  Future In Turkey In 2022 and 2023

Recep Tayip Erdoğan  Future In Turkey In 2022 and 2023

Recep Tayip Erodgen made a statement on 12-1-2022 Erdogan said at his party’s parliamentary group meeting. “In the summer months, we will begin to reap the fruits of our efforts and sacrifices together,” That’s when 2023 will turn into a historical turning point for Turkey , he added. He was  very excited at this parliamentary meet but what store in his future will be indicated by his horoscope will fall or he will win remain in politics in coming future.

My Bhrigu Jeev Nadi prediction about Turkey published in my article on 13-8-2021  “Declining   Trend of Turkey in 2021-2022  [We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about TURKEY present condition. Reading ………………..This country starting with alphabet named  T [Turkey]which is situated in the  middle of earth. The country is facing disturbing circumstances these days. Starting from samvat 2078[2021]the position like disturbing condition will continue upto five year. After these five year ,three year will have continue  violence in this country .The present king named by alphabet “R” will not regain power .Even the next elected king will not be so competent .This country named by alphabet  “T” [Turkey]its relation will  be more disturbing with its neighbor countries in coming time] “ and we are noticing that this prediction partially becoming true as Turkey currency Lira is all time low with 1 Lira is equal to 13-49 USD on 13-1-2022.This down fall of Turkish Lira says lot about economic down fall of Turkish economy and also Turkish relation with neighbor and NATO countries are declining day by day to   present President Recep Tayip Erdogen .What is Erdogen future in Turkey will analyzed by his horoscope .


Recep Tayip Erdogen was born on 26-2-1954,4:24,Istanbul,Turkey.With Sagittarius sign rising as an ascendant with lagna lord Jupiter in 6th house aspect by 8th and 12th moon and mars respectively.

Some good points in horoscope of Recep Tayip Erdogen

1]Lagna lord Jupiter is forming Gajkesari yoga with moon in six-twelfth axis.This Gajkesari yoga is not so strong due  to moon 8th house lord ship with presence of mars here also reducing the positive effect of Gajkesari Yoga.

2]Malefic in 3,6,11 house .Sun in 3rd house and Saturn in 11th house.Two malefic in 3rd and 11th house indicate person’s inner strength to deal with difficult situation.

3] There  is special Rajyoga forming in 3rd house of efforts as Sun 9th lord and mercury as 10th lord of profession and Venus as 11th lord of gain.

4] Chander Mangal Yoga which represent want of power is formed in 12th house.

5]Kendra –Trikona Raj Yoga Maharishi Parashar is  formed in six –twelfth axis with Jupiter as fourth lord and mars as 5th lord.

Some negative yoga formed in the  horoscope Recep Tayip Erdogen

1]Lagna lord Jupiter in 6th house of fight and enemy aspect by 8th lord moon is aristha yoga for life and health.

2] No benefic in Kendra and Trikona.Only Rahu-Ketu first rate malefic in one –seven axis

3]Scorpio navamsha rising which is twelfth house of loss of birth chart.

4]Tenth house and tenth lord sun is badly afflicted in navamsha chart d-9 chart.

Political Future Of Erdogen In Turkey

Next General  Election For President Is Due  In year  2023

Vimshotari Dasha running in 2023 from today is mars –venus from 14-4-2021 to 14-6-2022


Mars :Mars Mahadasha Lord is Posited  in 12th as 5th and 12th house with 8th lord moon aspect by    Jupiter as lagna and 4th lord.Since we are noticing that Recep Tavip Erdogen is experiencing down fall in his career as president in start of mahadasha of mars from  20-5-2016 to 21-4-2023.This mahadasha will result is down fall of President Recep Tayip Erdogen.Since mars is 12th lord and also posited in 12th house which shows retirement from career  .Mars is posited in navamsha in lagna own house in Scorpio with debilitated moon .Aspect by retro saturn afflicting lagna lord mars of navamsha d-9.In this mutual aspect of mars and Saturn aspect to each other Sun 10th lord of d-9 navamsha is badly afflicted providing controversies  and dent in profession as president of Turkey.Mars in d-10 Dasmansha is posited in 5th house and Yogkarka for d-10 Dashmansha lagna .In d-10 mars is posited in 5th house with 12th lord moon indicate downfall in career.

Anter lord venus from 14-4-2021 to14-6-2022:Venus anter lord is 7th and 11th lord in 3rd house conjunct with sun 9th lord and mercury 10th lord. Venus as 6th lord will provide him more number of enemy in neighbor countries .Venus is combust will give more problem to Erdogen in his career  as it is aspect by 12th lord  mars from 12th house which clearly show downfall in his profession as president.

Anter lord sun from 14-6-2022 to 20-10-2022:Anter lord Sun in 9th lord of luck from lagna but afflicted in 3rd house conjunct with 6th venus and aspect by 12th lord mars. Aspect of mars on Sun  as 12th lord shows decline in profession as an president of Turkey.

Anter of  moon from 20-10-2022 to 21-5-2023:Anter lord moon is 8th lord posited in 12th house with 12th lord mars shows the time to retire from post of President of Turkey.

Rahu Mahadasha starting from 21-5-2023:Rahu mahadasha is starting on 21-5-2023 in the  horoscope of President Recep Tavip Erdogen.Rahu mahadasha is dasha chhidra with start of new mahadasha with the ending of mars mahadasha on 21-5-2023.Rahu mahadsha lord is badly afflicted in the  horoscope of Erdogen. Rahu is aspect by natal Saturn  retro from 11th house which is also markesh for Sagittarius lagna .Rahu sign lord is Jupiter posited in 6th house aspect by 8th and 12th lord moon and mars respectively .Both are lord of two Trikh[BAD] house forming bad Rajyoga for President Recep Tayip Erdogen showing his party will lost in next coming election in Turkey.

Varshphal running at time of election in Turkey of President Erdogen. year 2023


Two year ahead of 70th year varshphal of President Erdogen running at the  time of election in Turkey in year 2023

With virgo lagna rising at the  time of General Election for the   post of President of Turkey in the  horoscope of Erdogen. There are  some smooth indication for fighting election for the post of president in Turkey. Virgo  is 10th house of natal horoscope of eErdogen. Muntha is posited well in lagna and muntha lord mercury is posited in 5th house. Mercury is also 10th lord. Fifth house is eight from 10th   house which represent loss of position .Down fall from the  post of President  for Erdogen at the  time of election in Turkey in 2023.

Running vimshottari dasha of birth chart , implementing it on running varshphal at the time of election.

Rahu-rahu from 21-5-2023 to 31-3-2026:Rahu mahadasha lord is posited in  eight house  of loss and its natal depositor mars is posited in 9th house with 11th lord moon shows change in status of gain. Saturn as 5th and 6th lord also aspect to natal rahu running varshphal. Two bad houses  are involved with mahadasha lord rahu first is   6th          house from where Saturn aspect rahu and rahu itself is posited in 8th house of loss .So its very difficult for Erdogen to re-elect as president of Turkey in next general election of 2023.

Rahu anter:Same as mahadasha lord.

Transit: Saturn will in transit at the  time of election will in 3rd house in Aquarius sign in 2023, aspect to 12th house and its lord mars conjuct with 8th lord moon which represent loss.

Jupiter will  transit in 4th in Pisces aspect  to 12 house and 12th lord mars and 8th lord moon posited in 12th house loss indicate fall of Erdogen in next coming election in 2023

Conclusion :Recep tavip erdogen will fail win election in year 2023 in turkey