Whether  CM Charan Jit Channi Hold The Key In Next Assembly Election Of 2022 In Punjab


Whether  CM Charan Jit Channi Hold The Key In Next Assembly Election Of 2022 In Punjab


Charan Jit Singh Channi was elected as CM of Punjab on 20-9-2021 by ousting captain Amarinder singh  in Punjab.Now Charanjit Channi following is increasing day by day by out shining Punjab congress-I President Navjot Singh Sidhu.But he is  not declared as CM candidate by congress-I in Punjab at present election on 22-1-2022.To analyze the strength of  CM Charanjit Channi to become next winner as CM of Punjab we have to  study his horoscope from Bhrigu progression by Jupiter and Saturn as lagna for his future.

[JUPITER AND SATRUN LAGNA PROGRESSION WORKS in very simple manner. First year represent fist house where Saturn and Jupiter are placed in a horoscope ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house from Jupiter and Saturn lagna.Then   thirteen year comes to lagna itself fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]


Jupiter lagna :CM Chanranjit Channi was born on 2-4-1963,6:10 kharar .But due to doubt of his birth time we are taking progression of Jupiter .Jupiter progression  has reach to 59th  year on 22-1-2022.CM Channi will be running 59th year of progression reach to 11th house. Eleventh  house of his horoscope  contain Saturn  own house in Capricorn conjunct with  ketu and aspect by mars from 5th     house as 2nd and 9th lord  shows lot of controversies and trouble to CM Charanjit Singh Channi in running 59th year from Navjot Singh Sidhu. There  is full of negative influence over running 59th year in Jupiter progression in the  horoscope of CM Channi.First Rahu -Ketu  is falling over running progression. Then Saturn  is aspect by debilitated mars from 5th  house as 2nd and 9th lord. Affliction to debilitated mars  shows weakness of  9th lord of luck from Jupiter lagna. Making progressive Capricorn sign as lagna tenth house libra  from capriocrn lagna is aspect by  debilitated Mars and Saturn .Tenth house represent Charanjit Channi capabilities to be get elected as CM of Punjab in next coming election in 2022.Affliction  to 10th house libra and 10th venus by debilitated mars  will reduce chance of Channi to get elected as next CM of Punjab.[tenth house represent the  post of Chief Minister]


Progressive Saturn :Saturn is karka for profession in Bhrigu astrology.In progression 59th year from Saturn will reach to 11th house Saturn lagna which contain Scorpio sign .Scorpio sign is vacant but aspect by Jupiter 12th from Saturn lagna is aspect to 11th house afflicting it. Twelfth sign represent loss. Eleventh lord mars from Saturn lagna is mars debilitated in 7th house from Saturn in Rahu –Ketu axis badly afflicted .Seventh house represent opposition .So opposition  of Channi will not let him work properly and Channi will loose at the hand of opposition in next coming election in Punjab in 2022. Since 11th  house  represent gain but when it is afflicted it will give loss of position and controversies when  afflicted  .At present we have seen since CM Channi after becoming  CM of  Punjab is facing problem and trouble.

Transit :

We will analyze transit of Saturn and Jupiter from Jupiter lagna for Charanjit Channi chances for getting elected as new CM in coming election in Punjab.

Saturn will be  in Capricorn in 2022 aspect  8th house of loss from Jupiter lagna.

Jupiter in Aquarius  in 2022 in12th house aspect  8th house of loss from Jupiter lagna.

So at present 8th house of loss is been activated in the  horoscope of CM Charanjit Singh Channi.

Conclusion; No chances for CM Channi to get re elected for post of Chief Minister of Punjab in 2022