Yemen Rebels–Saudi Arabia, UAE Conflict


These days in the  middle east a sharp escalation in the Yemen this week has raised questions about the direction of war between Yemen Rebels and Saudi Arab has erupted .It has disturbed the middle East region as Saudi Arab retaliate in response attack Houtihi Rebels in Yemen.In this air strike done by Saudi Arabia on Yemen Rebels has killed dozen of people in Yemen when Houthi stronghold  of saada was targeted. These  air strikes has been done by Saudi Arabia  in response to Yemen Rebels who attack UAE by missiles and drone on  Monday  24-1-2022.These conflicts  in these region have disturb the peace in middle East. What store in future for  this region middle east whether these conflicts will increase or will it end after these fire fights in this region?

For this we will have study the horoscope of Saudi Arabia which come into existence on 21-9-1932,12hrs,Riyad Saudi Arabia.

horoscope of saudi arabia

With Scorpio lagna rising at 26degree45mintues with Rohini nakshtra as moon nakshtra.Lagna lord mars is posited in 9th house conjunct with Venus 7th and 12th lord Mars is opposed by Saturn 3rd and 4th lord in 3rd house in Capricorn .Opposition of Saturn and Mars and affliction to  Venus is not a good sign for Saudi Arabia.It is due to reason because mahadasha of Venus has just started on 9-8-2021 to 9-8-2041 a long mahadasha of 7th and 12th lord which show the unending tales of conflict which will start with Venus mahadasha from 9-8-2021.

Mahadasha of Venus from 9-8-2021 to 9-8-2041

Venus mahadasha lord is posited in 9th house badly afflicted in Saturn-Mars opposition in three-nine axis. Venus is posited in 3rd house from Moon lagna which represent neighbor countries represented by Houthi rebels of Yemen. Venus is conjunct with Mars lagna and 6th lord [represent fight specially fire fight ,terrorist  attacks] aspect by 3rd and 4th lord retro Saturn[which represent terrorist of Yemen Houtihi Rebels ].Saturn is retro in 3rd house as 3rd lord so Yemen Rebels are very powerful in providing enough terrorist attack in UAE and Saudi Arabia in near future. Affliction to Venus in Saturn mars opposition will lead to series of conflict in this region in coming time in mahadasha of Venus in  the horoscope of Saudi Arabia. Venus as 12th lord of loss will result is large numbers of loss to financial prospects of Saudi Arabia and UAE. One of the main reason of this attack is withdraw of military power by America which was a great source of security to Arab world .Venus in navamsha d-9 in posited in 10th house as 3rd [which represent neighbor countries like Yemen in Rebels are concentrated ] and 8th       house  which represent conspiracy and attack ] lord is aspect by mars[which represent fire and violence   by Yemen  terrorist  which will start in mahadasha of Venus].This position will degrade or take a bad turn in near future.

Venus anter from9-8-2021 to9-12-2024 :same as mahadasha lord

Yogini Mahadasha :

yogini mahadasha

Mars Mahadasha from 20-2-2022 to 20-2-2026

Yogini Mahadasha is alternate dasha of Parashar .Mars mahadasha  will start from 20-2-2022 to 20-2-2026 in the  horoscope of Saudi Arabia. At  present Jupiter mahadasha is running which will ends on 20-2-2022.Jupiter-Sun which will run from 22-12-2021 to20-2-2022 in which this attack of houthi rebels of yemen has taken place.Jupiter mahdasha lord in 2nd and 5th lord placed in 10th conjunct with 8th and 11th lord Mercury and Ketu in which this trouble has been started   and it has provide  safe passage to Saudi Arabia to attack Yemen Rebels by air strike.Anter of Sun is  running in which this attack by Saudi Arabia has taken place. See in navamsha d-9 Jupiter Mahadasda lord is in 6th house of fire fight and attack aspect by Sun[anter lord] and Saturn from12th house indicate start of trouble. Coming Mahadasha of Mars will  be the source of trouble for Saudi Arabia in which unpleasant event of more attack will take place in this area. Since mars is debilitated and aspect retro Saturn 3rd lord [represent trouble form neighbor countries] in this combination mars is lagna and 6th lord conjunct with venus 7th  and 12th lord. This combination is forming in third house from moon lagna .This combination represent fire  fight and violence with border countries in mahadasha of Mars. Mars in d-9 navamsha is posited in 7th house of opposition and house of open war aspect  to lagna which is not a good sign.

varshphal of 90th year for saudi arabia

Varshphal of  90th  year of Saudi Arabia

In present varshphal of 90th year of Saudi Arabia Virgo lagna is rising which is 11th house of birth chart .It contain Mars and Sun. Both are malefic for Virgo lagna. Whenever mars   is attached with lagna or lagna lord in  this  varshphal of nation that indicates year of violence  and   trouble for nation. In Virgo lagna Sun and Mars both are 12th and 8th lord respectively lord of bad houses which indicate problem and trouble to Saudi Arabia. Moreover twelfth lord Sun which represent expenditure conjunct with Mars which is karka of arms and ammunitions  purchased by Saudi Arabia from this year. Muntha is in 8th house aspect by mars 8th lord and also karka of war and violence which is going run in whole running varshphal of 90th  year .Muntha is aspect  by two benefic  planets Venus and Mercury which is providing protecting influence to Saudi Arabia in this year .

Year lord :Year lord is Mars which  is  present in lagna in varshphal. Janam lagna Lord is also Mars .Varsh lagna Lord  is Mercury which is afflicted by aspect from 6th lord Saturn  from 5th house. So both lagna lord and lagna is under the influence of hard core malefic .Trirashi Lord  is Moon which is also badly afflicted by aspect from Mars, Sun, Saturn retro.


Tripataki chakra:  In Tripataki chakra Sookshma  dasha of venus-venus-venus-Saturn from 17-12-2021 to17-1-2022 was running in the  horoscope of Saudi Arabia .When Saudi Arabia done air strike on Yemen Rebels in 17-1-2022.In Tripataki chakra Saturn is 6th lord of enemy in 90th  year running varshphal which represent fight specially border fight with yemen rebels .Saturn retro is posited in Aquarius  sign in tripataki chakra of 90th  year is afflicted in opposition from Sun debilitated in Libra .Saturn is afflicting varshphal Moon in Capricorn.


Prann Dasha Of Venus-Venus-Saturn-Jupiter run from 14-1-2022 to 18-1-2022:Jupiter In pran dasha which is signifactor of event  occupy Virgo sign  in Tripataki Chakra conjunct with Mercury lagna lord and Rahu aspect Mars 8th lord of 90th year varshphal from Sagittarius sign .Mars is also karka for violence fire attack ,enemy .Jupiter pran dasha lord also aspect by ketu  from Pisces sign  .So Jupiter praan dasha lord has influence of Mars ,Ketu,and Rahu which has instigated Saudi Arabia to drone air strike on  Houtihi Rebels in Yemen .


[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

Modified Sudershan Chakra of 90th  and 91st  year from lagna :Running Sudershan chakra from lagna 90th and 91st   year  comes to 6th and 7th      respectively which contain Aries and tarsus sign of mars and venus house respectively .Both mars and venus are afflicted in three –nine axis where debilitated mars is conjunct  with Venus opposed by retro Saturn from 3rd house in the  horoscope of Saudi Arabia.So these running year modifies Sudershan Chakra of  90th year comes to 6th which itself the house of fight and dispute. Ninety first year  which comes to 7th house of open war will provide unrest in Saudi Arabia in coming year.


Republic Of Yemen: Yemen Republic in which Houtihi Rebels are targeting UAE and Saudi Arabia has Leo lagna and lagna lord Sun in 10th house .

Present vimshottari dasha in which air strike has been done by Saudi Arabia on Houtihi Rebels in Yemen.

Moon –Rahu-Venus from 17-1-2022 to18-4-2022

Moon Mahadasha lord is conjunct with Mercury .Moon is 12th lord for Leo Lagna  and is conjunct with 6th lord from Moon lagna. Twelfth house represent trouble from outside and time of loss suffered from external attack. Moon is conjunct with Mercury 6th lord from itself which represent starting of unending fights in future with Saudi Arabia and UAE..Moon in navamsha is 3rd lord neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE .Moon is conjunct with Mars 12th in d-9 navamsha for Taurus  navamsha indicate loss which will be suffered by Yemen in time to come.

Anter of Rahu.:Rahu is conjunct with 6th lord Saturn which represent terrorist activities  by Houtihi Rebels in UAE and Saudi Arabia now also in future in anter of Rahu.

Pratyaanter Of Venus.:Venus pratyantaer was running in the  horoscope of Yemen .Rahu-Venus and Venus-Rahu are sensitive in respect of sudden rise and sudden fall in the  horoscope of nation.Venus pratyantaer lord is posited in 8th house aspect by Saturn from 6th house of dispute and attack and trouble by Saudi Arabia. Venus is again afflicted in d-9 posited in 11th house as 6th lord conjunct with 8th lord Jupiter and 4th lord Sun aspect retro Saturn in not a good indication for Yemen.