Original bhrigu samhitas-24

Bhrigu Muni  is conversing with his son Shukraacharya ji

Shree Ganeshaaye Namah

The planetary combination of this horoscope is good.The native is very lucky and will enjoy all luxuries and amenities of life like servants,vehicles.He must have beautiful wife and children .He can enjoy all comforts of life due to good deeds done by him in his last birth but his one mistake became a curse did by him in his last birth

Last Birth

He was born in a very well to do and prosperous family. He did lot of charities and donations but once he drank lot of alcohol and loose his senses and went to a forest.In forest a saint was doing Tapasya[meditation] .He disturbed him badly the saint tried to stop him but all in vain and that saint came in aggression and gave him a curse ;Due to that curse he can face some problems of finance,lack of peace etc. If he will  do some remedies told by Muni some problems can be resolved and his wishes can be fulfilled.


He must take a picture of Lord Lakshmi Narayan[Lord Vishnu] and put that picture in a silver plate or any utensil  and must perform Pooja properly and donate it to an intelligent Brahmin.and feed him then your wishes can be fulfilled.


From one to eighth year the native face some general paedeatric problems like fever,acne etc. During this time native’s mother was little bit tensed and his father was also very upset  By doing prayers to God these problems can be vanished. By feeding the needy persons this time can be beneficial

From nine to eighteen years the native attracted towards opposite sex. He spent lot of time in enjoying with his friends and was very naughty during this time. He became upset due to relations with friends and faced some problem.His anxiety level also increased .

During nineteen to twenty five years he got some good results due to his Good Karmaas[deeds] but his fortune did not support him a lot during this period.

During twenty six to thirty three years  it is time of financial gains.Some auspicious occasion will also ake place on which lot of expenses will be spent. The native can face some physical problem but if he will chant the following Mantra it can be cured easily;


From thirty four to forty years you will enjoy family life with your children.Rise of fortune can also be seen during this period. Lot of gains and gains from land or property are good during this time.You can achieve good position or designation.If you can differentiate between good or bad before taking any action ,it will be very beneficial for you According to Bhrigu Muni .,so always take decision wisely and think about their result .By doing action wisely and properly your troubles and problems can be vanished. During this period Bhrigu Muni is also advising the native to do actions keeping in mind the religious path ,then definitely he can earn name and fame.

From forty one to fifty two years the your wife can face some problems  but after some time the problems will be resolved. By feeding the poor and needy persons or some charities your problems can be vanished and will enjoy good health.

From fifty three to sixty years it is good period . Good gains from work can be seen during this period. You can get any promotion or rise in career . You will get happiness from children .Some auspicious occasion  will also take place on which you will spent lot of money. You will feel happy for having obedient children.

From sixty three to sixty six years you can suffer from breathing  disease like asthma, bronchitis etc. . It can be cured by taking Ayurvedic medicines like Amla, Hritika etc. If you will take proper ayurvedic treatment atleast minimum six months it can be cured completely.

After sixty six years you can suffer from the problem of diarrhea .You  can feel weak and lethargic.You will feel upset and your mood will not remain stable but you will enjoy all facilities and ammunities of life like servants, vehicles etc. You will get appreciation also and you next birth will be in a very well to do family u


Bhrigu muni is replying;’Why are you so worrying’?Do not worry.You will get some good news.All your problems are solving now.Now your wishes are going to be fulfilled but these days you are facing one problem and lot of expenditure is also possible and you have shortage of so much amount. But still donot worry your work will be completed with full respect and you will earn a loy from somewhere. Your mind and heart is struck to some friend. If you want early results you must feed [KHEER];Kheer is a sweet dish made from milk,rice and sugar]to five Brahmins of Ganga river and donate some rice by doing this you can get more gains and your work will be completed on time. Some negative work or activity was done by you and this time its effect will also be vanished and your wishes will be fulfilled.