Navjot Singh Sidhu Future In Present Assembly Election In Punjab In 2022

Navjot Singh Sidhu Future In Present Assembly Election In Punjab In 2022


Navjot Singh  Sidhu is looking anxious and angry  from top leadership for making  Charanjit singh channi as CM candidate  for congress-I in Punjab.This move of congress-I top leadership has  make navjot singh sidhu against party high command which will produce some negative impact on congress-I plan to form government of its own in present assembly election 2022 in Punjab.but Navjot Singh Sidhu does not bother about this move of congress-I high command .But what is the  future of Navjot Singh Sidhu in this assembly election of 2022 in Punjab and after wards in congress-I will ascertained  from his horoscope through Bhrigu progression of Jupiter and Saturn lagna.

[JUPITER AND SATRUN LAGNA PROGRESSION WORKS in very simple manner. First year represent fist house where Saturn and Jupiter are placed in a horoscope ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house from Jupiter and Saturn lagna.Then   thirteen year comes to lagna itself fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]


Jupiter lagna: Navjot Singh Sidhu Jupiter is retro posited in pisces sign in his horoscope .Jupiter in progression is going into 59th year with 11th house in progression .In 59th year in progression 11th house from Jupiter contain Capricorn sign which has  its  own lord    Saturn retro .Since 11th house contain Saturn retro will gives recognition to  native but when it is afflicted give rise to non fulfillment of desire because it is one of house  of desire or [kaam bhaav].Here Saturn in own house retro is providing  him enough strength  to provide damage to congress-I in present running assembly election in Punjab in 2022.For more precession when 10th house from running progression Capricorn sign will be seen .It is very badly afflicted .tenth house from Capricorn sign  [11th house] contain libra sign [10th house ]which contain venus and 8th lord debilitated Sun which will totally ruin the political prospect or ambition of Navjot Singh Sidhu in present running progression of 59th year.  



Progression of Saturn: Saturn retro when progressed from will reach to 59th year 11th house from Saturn lagna which contain Scorpio  sign . Scorpio contain its lord mars and debilitated  moon 7th lord from Saturn lagna. Chander mangal yoga[MOON +MARS COMBINATION] in 11th is good but debilitated moon is bad when conjunct with mars. It will give lot of inner frustration and also controversial public image. This is definite whether he will not become next CM  but he will definitely gain some inner gain in congress-I or favour from top leadership.

Transit  of Saturn and Jupiter from Jupiter lagna.

Transit of Saturn from Jupiter: lagna is in Capricorn sign in 11th house aspect to 8th  house and 8th lord venus and 6th lord Sun from Jupiter lagna.

Jupiter in transit in Aquarius sign in 12th house from natal Jupiter lagna aspect 8th and 8th lord Venus and 6th lord Sun from Jupiter lagna.

Conclusion: Activation of 8th and 8th lord venus and 6th lord Sun in 8th house from natal Jupiter lagna by aspect from transit Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in  Aquarius in 2022.These are two bad houses 8th and 6th house indicate controversies  ,loss of position ,dispute and trouble may be legal one