Bhagwant Mann AAP CM Candidate Political Future In Assembly Election In Punjab in 2022.

Bhagwant Mann Aap CM Candidate Political Future In Assembly Election In Punjab in 2022.


Bhagwant is great comedian artist from Punjab known for script comedy from 1990 onwards on different political issue in Punjab. Since 2014 he is member of Parliament ,Lok Sabha member constituency of  Sangrur [Punjab.] On 18-1-2022 he has been CM candidate for Punjab for Aap  party in Punjab.

Since his time of birth is not so accurate. we will have to take help of Bhrigu progression of Jupiter lagna and Saturn lagna for ascertain his political graph in present running assembly election in Punjab in 2022.

[JUPITER AND SATRUN LAGNA PROGRESSION WORKS in very simple manner. First year represent fist house where Saturn and Jupiter are placed in a horoscope ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house from Jupiter and Saturn lagna.Then   thirteen year comes to lagna itself fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]


Bhagwant Mann was born 17-10-1973 ,rough time 13:10hrs,Sangrur,Punjab.

Jupiter Lagna:Jupiter is posited in Capricorn at 9- degree- 22min in star uttra ashaad of Sun posited in  10th house from Jupiter lagna , Sun is  conjunct with Mercury .Sun in tenth from Jupiter  lagna  and nakshatra lord Jupiter  is sun will indicate person should  be connected with politics [sun is karka for government] politics and power.

Jupiter lagna in progression is running 49th year which comes to lagna where Jupiter 3rd and 12th  lord is posited .Jupiter lagna sign dsepositor is Saturn retro posited in 6th house conjunct with 7th lord moon and ketu. Saturn retro sign lord of Jupiter  lagna is conjunct with  7th lord moon indicate that Bhagwant  Maan  will not get the desired result in assembly election of Punjab even if he get or win assembly election of 2022 ,but will not be able to  reach the position of CM  in assembly election of Punjab in 2022.Since 7th house represent position or padd  praapti or gaining position lord Moon is badly afflicted by Saturn retro and ketu in 6th house from Jupiter lagna. Jupiter itself is 12th and 3rd lord from itself indicate loss of position or not able  to secure desired result due to 12th lord ownership is connected with running progression .Jupiter is also debilitated is not a good  sign. As a 12th lord   debilitated  it will provide unnecessary tension to the native in running progression.

Tenth lord and 10th house from running progression 49th year :Tenth lord from Capricorn lagna is venus in 11th house aspect by retro mars   shows victory  in assembly election .Tenth  house from Capricorn lagna has debilitated Sun  8th lord and Mercury 6th and 9th lord and also aspect of 4th and 11th lord retro Mars from Jupiter lagna..Tenth house from Jupiter lagna is occupied by 6th and 8th lord indicate obstacle and attaining  position of CM for Bhagwant Mann.


Progression from Saturn retro. :Forty ninth year in progression from Saturn lagna comes to Saturn lagna itself. Saturn retro is badly afflicted due to its conjunction with ketu and kaarka for mind which is   moon .Saturn is 8th and 9th lord from itself. Sign despositor of Saturn lagna is mercury conjunct with debilitated  Sun and is posited in 5th house from Saturn lagna.Mars retro second malefic  who is 6th and 11th lord from Saturn lagna is aspect to Mercury sign depositor of 49th year lagna. Overall there are four  bad malefic  influence of ketu.Saturn retro,mars retro ,debilitated  sun on  running lagna of 49th year on Gemini sign and its lord mercury in running progression.

Tenth lord from running 49th year progression :Tenth lord from running progression is Jupiter debilitated posited in 8th house from Gemini lagna.saturn  retro aspect to 10th house is  afflicting  10th house.

This combination of  49th year shows fight , dispute .to  Bhagwant Mann  inside from his opponents in  AAP party  He will not be next CM of Punjab. Even if he get elected by coalition or outer support from congress-I or other parties he will  not rule for full five years,         

Transit of Saturn and Jupiter from Jupiter lagna.

Saturn in transit will be in Capricorn upto 29-4-2022 over 12th lord natal Jupiter in Capricorn. Saturn in transit aspect to 10th house ,8th  lord Sun in 10th house ,9th Mercury in 6th and 9th lord Mercury in 10th house.

Jupiter in transit in Aquarius in 2022 aspect 8th house from natal Jupiter lagn and 10th house in which 8th lord Sun is posited  with 6th and 9th lord Mercury is posited in 10th from Jupiter lagna . So 6th  lord [mercury ]and 8th      lord [sun ] posited in 10th house from Jupiter lagna is activating signification of 6th lord which represent fight ,trouble or in fighting in AAP  party for CM candidateship,8th   house lord in 10th house which represent   hidden conspiracy against native [Bhagwant  Mann] after election will going  to happen after assembly election result from 10-3-2022 election result .