Rahu Ketu In Transit Changing Sign In Aries-Libra Axis On 17-3-2022 And  Its Impact On India.

Rahu Ketu In Transit Changing Sign In Aries-Libra Axis On 17-3-2022 And  Its Impact On India.

Rahu ketu second slow moving planet after Saturn is changed sign on 17-3-2022 at 6:21 hrs have deep impact over India. Rahu ketu will fall over Libra-Aries axis of Venus and Mars.In transit in natural zodiac it will  be over one –seven axis where one is Aries and seven is Libra..But what  impact it will give on India have to analyze from the  foundation  horoscope of India ,BJP, PM Narendra Modi, Congress-I, Sonia Gandhi which led command of opposition  party  in India.


1]Foundation horoscope of India :India got independence on 15-8-1947 at 00:01hrs ,Delhi. With Taurus  lagna rising as an ascendant of India lagna lord Venus hemmed between sun ahead and Saturn behind give clear picture of future of India. Now we have nationalist government of BJP lead by PM Narendra Modi will cover up the negative aspect of foundation horoscope of India .At present Rahu and ketu will change sign from Taurus -Scorpio axis to Libra –Aries axis. Rahu in Aries is 12th house in sign of mars has a deep meaning in  the foundation horoscope of India .First  transit Rahu will be aspect by natal Saturn from 3rd house as 9th and 10th lord [Bhrigu aspect].Jupiter also aspect this transit Rahu in 12th house as 8th and 11th lord in the  foundation  horoscope of India. Rahu natal depositor is mars posited in second house. Aspect of Saturn from 3rd house indicate chaos which  India will face with neighbor  countries like China and Pakistan again planning some sort of interference in Indian personal affairs regarding with communal frenzy politics played by minority community .Rahu in twelfth house also represent interference of foreign media which is paid media of china will in his agenda to defame India in overseas .Aspect of Jupiter from 6th house as 8th and 11th lord will indicate some trouble to Indian forces but some confrontation with china or Pakistan may not ruled out in this period of Rahu stay in 12th house in Aries sign in the  foundation horoscope of India. This probably may happen in Moon-Ketu mahadasha and  anter which will be starting from 4-12-2022 to 5-7-2023.Rahu in 12th house and its natal depositor mars  in 2nd house in Gemini sign indicate incoming of FDI in India as mars as 12th is connected with 2nd house of finance. Ketu will transit in Libra in sixth house of disease on Jeev Jupiter will indicate trouble to body or soul which is represent by Jupiter in Bhrigu astrology..Sixth house represent disease or epidemic like covid-19 which will be in front of us in  turn of fourth wave of covid -19.Ketu natal depositor in Venus badly sandwiched  between Sun ahead and Saturn behind .position of natal venus despositor of transit ketu in 6TH  house indicate lot hot exchange between India and China when Mars will transit  will retrograde in Gemini on 30-10-2022 to 12-1-2023 in the  foundation horoscope  of India. The vimshotari mahadasha  of Moon-Mercury will be upto  4-12-2022 ,then anter of Ketu will start from 4-12-2022 to 5-7-2023 is not a good period for India to have cordial relation with China and Pakistan.


BJP :Top political party in India which will shape the vision of majority community and also PM Narendra Modi.BJP has Gemini lagna and Scorpio moon sign.The present transit in Aries -Libra axis will be  on .17-3-2022 will give great relief to BJP and  . Rahu.ketu was in   in sixth and twelfth axis on natal moon in Scorpio and Venus in Taurus  before 17-3-2022.Ketu leaving natal moon in Scorpio that too debilitated ,  will give BJP a great relief as it was facing heat of farmer  agitation at center  in Delhi. Aries –Libra in five eleven axis of BJP. Rahu is in eleventh house in Aries sign and its natal depositor mars is in third house conjunct with Saturn retro, retro Jupiter and natal Rahu in Leo sign in 3rd house indicate more hard work BJP  will do to win next coming election in Dec-2022  in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh . Rahu is 6th house from natal moon sign also indicate the demolishing of enemy which will come in its way in future .Ketu in Libra in 5th house its natal despositor in  12th house aspect by moon from sixth house indicate spreading its ideology in distant part of India. Aspect to ketu in transit in fifth house  by natal Saturn from third house as 8th and 9th lord indicate spreading its Sanatan religion ideology  secretly.[ As 9th lord represent religion and 8th house represent secret mission].


PM Narendra Modi :What ever the condition may be in every condition PM Narendra modi will be blessed by lord mahakaal [ Lord Shiva ].Rahu in transit in Aries in 6th house indicate winning over enemy. Sixth lord mars who is natal depositor of transit Rahu in sixth is posited in Lagna with debilitated Moon indicate common civil code may be introduced in  parliament because Rahu depositor mars sixth lord represent legal law,conjuct with  9th lord Moon [religion] in lagna of PM Narendra Modi will raise controversies all over India and minority community will oppose it..Ketu in Libra in twelfth house is aspect by natal Jupiter from 4th house as 2nd and 5th  [5TH house represent thinking pattern ] lord. Ketu sign lord natal venus 12th lord  [overseas]is conjunct with Saturn in 10th house as 3rd lord  [represent travelling] and 4th lord Ketu will give in transit the result of Raj Yoga which formed by aspect of Jupiter as[ 5th lord] and Saturn as 4th lord Kendra lord.[Parashari Raj Yoga formed by Yoga of Trikona and Kendra which is case of PM Narendra modi is forming 4th and 10th axis of profession.].Ketu will give the result of this Raj Yoga in transit in 12th house overseas in International politics in the  horoscope of PM Narendra Modi.


Congress-I ; :The second largest  and the oldest party of India .Congress-I is facing defeat after defeat followed by latest assembly election in 2022 in five states . I n these states  Congress-I was in power in Punjab .but Punjab slips to AAP party under Arvind Kejriwal . But present transit of Rahu-Ketu in two-eight axis does not speak well in regards with its performance in coming time. Rahu in Aries in second house which is called as strongest Marak  Bhava in the  horoscope after 7th house. Transit Rahu sign depositor is natal mars posited in 5th house of mantra,vidya buddhi as prescribed by Maharishi Parashar. Debilitation of retro mars indicate congress-I will play minority card with more ferociously and bravely in order to outshining the performance of other opposition party. But it will be waste of majority vote will be more consolidate under PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Aadtiya Naath  brand name of BJP. Ketu in eighth  house in Libra is aspect by natal Jupiter lagna and 10th lord .it will give boost to G-23 leader of congress-I to promote a leader outside Gandhi family and their efforts will go waste. Ketu natal depositor is Venus which is conjunct with Sun 6th lord in 10th house will create more dispute to brought down fall of congress-I more fast . Here one thing is significant Mars retro aspect transit ketu in 8th shows rising or boosting of Minority  community to do a satyagraha  like movement against PM Narendra Modi government..which will increase fire brand value of congress-I as true champion of monitory rights in India.


Sonia Gandhi:Sonia Gandhi will remain undisputed head of congress-I till she like to rule congress-I.but Rahu-Ketu transit in Aries -Libra axis in four –ten axis indicate trouble in path to lead congress-I as top political party of India. Ketu transit in Libra in sign of venus and moreover over natal Venus will  cause health trouble and other trouble she will face as the head of congress-I