Rahu Ketu  Transit Changed  Sign In Aries-Libra Axis On 17-3-2022 And  Its Impact On World

Rahu Ketu  Transit Changed  Sign In Aries-Libra Axis On 17-3-2022 And  Its Impact On World

Ukraine –Russia war has changed the world scenario  with Russia –China on one side and America and NATO  block on other side. This scenario  has been triggered on conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn two slow moving planets  in Sagittarius on 1-11-2019.This was sign conjunction not degree wise conjunction .With this conjunction   covid-19 pandemic was triggered  which spread  from China .Now this conjunction has result the Russia –Ukraine  war .Now with ongoing war two more slow moving planets  Rahu-Ketu has changed sign on 17-3-2022 at 6-21hrs .Rahu Ketu is falling in one –seven axis in which one represent Aries sign of mars and seven represent Libra sign of Venus. Major world power like America-its president Joe Biden and Russia ,Vladimir Putin ,China , Pakistan [largest supplier of terrorist  in India] are playing role in shaping world politically. .These shapes world politics as we have omitted India and PM Narendra Modi whose horoscope has been discussed in first part of this article.


America:World super power which regulate the world order is been challenged by China .America is running mahadasha and anter of Rahu –Jupiter which is running from 28-6-2021 to21-11-2023.Jupiter is 8th lord for Leo lagna It is  not growth promoting period  for America .But Rahu- Saturn starting from 21-11-2023 to 27-9-2026. America will earn lot of money by sale of arms and ammunition..At present Rahu and ketu has entered on 17-3-2022 in three-nine axis .Rahu in 9th house is good for America with  regards to  earning of money by sale of arms and ammunition   in all over the  world .Rahu in Aries sign and its sign depositor mars in 11th house of gain conjunct with Jupiter,mercury,venus,sun will marks the significant growth of America world wide for technical sector .Aries is ninth house and Rahu in this sign also indicate growth of Islam in America. Mars sign depositor of Rahu is also  aspect by Saturn sixth lord will indicate lot of burden  on American medical sector due to  on going covid-19 wave in America. Saturn as sixth lord indicate disease dispute ,trouble which will be part and parcel with positioning of Rahu is 9th house in transit. Ketu in Libra is  3rd house in sign of Venus and sign depositor of Ketu is Venus  is posited again 11th house of growth with Sun lagna lord, Mars yogkarka for Leo lagna ,Mercury as 2nd and 11th lord. Saturn in turn aspect to this combination of growth in 11th house its relation  with China and Russia both its number one enemy china and Russia will deteriorate in future due to  running mahadasha of Rahu..


President Joe Biden .:President Joe Biden has faced hard criticism in past by withdraw of American forces from Afghanistan when Rahu and –Ketu axis was in one –seven axis coinciding with lagna ,10th lord Sun and  Saturn retro in seventh house. Now Rahu –ketu has changed sign with Rahu in 6th house in Aries sign over natal moon and ketu in Libra in 12th house over Mars lagna lord  and 6th lord and Mercury as 8th and 11th lord. Rahu position over natal moon in Aries sign signifies president Joe Biden role in Russia Ukraine war will be very suspicious due to Rahu is karka of confusion over karka of mind natal moon aspect of Mars sign depositor of transit Rahu is  posited in 7th from it [transit Rahu] in 12th house conjunct with mercury 8th and 11th lord in 12th house. It shows some obstacles and trouble and may be he will totally hesitate in involving America in  Russia and Ukraine  war .It is due to transit Rahu natal depositor Mars in 12th house foreign country conjunct with mercury. when ever Rahu and Ketu axis falls in transit over any axis it will provide confusion and obstacles in taking decision in that area of horoscope. Since natal moon of President Joe Biden is  eclipsed by Rahu which will cause lot of confusion in taking right decision of America in Russia –Ukraine war. President Joe Biden enemy in his own country will also increase manifold .republican presidential candidate Donald trump will over shine him in playing national and international politics against him..Ketu in 12th house over natal lagna lord mars and 8th and 11th mercury in 12th will disturb his physical and mental strength to tackle his enemy .When ever lunar and solar eclipse will occur in transit of Rahu and Ketu  will down his performance in his profession in public of America.


Russia: Russia is in middle  of war with Ukraine. No body know when this will end. But this is  sure Mars transit in Capricorn on 26-2-2022 conjunct with transit Saturn till 7-4-2022 15:16hrs over natal Saturn ,Moon ,Rahu in 5th house of emotion anxiety ,war wining attitude will not end this war..Rahu and ketu in transit will in two –eight axis in which Rahu will over natal Venus in Aries sign in 8th house . Natal depositor of transit Rahu is mars in 7th house of open wars influence 10th house and natal Jupiter in 10th house. Sign despositor of  transit Rahu is Mars also aspect by 6th lord Saturn from 5th house. So Rahu is widening the war frenzy Russia in a mood to totally destroying Ukraine .Russian wish will be totally fulfilled due to violent mars has the influence of 8th house[as lord ship] 6th house as the aspect of Saturn on it that too retro.Rahu over Venus as 2nd and 9th lord represent immense loose that Russia will incur while destroying Ukraine .Venus is karka of wealth and also 2nd lord of finance and 9th lord of luck in bad house will pay him [Russia] .Ketu in transit in second house aspect by Saturn 5th and 6th lord and aspect of natal mars 3rd and 8th lord give the result of burden that Russia will incur while facing sanction of western countries will shrink its financial condition..

BHRIGU JEEV NADI:This country is [Russia -Ukraine ]located in North of Bharatvarsh [India].The country named with alphabet  “R”Russia is engaged in war with country named with “U”ukarine. This war will result in devastating  result in all over the  world.It will lead financial and physical crunch all over the  world. But [BHARAT VARSH]will be unaffected by it.. This war will slow down  after fourty –fourty  five  days from today29-3-2022  .Neither Russia will win this war  nor Ukraine will loose it will result in tie.


Vladimir Putin  :On the one front there is Joe Biden of America and on other front there is Vladimir Putin dominating the world .Vladimir Putin has Scorpio lagna and Rahu-Ketu axis has changed sign from one-seven axis of lagna to six –twelfth axis.In one –seven axis Rahu has  eclipsed his natal moon which has resulted in inner aggression which has resulted the war of Russia and Ukraine war  started on 24-2-2022.Now same Rahu- ketu has changed sign on 17-3-2022 on his natal Jupiter in 6th house and Venus and mercury in 12th house.Rahu position on 6th house on natal Jupiter is not praised by Bhrigu Muni.Jupiter is soul of the  horoscope and when eclipsed by transit Rahu will give rise ill health ,rise of enemy ,fight ,and mostly defeat in fight ,bad name .these result Rahu will going to give in transit in Aries sign  in the  horoscope of President Vladimir Putin of Russia .Jupiter  is 2nd and 5th lord for Scorpio lagna.Rahu natal Jupiter in 6th house of trouble ,fight etc.It will bring trouble to children of President Vladimir Putin .Aspect of 7th and 12th Venus in this axis afflicted also give trouble to wife of President Putin .Ketu in 12th house over natal Venus and Mercury generally give  loss of intellect .Mercury is one of karka for intellect when transit of ketu over natal mercury will result in this combination .Venus is karka for wealth and wife and ketu transit on natal  Venus give trouble to these karka will result in this combination.


China: China has Capricorn lagna and Rahu and ketu on Aries –Libra axis in four –ten axis has lot to say about China. Rahu in 4th house in Aries its sign depositor mars is  debilitated in 7th house of war .Rahu in 4th house will create  unrest at domestic front in China .Chinese government will suppress this unrest one by one. Sign despositor of transit Rahu is mars debilitated in 7th house of open war will created by enemy countries like Taiwan by the support of quad specially America. Fourth house is land and its lord mars debilitation in 7th house indicate his greed for land. Transit Rahu is also aspect by natal Venus 10th lord will lead crucial disturbance in central lordship in communist party of China. Natal Jupiter which is  3rd and  12th also aspect this transit Rahu in 4th house indicate interference of America and quad in domestic issue like Uyghur Muslims in China. Rahu is karka for muslim. Ketu transit in 10th house in Libra over 10th lord Venus indicate unrest in communist party of China which will be silenced by aspect of Saturn from 8th house .Eighth  house is the house of secrecy and Saturn as lagna lord aspect to  10th shows disturbance in China at top level will be silenced  brutally .Mars  also aspect to this combination 10th house on transit ketu.Bad time for china.


Pakistan :Pakistan is running in worst time till it has got independence one day before India. PM Narendra Modi is sidelining Pakistan all over the  world by its shrewd diplomacy .Pakistan has Aries lagna with lagna lord Mars in 3rd house with Moon 4th lord.. Rahu in transit in lagna in Aries sign give rise of fundamentalism in Pakistan and more and more financial  crises will occur in Pakistan .Transit Rahu sign depositor Mars  in 3rd with Moon karka for mind and also land as 4th lord .It will raise another attempt  against India very in raising issue of Kashmir may be sharp reactions in fire fight  may take place on border when Rahu will transit sign Aries at degree of moon at 18-15 deg-min .This may be in November or December 2022.These months give Pakistan very difficult time with India.