Political  Instability In Pakistan 2022

Political  Instability In Pakistan 2022

Pakistan these day is running in grip of political l instability .Pakistan army chief is Qumar Javed Bajwa  has asked Pakistan present prime minister Imran khan to step down from post of prime minister. On 3-4-2022 Pakistan speaker has dissolved national assembly .Now the matter is  in  the Supreme court of Pakistan. Pakistan is  will be running in fragile democracy in present and also in future. but bad days of Pakistan has been started with start of vimshotari mahadasha of venus –and anter of Saturn  from 20-10-2020 to21-12-2023.For more accurate analysis we have analyze the foundation horoscope of Pakistan combined .

Pakistan got independence on  14-8-1947,00:01 hrs  Karachi Pakistan, one day before the independence of India .The foundation horoscope of Pakistan has got Aries lagna and Gemini moon sign  which both thesev signs are  twelfth from foundation horoscope of India and moon sign of India .Lagna lord mars of  Aries lagna which is posited in  3rd house in Gemini sign conjunct with moon 4th lord .In 4th house there are 4 planet conjunct namely Sun, Saturn ,Venus ,Mercury .There will never be domestic peace due to  presence of 6th  lord  mercury in 4th house and 4th lord moon in 3rd house with 8th mars .This combination means unrest at domestic front but have eye on other land of other country [Jammu and Kashmir of India].At present their is unrest due to life threatening threat to Imran khan government at center in Pakistan.

For political instability we will search the possibility of survival of Imran khan government through Sudershan Chakra


[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

From lagna : Pakistan is running the 75th year in progression which comes to 3rd   house with Gemini sign in progression .Gemini sign contain mars and moon combination in which  mars is lagna and 8th lord and moon is 4th lord of domestic peace. Gemini sign lord mercury is in exchange with moon 4th lord .Third  lord mercury in 4th house indicate danger to king or throne of king. Fourth lord moon which represent throne of king is in 12th house from 4th house with 8th mars in 3rd house .Only aspect of 9th and 12th lord from 7th house can save throne or seat of Imran khan in Pakistan in 75Th  year running in Pakistan foundation horoscope. It has very  low survival for Imran khan government because military in Pakistan is fully supported by America and Imran khan government is supported by China. So  there is very low survival for Imran khan government to survive in Pakistan .But present running year  and next 76th year will provide trouble to Pakistan .Seventy six year contain Sun and Saturn with Venus hemmed between Sun and Saturn which will provide financial bankruptcy   of Pakistan.  

From Moon lagna: From moon lagna 75th year in progression will reach to 3rd house which contain Leo sign. Leo sign lord sun is posited in 2nd house conjunct with Saturn,Venus,Mercury. In this combination Venus is combust .Again same combination here is repeated in which mercury 4th lord of throne of king is conjunct with Sun 3rd lord from moon lagna .Fourth lord mercury conjunct with 3rd  lord Sun is sign of danger to Imran Khan government to remain in power. Venus as 5th and 12th lord from moon lagna in 2nd house and Saturn as 8th lord  indicate interference of foreign interest in Pakistan which will disintegrate  Pakistan in future.

From Sun lagna: From Sun lagna 75th year will reach to 3rd house from Sun lagna Virgo sign in progression .Virgo sign lord mercury is again repeating same combination in which mercury 3rd lord is conjunct with Venus 4th lord from Sun lagna which represent throne of king conjunct with 3rd lord of change mercury which shows danger to P.M position of Imran khan.It shows political instability in Pakistan in whole running 75th year.

Vimshottari dasha running at present for timing event of political instability in Pakistan venus –saturn –venus from 9-12-2021 to 20-6-2022


Venus Mahadasha Lord: Venus mahadasha lord is Prime markesh for Pakistan  in the foundation horoscope. It is  2nd and 7th house lord.Moreover venus is posited in 4th house in papkatari between Sun ahead and Saturn behind degree wise.This combination has lead to financial bankruptcy  whether Imran khan government will remain in power or his substitute may come in power. Pakistan is already in FATF grey list

Saturn :Saturn anter is running from 20-10-2020 to21-12-2023 :These period of anter of satrun in mahadasha of venus is not praised  by Maharishi Parashar . Lots of  up and down in  the life of native or nation will take place when  these are afflicted in the  horoscope In foundation horoscope of Pakistan this period is very sensitive  This period has activate the two lobby in Pakistan in which Imran khan government is supportive by Xi Jingping Chinese government. and opposition in which whole opposition party  is against Imran Khan  which is  supported  by America. On 3-4-2022 Present Prime Minister khan has asked speaker of central assembly to dissolved the assembly at present. Even re – election will be held There  will be political instability in Pakistan in running anter of Saturn till next year upto 21-12-2023. Saturn is posited in 4th house as 10th and 11th lord making a papkatri yoga around mahadasha lord venus .in which Sun is ahead Venus degree wise and Saturn is behind Venus with 20 deg 20 min.See nearness of degree with mahadasha lord venus. Saturn in d-9 navamsha is posited in 3rd house conjunct with venus . Saturn is 3rd and 4th lord papkatri with Rahu in 2nd house and Mars in 12th house from Saturn Venus is twelfth lord of retirement  conjunct with 4th lord Saturn which represent throne of king shows resignation of Imran khan government. Saturn anter lord is 8th and 9th lord in d-30 trishmansha chart .Saturn is conjunct with venus  12th lord in 8th house. So Saturn anter is not welcomed in mahadasha of venus foundation horoscope of Pakistan


Pratyaanter  of venus: Venus pratyaanter has produced catastrophic effect on Pakistan.as a nation. Imran khan has played a cards which Pakistani opposition will not except .Venus pratyaanter will remain in the  foundation horoscope of Pakistan from 9-12-2021 to20-6-2022.These  ups and down will remain in Pakistan till venus pratyaanter will remain in operation .Venus is badly afflicted in foundation horoscope of Pakistan.It is 2nd and 7th lord prime markesh for Aries lagna This primary markesh is badly afflicted in papkatri  [ sandwiched ] with Saturn  behind and Sun ahead of venus degree wise.In navamsha d-9 Venus is badly afflicted due tor Rahu which  is posited in 12th house from venus and mars in 2nd house from Venus. .These upheavals will remain in Pakistan in pratyaanter of venus.Maharishi Parashar has not praised this Saturn-Venus ,Venus-Saturn in dasha scheme but when afflicted give lot of problem and trouble in the  horoscope of nation and native .

Next pratayanter Of Sun.:Sun pratyanter is pratyaanter of 5th lord of emotion and public sensitivity in cancer sign of moon. Sun is afflicted in cancer due to opposition from its worst enemy Saturn in sign of moon afflicting moon also karka of mind of general public. Sun is 2nd house from moon lagna as 3rd lord in 2nd house. Sun is conjunct with Venus and ,Saturn mercury etc. Notice the position of Sun in navamsha in d-9 .Sun as 10th lord conjunct with moon 9th lord of navamsha aspect by Saturn and Mars in 5th house. Fifth house is house of public emotion. There  will lot of public protest and violence in pratyaanter of Sun due  to affliction of Sun by Saturn and Mars .Mars is 6th lord of enemy and violence.


Varshphal:Seventy Fifth year : Aries lagna rising in the  horoscope of Pakistan.Dwi janam   Year .repetition birth lagna is not good for Pakistan. Lagna lord is mars is posited in 5th house with 6th lord mercury represent enemy.loan,defeat..

Vimshotari dasha of birth chart  to  be super imposed on varshphal chart of 75th year

Venus-saturn –venus.from 9-12-2021 to20-6-2022

Venus Mahadasha lord is 2nd and 7th lord debilitated in 6th house is not welcomed .It will lead to fight between top leadership over different issue .Venus as 2nd lord of finance as we have been noticing the falling  financial condition of Pakistan .In future Pakistan will become slave colony of China in time to come. Pakistan financial condition  will  deteriorate     farther in future.

Anter of saturn.: Saturn in retro posited in 10th house in opposition from sun 5th lord of 75th year varshphal . Saturn anter will result in great devastating effect on democracy of Pakistan .Whole 75th year  there  will unstable government at center in Pakistan.

Venus Mahadasha 21-12-2007 to 21-12-2027 This is big period of full financial bankruptcy in Pakistan  Venus is markesh for the  horoscope of Pakistan. The way china has destabilized  Pakistan in his loan trap in future Pakistan will become slave colony of China in mahadasha of venus 

[This article was written on 3-4-2022]