Saturn Transit In Aquarius On 29-4-2022   And Its Impact On India

Saturn Transit In Aquarius On 29-4-2022   And Its Impact On India

Saturn in transit is changing from Capricorn to Aquarius on 29-4-2022 .Both are own sign of Saturn .In these two sign Capricorn is negative sign of Saturn and Aquarius is positive sign of Saturn .Since Saturn takes two and half year to cross one sign  and is slowest moving among nine planets. Saturn with Jupiter are most important planets among nine planets in our Vedic Astrology. In Bhrigu astrology Saturn is called as karka for profession. Saturn is planet of sorrow .according to Bhrigu astrology. In its transit in Aquarius sign  from 29-4-2022 Saturn will impact deeply over India. To analyzing the impact of Saturn over India we have to see its impact over foundation horoscope of India, PM Narendra Modi, BJP.Congress-I,Aap, who is filling the gap of congress-I in opposition.


Foundation Horoscope Of India :India has got independence on 15-4-1947 on 00:01hrs Delhi. with Taurus  lagna rising as an ascendant and Saturn as Yogkarka planet for Taurus  is in transit in 10th house of India .Saturn as 10th lord will bless India with super power status which has  started with Saturn transit in Capricorn .In ashtakvarga India has got 29 positive points which one plus above 28 points. India is marching in row to become super power which will be number one in status in coming time.At present India is running Moon. Mahadasha  and anter of mercury from 5-7-2021 to 4-12-2022.According to Bhrigu astrology this transit of Saturn in Aquarius in  10th house has an aspect of natal Jupiter 8th and 12th lord. As an 8th lord it will give some national mourning or death of important person It will also give change in central cabinet in PM Narendra Modi government. Transit Saturn natal despositor natal Saturn is posited in 3rd house of neighbor countries .it indicate lot upheavals in neighbor countries like Pakistan  and China. Natal Saturn in 3rd house is conjunct with Sun 4th lord, Mercury as 2nd and 5th lord, moon 3rd lord and natal Saturn which is yog karka for Taurus  lagna. Third house signification are more coming into picture. are preaching ,railways ,telecom ministry ,information and broadcasting ministry .social media. These area  will see great development under PM Narendrs modi government. Communal difference will be more aggressively come out in society. More and more difference between majority community and minority community will come into picture. But at the end there  will be rise of Sanatan Dharma whose torch bearer will be PM Narendra Modi. , 


PM Narendra Modi: PM Narendra Modi has transit of Saturn in 4th house in Aquarius sign in house of natal  Saturn .Aquarius has got 27 point in ashtakvarga .Aquarius has got Jupiter 2nd and 5th lord aspect by natal Saturn  3rd and 4th lord Venus 7th  and  12th lord  natal mars lagna lord and 6th lord .There  is formation of Rajyoga of parashari  is forming here with 5th lord Jupiter is  aspect by 4th lord Saturn from 10th house in four -ten axis of profession .Since Venus as 12th lord of foreign countries are also participating in this combination so most of Rajyoga will occur in foreign policy of PM Narendra Modi government. Transit Saturn in 4th house aspect by natal mars and natal are indication of tough opposition he will face from his enemy. Mars is lagna and 6th lord [6th house represent enemy ,fight, trouble.].Natal Saturn is 3rd lord and 4th lord conjunct with Markesh [ death inflicting house] 7th and 12th lord Venus which in turn aspect transit Saturn in Aquarius sign. .In  transit Saturn in Aquarius sign  will also give result of 3rd house,6th house,7th house [maarak  bhaav] and 12th house [which also represent loss and problem].So Saturn in transit will give both good and positive result to PM Narendra Modi in transit in Aquarius .When it will oppose form transit  Mars in sign Leo .Scorpio ,Aquarius will create trouble and obstacles to PM Narendra Modi.


Transit Saturn In Aquarius In The  Horoscope of BJP: BJP has Gemini lagna with transit Saturn it will change sign from Capricorn  to .Aquarius in 9th house over lagna lord Mercury and  natal Ketu  It will be aspect by natal retro Mars ,Rahu ,natal retro Saturn ,natal retro Jupiter from 3rd house .In astakvarga it has got 21 point below 28th average point .Their planetary war going in three –nine axis in the  horoscope of BJP in which four planets including   Chaaya Grah Rahu and Ketu is also participating in planetary war. Saturn in 9th house in transit  will aggravate the pro majority community for favour of BJP in India  According to foundation horoscope of BJP will introduce in parliament more and more law in favour to majority community which will create a storm in minority  community in India .These law will concerned with strengthening   of suppressed majority community of India. .See natal retro Mars as 6th lord also aspect transit Saturn in Aquarius from 29-4-2022.this will create enemy of BJP in India and outside .After these steps BJP will avails the benefit of good doing in favour to develop India and Upliftment of  majority community of India when Saturn will transit Pisces over 3rd lord Sun in 10th house of profession in the  horoscope  of BJP..


Transit Saturn In The Horoscope Of Congress-I::Congress-I major opposition party of India has running low due to  losing last assembly election of four states in march 2022.saturn in transit will be in 12th house for Pisces lagna. .Aquarius sign or 12th house has got 23 benefic point in ashtakvarga .From Bhrigu transit Saturn as karma karka and its natal despositor natal Saturn has gone to 6th house of enemy ,disease ,legal problem etc.Mars retro 2nd and 9th lord aspect this transit Saturn in 12th house. Prashant kishore political motivator has been introduced in congress-I to boost congress-I to face  Loksabha election of 2024 against PM Narendra Modi .but malefic transit of Saturn in 12th house of loss will be failure  for Congress-I to face BJP in next Loksabha election  in 2024.It is due to reason Saturn in transit in 12th house for Pisces lagna and natal despositor of transit is in 6th house and also malefic debilitated mars also aspect this combination .Aspect of Jupiter on this transit Saturn in 12th house only help congress-I to increase its vote share of minority community in India..


Aap:Major Political challenger to BJP in Delhi and Punjab .Saturn in transit is in 2nd house in Aquarius sign. Aquarius sign lord natal Saturn in  10th house forming a Rajyoga with mercury retro as 6th and 9th lord, Venus as Yogkarka as 5th  and 10th lord .There  is Rajyoga forming in 10th house in the  horoscope of Aap party.Its political aspiration will be on high rise due to  gaining strength in Punjab.According to parashari angle Saturn in Aquarius in transit aspect 8th  house of suddenness and 8th lord Sun in 11th house of gain. Jupiter in transit in Pisces aspect to 8th lord Sun in 11th house. So political implication of this combination is that  Aap may gain suddenly in political circle replacing congress-I in national scenario  .Some surprise gain may take place since Saturn  transit in Aquarius in the  foundation horoscope of Aap party. But some dispute may take place as Saturn and Jupiter combined is activating 8th house and 8th lord Sun which represent obstacles trouble and problem.