Saturn Transit In Aquarius In 2022 And Its Impact Over World.

Saturn Transit In Aquarius In 2022 And Its Impact Over World.

Saturn in Aquarius is second part of my article. In first part  I have discussed the impact of transit Saturn in Aquarius on India. Since we are facing  communal disharmony in majority community and monitory community  in India .But more is going in the  world which is  in picture in form of Russia and Ukraine war which has started on 24-2-2022 .Till now there is no ending of this war is visible in future .But Saturn will greatly impact the war mongering   zeal  of different nation in the  world. Saturn in Aquarius is continuation of impact Saturn in Capricorn. For this we have to study the horoscope of Russia ,America, Ukraine with which  war of Russia is going on,China etc.


Russia: Russia is aggressively active to defeat Ukraine on every level. But till now it has been able to control only Mariopol Russian horoscope has  got  Virgo ascendant .This war was active in the brain of Russian president Vladimir Putin when partial lunar eclipse occur on 19-11-2021 in Taurus  sign on its natal moon sign .This lunar time duration  was long enough. This lunar eclipse has occurred on lagna lord mercury in the  horoscope of Russia  which is posited in 9th house and 12th lord Sun. This lunar eclipse was aspect by mars from Libra sign which instigated Russian president Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine .This solar eclipse has occurred on Vladimir Putin natal moon in Taurus in one –seven axis .Now  Saturn in transit in 6th  house  in Aquarius sign on 29-4-2022 .Saturn from here will aspect 8th ,12th 3rd house .All these are unfavorable house are covered by Saturn in transit will create trouble for Russia  in transit in Aquarius sign. Moreover Saadsati seven –half cycle of Saturn is in ending face.But Russia has to pay a lot due to unfavorable mahadasha which is running in the  horoscope  of Russia. Russia is running Rahu-Moon-Saturn ,mahadasha and anter-pratyaanter .Pratyaanter dasha of Saturn which is running from17-3-2022 to11-6-2022 will not end the war because Saturn in 6th lord of fight ,dispute trouble conjunct with Moon [represent mind] , Rahu.


America:America has entered in full support  to Ukraine with latest of$800 million package which is largest among other member of NATO origination .Saturn has entered in 7th house in Aquarius sign for Leo lagna for America. At present America is Rahu-Jupiter-Mercury form 11-3-2022 to13-7-2022.See position of pratyaanter lord mercury in 6th house from natal moon sign. Mercury is also conjunct with Rahu and it is 12th from lagna. \What does this combination represent .Sixth from moon lagna represent war participation as America is indirectly involved in war by supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine which will increase in future .Since this mercury pratyaanter dasha lord conjunct with Rahu and this  combination is forming in 12th house from lagna which indicate  participating indirectly in war of America against Russia will result in heavy expenditure which will result in loss. For America in future .Rahu position in 12th house will result in loss because 12th resent loss. Saturn in transit in 7th house over natal moon 12th lord will instigate America to participate in indirect war against  Russia. In Saadsati running in which Saturn in mid of Saadsati. According to Bhrigu angle Saturn in transit in Aquarius over natal moon 12th lord in 7th house of war .Transit Saturn  natal sign depositor is natal Saturn is posited in 2nd house aspect to Rajyoga combination in 11th house of gain which Mars Yogkarka for Leo lagna, Venus 10th lord Sun lagna lord. See affliction to lagna lord Sun which in turn aspect natal Saturn which 6th and 7th lord in which Saturn degree which is 24-03 in nearness with lagna lord Sun22-19 degree.all these result will occur with transit Saturn in Aquarius in 7th house of war over natal moon 12th [foreign land ]


President Joe Biden: American President Joe Biden is playing the most important part in Ukraine  Russia war .Ukraine cannot per long war with Russia without assistance of American president Joe Biden.Joe Biden is running mahadasha-anter-Prtayaanter of Jupiter-Rahu-Sun from 6-4-2022 to20-5-2022 followed by pratyaanter of moon from 20-5-2022 to 1-8-2022 ,then mars from 1-8-2022 to 29–9-2022 .Sun pratyaanter lord which will run from 6-4-2022 to 20-5-2022 is afflicted in opposition from  retro Saturn which will  aspect natal Sun 10th lord of profession from 7th   of open war .Moon pratyaanter lord is posited in 6th house of war, dispute and quarrel aspect by 6th lord mars from 12th house of foreign countries which is represent by Ukraine. After moon , mars pratyaanter lord which will run from 1-8-2022  to21-9-2022  which  is lagna lord and 6th conjunct with mercury 8th and 11th lord. So mars pratyaanter will run upto  29-9-2022 in horoscope of  Joe Biden will not stop helping Ukraine by  supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine .In other sense   America  under president Joe Biden will do every act to prolong war of Ukraine with  Russia to bankrupt Russia financially and economically by sanction and by supplying weapons to Ukraine .But this will not happen .Russia  will recover from this position after end of this war. Saturn in transit in 4th house  over natal ketu.Aspect of natal retro Saturn from 7th house of war is not good indication for president Joe biden .He will face criticism on his policy on Russian –Ukraine  war and other issue involving his foreign policy with India .Saturn in transit in Aquarius over natal ketu indicate trouble and criticism and taking wrong decision .Saturn in transit in Aquarius is not good in the  horoscope of  President Joe Biden in coming time.


China: China is strictly under observation of lock down due to covid -19 protocol .China has Capricorn lagna with lagna lord Saturn posited in     8th house .Saturn in transit in Aquarius on 29-4-2022 will transit in 2nd house in 7th house from natal Saturn .in 8th house. Saturn in transit in Aquarius will aspect by natal Saturn from 8th house of secrecy and natal debilitated mars from 7th house of open war. Aspect of natal mars will provide Ignition  to china PLA army to invade Taiwan any time when it will recover from covid-19. China is also running into Saadsati which is intensifying  the war zeal of china to occupy Taiwan  with force.


Ukarine:Russia is fully indulge in war with ukarine. Ukraine is losing ground in war with Russia. But with help of America it is giving full fight to Russia. America is giving full support to Ukraine  Ukraine has Capricorn lagna with lagna lord retro Saturn and 7th lord moon posited in it. When Saturn was in Capricorn which let to start of war of Ukraine with Russia. Russia  ,Ukraine ,America are running in to Saadsati which has lead to start of war. America in between of Saadsati and Russia and Ukraine in end of Saadsati .Saturn entering in Aquarius will let to end of war .Saturn in transit will aspect by Sun,Venus,Jup[iter Mercury from eighth  house will help by mediation  to end this war between Russia and Ukraine in horosocope of Ukraine   .Sign  despositor of transit Saturn is natal Saturn retro posited with seventh lord moon in lagna  will not led  by is head Vladmir  Zelensky to end this war till Ukraine will converted into ash by Russia. But aspect of 4 planets from eighth  house force is greater that will let to end this war on advised by major world forces like India and European union