When India Will Reach 5 Trillion Economy Mark In This Period Of Worldwide Recession.

When India Will Reach 5 Trillion Economy Mark In This Period Of Worldwide Recession.

India at present has crossed the mark of $3.29 trillion at present in which GDP of India is 8.2% in 2022 which was 8.9% in 2021.India’s Forex Reserve has $597.73 billion in the week ending on 29-4-2022 data given by RBI . India stood fourth in number with $597.73 after Switzerland which is  stood 3rd in number by1,101,380by 31-3-2022 with china who top in number with $3,301,196.Does these figure indicate something about rising power on Indian economy in near future. India is importing crude oil from Russia or offering crude oil less then $70 may be near $60 to $65 dollar .This step by Indian government will help to curb the inflation in Indian market be Forex reserve will used by government of India to   curb inflation in Indian market. This step definitely help Indian government to increase it Forex Reserve back to cross the $600 billion mark

Whether India will increase its pace to cross 5 Trillion mark this year  or next year will analyzed by modified Suderhsan Chakra Technique  of year 75th,76th ,77th year in the foundation horoscope of India .


India has Taurus  with lagna lord Venus  in 3rd house with  Sun 4th lord,Saturn 9th and 10th lord Mercury 2nd and 5th lord. These planetary combinationin 3rd house is  boom for digital economy ,railways ,computer ,electronic .making sophisticated    weapons for army due to 6th lord Venus. Twelfth lord mars has direct connection with 2nd house of finance in the  form of FDI from foreign countries .All these combination is start working in the  horoscope of India after 2014 when PM Narendra Modi has taken centre  stage in India.

Modified Sudershan Chakra for three  year for year 2021-2022 to 2022 -2023,2023-2024


[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

India is running at seventy fifth year in running present 2021 to2022  year in modified Sudershan Chakra. In this modified Sudershan Chakra 3rd house is running in progression in 75th year  which represent communication ,telephone[ [mobile],press ,news and broadcasting ministry ,publication ,satellite ,neighbour countries etc. In third house in progression of India cancer house in progression which has  five planet including mercury,2nd lord of finance.5th house Lakshmi Sthaan [ House of Godess Lakshmi]  alternate of money.9th lord Saturn again alternate house of money because it represent Lakshmi   Sthaan  another Trikona after 5th house. So  in this progression so many combinations  are working in regards to boosting foreign trade of India despite Russia –Ukraine  war .another  Opportunity is spreading of covid -19 in China  and adamant behavior of China to occupy Taiwan with power. With this event many multinational company are transferring their base from China to India which will boom for India to making $5trillion economy or even crossing that mark in not far away. Cancer  sign also represent  petroleum product  or natural gas and also cheap petrol which India will import from Russia this and next year will save precious Forex Reserve  of India .This import will be done  in rubble rupees term.

Modified sudershan chakra76TH Year :In modified Sudershan Chakra in 76th year which will  run from 2022-2023 .in his progression Leo of Sun will be in progression .Sun  4th lord  is again posited in 3rd house conjunct with four planets  Venus,Mercury, Saturn, Moon. Sun position as 4th lord is not good for domestic  peace .There  will unrest in neighbor countries like Srilanka , Nepal is  also going in this way of bankruptcy but India will develop even since disturbance in neighbor countries .Sun conjunct with four planet in 3rd house in which one lagna lord Venus and other in Yogkarka Saturn for Taurus  lagna conjuct with 5th and second lord of finance Mercury..So progress will be there  due to conjunction of Sun with these planets.

Modified sudershan chakra for 77TH year for year 2023 to2024:In this year progression will reach to 5th house which is  one of Lakshmi Sthaan  alternate house of finance.It contain Virgo sign    

Fifth lord Mercury Is posited in 3rd house eleventh from its sign. May be India can touch $5trillion mark this time in 77th year .Fifth lord sign in progression in Virgo sign which represent trade or prosperity  in trade. Mercury is karka for trade so its sign will represent that quality in its progression in 77th year.

Some reading through varshphal for financial rise of India in these three year to make India a$5trillion economy.


 Seventy fifth year: Aries sign rising which 12th house of foundation chart of India. Twelfth house represent loss. But with running good vimshotari mahadasha –anter of moon –mercury will be good will be last upto 4-12-2022 will good .Moon-ketu will start from 4-12-2022 to 5-7-2023.This period will be period of internal disturbance for India specially in North India with bordering states with Pakistan. Muntha is afflicted in Sun –Saturn opposition will result in internal disturbance in India. Second lord here in debilitation will result more outflow of Foreign Reserve. But good positioning  of Jupiter in 11th indicate incoming of FDI with great speed to fill the outflow of Forex reserve  in currency market to stable the week position of Indian rupees in 75th year.


Seventy  sixth year.:.We have cancer lagna of Moon which is 3rd  house of natal horoscope for 76th year .See psotion of 2nd house which has one benefic Mercury karka for trade. Muntha is also posited in second house. Second lord Sun is conjunct with venus another benefic and mars 10th lord for seventy sixth year varshphal aspect 2nd house .All these combination of better financial position of India for crossing $5Trillion economy mark. As we PM Narendra Modi for next 5 year as PM Of India .Too many aspect on second house will also give raise to inflation in running varshphal of seventy sixth year.


Seventy seventh year: In seventy seventh year Libra  lagna is rising which 12th house of  lagna of PM Narendra modi.and this is  6th house of natal foundation horoscope of india.  .Second house which represent the house of  finance for clearing $5 trillion mark. May be india have crossed this mark in this running seventy seventh year. Second lord mars  is conjunct  with mercury 9th lord another lord Lakshmi  Sthaan or house of finance or prosperity Jupiter another benefic aspect this 2nd lord mars in 11th house represent gain of economy .Many benefic planet are  giving influence to 2nd house and 2nd lord mars. Muntha in 12th  Is not good