Why So Unrest In Neighbor Countries Of India?

Why So Unrest In Neighbor Countries Of India?

There is upheavals in neighbor countries of India like Nepal, SriLanka ,Pakistan and still protected by this unrest is Bangladesh The main reason for these unrest is china which provide cheap loan to these countries .After these greed  to avail the facility of cheap loan these countries  take heavy loan  from China are unable to pay installments of these  loan at time .They borrow more loan from China  to repay their previous  loan installment on more interest .Then there comes a vicious trap in which  they  borrow more loan from China in order to pay their previous loan .If they are unable to pay the loan they will have to mortgage their land to China which at last captured     by China on the nonpayment of loan installment  .This same happen with SriLanka  in which China undertake their Hambantota port  in which srilanka was unable to repay their loan installment at time. China has established military base in Hambantota to keep an  eye on India Navy Operation in Indian Ocean.



Nepal :China played  a smart card in Nepal when k.P Sharma Oli government was in power from11-oct-2015 to13-7-2021.[ Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli was  a Nepalese politician and former Prime Minister of Nepal. He served three terms as prime minister from 11 October 2015 to 3 August 2016, from 15 February 2018 to 13 May 2021 as the first elected prime minister under the new constitution, and from 13 May 2021 to 13 July 2021] He was mere puppet in the  hand of China communist party . His government fell down and new government was formed under Sher Bahadur Deuba from Nepali  Congress  since 13 July 2021 .Since Nepal is progressing in maintaining good relation with India till now.Nepal has got Capricorn lagna with lagna lord posited in 8th house with 7th lord moon  aspect on  8th Saturn is not good. Rahu-ketu in one-seven axis in which debilitated mars is conjunct with Rahu –ketu in one seven axis rendered it weak and always remain on support of either China  or India .Mars aspect on lagna and with Rahu in lagna represent support given by china. Red mars represent by China and it is aspect  moon karka for public sentiment .Aspect of Jupiter retro on lagna lord Saturn indicate influence of America and India  specially India. There was change of government on 13-jul-2021 under Vimshotari mahadasha –anter-pratyaanter of Jupiter-Rahu-Saturn.. Jupiter mahadasha lord is in 12th house shows foreign influence in changing government or fall of K.P  Sharma oli government . Jupiter in d-9 navamsha in 6th house aspect 8th Saturn which represent change in government .Rahu anter lord is posited in lagna  against debilitated mars who turn aspect Rahu in lagna. Mars as 4th lord shows disturbed domestic peace which will lead to change of government .Rahu natal sign despositor in natal Saturn  in 8th house  aspect to 10th lord Venus in 5th house shows under current which was responsible for change in government in Nepal .Saturn anter lord is in 8th house of change .Saturn aspect on 10th lord venus  conjunct  in 5th house with Sun and 8th lord Mercury retro as 6th and 9th lord of luck. Saturn  in 8th house as lagna and 2nd lord is under aspect of Jupiter from 12th house own house retro which may be represent by India  has an influence over natal Saturn .

Mahadasha Lord  Chhidra :Jupiter mahadasha ending in 22-11-2022 and Saturn  mahadasha is starting on 23-11-2022

For future reference Jupiter Mahadasha was not good for Nepal  as it is mahadasha  of 3rd and 12th lord which intensifies  problem in Nepal. Now Saturn mahadasha will starting  from  23-11-2022  to  22-11-2041.Saturn again mahadasha lord is  chiddra dasha in 8th house aspect by Jupiter retro which represent india Saturn  mahadasha is of lagna and 2nd lord which represent financial condition of Nepal .In navamsha d-9 chart it is   again  8th lord in 12th house shows  study growth in every sphere  .In dashmansha D-10 ,Saturn is 10th lord aspect by Venus and conjunct with retro mercury in 7th house. So Nepal will have steady and long lasting  government with help of India.[Saturn  has influence of Mars in d-9 navamsha form 5th house shows influence of China will remain in Nepal even in the mahadasha of Saturn].  This mahadasha chiddra which will complete with the start of anter dasha of  Saturn –mercury from 25-11-2025 after this dasha Chhidra Nepal will come out of China influence upto some extent.



SriLanka :SriLanka second in number after Pakistan is facing worst financial crises  after its economy crashes in a wake of bankruptcy. But present economic crises will have cause of wrong economic and financial  management by Rajapaksa”s government. Critics are  arguing that present financial crises ,the worst in the several decade,lie in the economic mismanagement by successive government that created twin deficit budget shortfall alongside current account deficit .its non fulfillment of paying installment of loan taken from China  .In turn China has grabbed its land or port named by Hambantota for nonpayment of loan in past.

Srilanka has got Leo lagna or ascendant with lagna lord Sun in 10th house conjunct with Saturn 6th and 7th lord in 10th house shows turbulence in wrong economic policy undertaken by central government of SriLanka. .Two most strong malefic Saturn and Sun oppose in 10th house is not good. At present Srilanka is running vimshotari mahadasha –anter-pratyaanter dasha of Jupiter-moon-Saturn from18-4-2022 to 4-7-2022

Mahadasha of Jupiter: Jupiter Mahadasha lord is in 5th house as 5th and 8th lord aspect by yogkarka mars and 10th lord Venus. Even then Srilanka land into trouble of financial crises .Srilanka will control this problem after some time.Anter of moon:is main culprit planet in this planatery dasha scheme.Moon anter lord in whose anter Srilanka goes bankrupt .Moon is 12th lord in second house of finance .Wrong financial policy undertaken by Rajpakshya government has lead to the financial breakdown. Their surrendering towards China in matter of finance has been the main cause for becoming  defaulter of Srilanka in front of world by not paying installment of loan undertaken by them .Moon as 12th lord shows clear meaning as loose  and that moon in 2nd house of finance  mean financial loss wrong economic policy.

Coming anter of mars from 23-1-2023

Coming anter of mars SriLanka horoscope will help SriLanka from this problem for some time.

But SriLanka will be in  trouble again with the start of mahadasha of Saturn that will start on 25-5-2026 .Saturn is malefic planet for Leo lagna as 6th  and 7th lord in 10th house shows ineffective leadership that Srilanka will encounter in mahadasha of Saturn .Saturn is with lagna lord sun,In d-9 navamsha chart Saturn as again 6th and 7th lord in 10th house.In dashmansha d-10 chart Saturn is 2nd and 3rd lord with 8th lord in 7th house is not recommended good for future of srilanka.



Pakistan:I have discussed in  past article about Pakistan running instability may it be financial  or political .China dream of pearl of string in which china is developing its military  base around India  in different countires like Bangladesh ,Maldives  .Srilanka Nepal and Pakistan. Pakistan  is biggest and one of them. India is running in strategy to fight with two and half front on LOC and LAC in which one side is China and other side is Pakistan. Till we have PM Narendra Modi in India in centre  stage or BJP at centre  India is totally in safe hands. Pakistan is running in its worst period .Paksitan has Aries lagna  with date of birth 14-8-1947,00:01hrs, Karachi ,Pakisan/ Pakistan has four planet in 4th house and lagna lord mars with moon 4th lord in 3rd house indicate it will always has land problem in form of Kashmir issue with India ..Pakistan  Vimshottari  Mahadasha and anter running at present is Venus-Saturn-Venus from 9-12-2021 to 20-6-2022.This period has lead to change of government at centre  with replacing Imran khan with Shah Baaz Sharif  at centre .Even replacing government at centre  will not let Pakistan in comfortable place Venus Mahadasa lord in mahadasha of markesh with lordship of 2nd and 7th house. Anter of satrun10th and 11th lord  is conjunct  with mercury.3rd and 6th lord [of enemy ,war,trouble,fights ] its worst enemy 5th lord Sun  will result is unstable government in Pakistan. Venus mahadasha lord is in Paapkatari between Sun and Saturn will result is financial bankruptcy till it will become slave colony of China. Coming mahadasha of Sun is very bad for Pakistan .Sun mahadasha is starting from 21-12-2027 to20-12-2033 is very bad for Pakistan .See sun as 5th lord is in  opposition from Saturn as 10th and 11th lord conjunct with markesh 2nd and 7th lord venus.with 3rd and 6th lord is not good for Pakistan.In navamsha d-9 Sun is 10th lord conjunct with 9th lord moon aspect by Saturn and Mars .See the desperate condition of paksitan public and its emotion sensitivity on boils leads to revolution like condition in coming time in Pakistan  in mahadasha of Sun