Latest Construction In Pangong Taso Lake In Eastern Ladakh By China. Will It Escalate Trouble For India.In Year 2022

Latest Construction In Pangong Taso Lake In Eastern Ladakh By China. Will It Escalate Trouble For India.In Year 2022

China is fast building a bridge in Pangong Taso Lake in Eastern Ladakh on 18-5-20222 on wednesday .China  is building this bridge to quickly mobilize its troop in this region .China has intensely control by Indian army in Ladakh and whole LAC from Ladakh  to Arunachal Pradesh .Chinese frustration  was intense when it was clean bold by Indian army in Galwan incident in May-June -2020.Indian army has taught tough lesson to China  even in year 2020-2021.If we keenly observe the internal condition of China, when some tough time come in front of XI  Jingping government they start creating trouble with either on LAC with India or Taiwan or Japan or  start invading in territory of small nation in South China Sea. So that XI Jingping government is able to mobilize the interest of Chinese people from internal tough situation in China .At present China is having covid-19 pandemic effect all over China. Chinese people is criticizing the mismanagement of China government to handle this pandemic running at  present in China in 2022.So to mobilize the interest of Chinese people from this pandemic of covid-19 in 2020Chinese government is intruding in illegal occupied Pangong Taso Lake by building bridge in this area China wish to construct a bridge in this area can provide disturbance to very fragile equilibrium in this area between India and China at LAC .Whether this balance between India and China will be disturbed or remain stable can be accessed by astrology from the  foundation horoscope of China and India.



China :China has Capricorn lagna or ascendant with lagna lord in 8th house .Lagna has moon as 7th lord with debilitated mars 4th and 11th lord aspect to natal moon and lagna. Aspect  of mars debilitated karka for property or  land also 4th lord of  fixed property or land  always indicate the hunger for property never ends. Lagna lord Saturn that too in 8th house is never praised by classical text.


Varshsphal for China seventy third year.: Cancer lagna is rising in seventy third year varshphal of China .Cancer is 7th house of natal horoscope of China. Seventh house is Marakah Bhav house in natal horoscope China is suffering the worst lockdown after covid-19 out burst  in China. See condition of fourth house and fourth lord Venus which is badly afflicted due conjunction with  12th mercury in 4th house  with 4th lord Venus. Bad papkatari around 4th house with Mars and Sun in 3rd house and Ketu in 5th house. Aspect of Saturn retro on 4th house is also not praise worthy. So much affliction to 4th and fourth lord will lead domestic unrest which will lead t China top leadership to divert attention of general public towards border in India and Eastern Ladakh.

Super Imposing The Vimshotari Mahadasha Of Birth Chart Of Foundation Horoscope On Present Varshphal of china

Mercury Ketu from 19-2-2022 to17-2-2023

Mercury Mahadasha lord while imposing on seventy third year varshphal.Mercury is 3rd   and  12th lord for Cancer lagna  conjunct with 4th and 11th lord Venus in 4th house. Third and third  lord in 4th house in present varshphal chart indicate the frustrated will of China to occupy the land of India in Eastern Ladakh near Pangong  Taso Lake,See bad Papkatri near fourth house with Mars and Sun conjunct in 3rd house and ketu in 5th house indicate very  tough and rough fight from Indian army .This bad Papkatri indicate if it comes to fight with Indian army in a bid to occupy the area in Eastern Ladakh he will even get defeat from Indian army. Planets of present varshphal are not supporting China to built and occupy the area located near Pangong  Taso Lake near Eastern Ladakn..

Anter of ketu:Ketu anter lord is in 5th house of public emotion or public sensitivity .China in order to divert the panic of public from covid -19 pandemic  which is on peak and Chinese public is not satisfied with management of Chinese government  to handle the situation of covid-19 pandemic. Ketu in 5th house in Scorpio  sign and its depositor mars conjunct with sun in 3rd house of neighbor countries which is represent by india .So china is in bid to divert the interest of Chinese public from covid-19 is creating a galwan like situation now in present in border of india in eastern pangong taso lake by building a bridge in this illegal area occupied by china .See ketu position in d-9 progression navamsha chart in 8th house with Jupiter aspect by 3rd lord mars from 5th house indicate china planning secretly to occupy a part of pangong taso lake in eastern ladakh. But he will be unsuccessful in this attempt. due to mars 3rd lord well p[laced in 5th house with venus but aspect of Saturn on this combination is not good.

vimshatori mahadasha -anter -prtyaanter dasha for timing event in birth chart of china

Mercury –ketu-sun from 12-5-2022 to30-5-2022

vimshotari mahadasha of birth chart

vimshotari mahadasha -anter-prtyaanter in birth chart of china

Mercury mahadasha lord in 6th and 9th lord in 9th house badly in pakatari yoga with ketu ahead and Saturn behind in 12th house .Mercury when afflicted then person become without logic and lack of intelligence  .Mercury is karka for these two things in astrology. When mercury is also 6th lord which represent quarrel ,dispute ,trouble war like condition on border. All these significance   applies to the  horoscope of china that will happen in the  mahadasha of Mercury when it  is running in which happen in the  horoscope of china in the  mahadasha of mercury

1]Outbreak of covid-19 from China roughly in Feb 2020

2]Galwan incident in which India badly beat China in military clash

3]Now Taiwan on list of China aggression.

4]Now in may-2022 china start building a bridge on Pangong Taso Lake in Eastern Ladakh

All these are signification of mercury when afflicted and also 6th lord in horoscope of nation .See position of Mercury in navamsha d-9 as 6th lord in 4th house aspect by mars will lead to land and territory dispute with neighbor countries..This mercury is retro and combust due to nearness with sun.

Ketu anter start from :19-2-2022 to17-2-2023

Ketu anter lord in eclipsing mercury 6th and 9th lord indicate that china aggression mood to some due to conjunction of  mercury and Sun .see nearness with retro mercury three degree roughly .Ketu will give result of mercury 6th lord and Sun 8th lord both are lord of bad houses.We have seen covid-19 spreading in China in limitless speed.

Prtyaanternter of Sun:from 12-5-2022 to 30-5-2022

Sun pratyanater lord is very short pratyaanter but have given significant result due to  its 8th lordship in 9th house conjunct with retro and combust mercury and also ketu..Affiliation to 8th lord will lead to exposure of secret planning of China to built a bridge in Pangong Taso Lake in Eastern Ladakh.

Moon pratyaanter dasha from 30-5-2022 to 29-6-2022

Moon pratyanter dasha lord is pratyaanter of 7th lord in lagna with aspect of mars debilitated from 7th house. Moon 4th lord is also aspect by mars lagna lord and 8th lord .in navamsha d-9 chart. Aspect to Moon by Mars indicate aggression in mind of nation like China to capture land of either India or Taiwan in South China Sea of neighbor countries.

Mars pratyanter from 29-6-2022 to 20-7-2022

This pratyaanter is significant due  to some news may flash China building bridge on Pangong Taso Lake either stopping it by india or some conflict between Indian army may happen

No big clash  is going happen due to  Galwan incident with Indian soldiers aggressive reaction with China’s  army in anter of mercury .Now in anter of ketu only problems  are indicating ahead which will stop the march of Chinese army in Eastern Ladakh. also astrologically ketu in blocking mercury to march ahead.of China.

Transit of Satrun and Jupiter.

Saturn is in Aquarius will retro on 5-6-2022 and will enter Capricorn on 12-7-2022  and re -enter Aquarius on 23-1-2023 in lagna of China over natal moon.Natal Mars from 7th house  will aspect this transit Saturn in lagna of China in Capricorn .This is the sensitive time for China  in some kind of clash or heated discussion may take place  between Chinese army and Indian army.

Jupiter in transit will in Pisces in 3rd house of China .Third house represent neighbor countries which represent  India and also Taiwan .So whole year   Jupiter will stay  in pisces will engage china in fighting with neighbor countries but no big fight will take place on border of India..



India:in this event  of making bridge by China in Pangong Taso Lake in Eastern Ladakh India has tighten the security in this are but what the horoscope of India has to say  about this breach of loLOC by China will be analyze below

India has Taurus  lagna      and lagna  lord in third house of neighbor countries with Saturn  behind  and Sun ahead which may represent China and Pakistan

Vimshotari mahadasha –anter and pratyaanter running is of Moon Mercury-Rahu from 20-4-2022 to 6-7-2022

Present mahadasha Of Moon: With the start of Moon on 4-9-2015 in the  foundation horoscope of India China has come closer on LOC in whole from Ladakh to Arunachal  Pradesh.Before that India was ruled by opposition parties but by coming of PM Narendra Modi . with start of Mahadasha of Moon total scenario  has changes Now because PM Narendra modi fully  stand in confrontation   with  Chinese government  policy to cross border without of and capture land of india..All this is happning due to presence of Moon Mahadasha wihich is 3rd lord in the  foundation horoscope of India  which represent neighbor countries by Pakistan and China.

Anter of Mercury: Mercury anter lord is 2nd and 5th from lagna and 3rd and 12th from Moon lagna.As 3rd lord from Moon lagna it represent infiltration by China PLA in Pangong Taso Lake in disputed area in Eastern Ladakh. But mercury is benefic and conjunct with 3rd lord moon ,Venus Sun and Saturn with two  benefic so no major confrontation will take place in LOC with China.

Pratyaantaer Of Rahu: Pratyaanter of Rahu is significant but it will give  result of conflict between majority and Minority community on religious issue. In India.

Coming anter of Jupiter from 6-7-2022 to 13-9-2022: Jupiter Pratyaanter is significant due   to  reason of Jupiter is 8th and 12th for Taurus  lagna posited in 6th house of border dispute  ,fight,trouble with China .In this Pratyaanter of Jupiter Indian government may raise issue with Chinese government on this issue of Pangong Taso Lake bridge construction which is  totally illegal. Hot exchanges may take place between Indian ,Military with Chinese PLA on this issue in pratyaanter of Jupiter