Tejashwi Yadav Future In Bihar

  Tejashwi Yadav Future In Bihar

Present deputy CM of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav received  an award as  Deputy CM of Bihar in which his party RJD got alliance with Nitish Kumar JDU on 8-8-2022.

Verification of his horoscope ,


Tejashwi Yadav was born on  9-11-1989  at 12-30 hrs Patna ,Bihar.Tejashwi  Yadav got post of deputy CM of Bihar on  8-8-2022 an alliance with Nitish Kumar JDU

Tejashwi  Yadav has got Capricorn lagna with lagna lord in 12th house conjunct with venus yogkarka for Capricorn  lagna.

Vimshotari Mahadasha at the  time of selection of deputy CM of Bihar on 8-8-2022

Mercury-Sun-Venus from 12-7-2022 to2-9-2022

  1]Mahadasha Lord Mercury:Mercury in 6th and 9th lord conjunct with 8th lord Sun and 4th and 11th lord Mars in 10th house of profession. Tenth house  represent profession and karmas of person.

2]Sun anter lord:Sun anter lord is 8th lord of change in 10th house of profession for betterment in life of  Tejashwi Yadav. Sun is conjunct with 10th lord Satrun ,and Mercury in Dashmansha d-10 which represent professional life of native.

3]Venus is pratyaanter lord was running at the time when elected as  post of Deputy CM of Bihar. Venus is Yogkarka for Capricorn lagna as 5th lord , as a result he got  minister ship in Cabinet of Nitish kumar in Bihar. Venus is lagna lord of Dashmansha chart d-10 exhalted in 11th house of gain .

Transit Saturn was in Capricorn at the  time of Tejashwi Yadav becoming Deputy CM of Bihar. From Capricorn sign   Saturn aspect 10th from lagna.

Jupiter is in  Pisces retro in 3rd house aspect to 10th in retro motion.

Mars was in Aries crossing junction point if Aries to Taurus  sign aspect to 10th house.

Moon was in Sagittarius sign over 10th lord Venus in 12th house.

All parameters  of dasha and transit was active in the  horoscope of Tejashwi  Yadav in regards with 10th house and 10th lord Venus.

So horoscope of Tejashwi Yadav seems to be ok

His Political Future In Bihar.

Sudershan Chakra:


[Sudershan chakra work  in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

From  Lagna:From lagna 33rd  year is in progression which will reach to 9th house of luck. Since Tejashwi Yadav has  become deputy CM of Bihar in 33rd year in which Virgo sign is rising and Virgo lord  mercury is posited in 10th house conjunct with 8th lord debilitated  Sun and 4th and 11th lord Mars.9th lord Mercury in 10th conjunct with 8th Sun shows change in profession and also conjunct with 11th lord of gain mars shows gaining of position of deputy CM of Bihar in this progression .Since mercury is conjunct with debilitated Sun 8th lord and Mars karka for violence and trouble so he will  face  lot of troubles and obstacles in this progression.

From moon lagna:From moon lagna progression of  33rd year will reach to 9th house which contain debilitated Sun 7th lord ,Mars 3rd and 10th lord and Mercury 5th and 8th lord from Moon lagna. Since this is house of father and debilitated Sun is posited with another malefic Mars and Mercury will provide bad health of his father. Debilitated Sun and  malefic Mars will provide lot of controversies to his professional life. Since 10th lord Mars is posited here with debilitated Sun and 8th lord Mars so he will not be satisfied with his position  as deputy CM of Bihar . moreover 9th lord  Venus is 11th house give him  benefit as deputy CM of Bihar.

From sun lagna: From sun lagna 33rd year progression reaches to 9th house which contain Gemini sign and  has Jupiter retro 6th lord from sun lagna. Gemini lord Mercury is posited   in Sun lagna with Sun and Mars 2nd and 7th lord from Sun lagna. Gemini sign also aspect by Saturn yogkarka from Sun lagna and also Venus a benefic from Sun lagna and lord of Sun sign aspect 9th house and running progression from Sun lagna. Ninth house represent luck and Gemini sign lord Mercury is conjunct with Mars 7th lord from Sun lagna which gives Tejashwi  Yadav pad d pra[apti [achieving position]  or post of deputy CM of Bihar. See so much malefic influence over Gemini sign.

some important points of sudershan chakra from sun lagna

1]Gemini sign lord  Mercury is conjunct with malefic Sun 11th lord from itself Since Sun is debilitated it will give over confident behavior of native concerned.

2]Mercury is conjunct with 2nd malefic Mars which is 7th lord from Sun lagna indicate influence of native’s  wife in decision making of day to day affairs of native.

3]Jupiter is retro 6th lord from Sun lagna has occupied 9th house in running progression  will create lot of legal dispute and enemy in running progression .Also down fall from present position.

4]See mercury is in very bad Paapkatri in which Sun is ahead degree wise and Mars is behind Mercury .This position indicate that Tejashwi  Yadav will not able to perform much in present condition as deputy CM of Bihar.


Coming Varshphal  For 34th Year  Of Tejashwi  Yadav For Year 9-11-2022 TO 9-11-2023

Since Tejashwi  Yadav is completing his 33rd year on  9-11-2022.So his coming 34th year varshphal has Cancer Lagna which is 7th house of the  horoscope of Tejashwi  Yadav.In Cancer  34th year varshphal lagna lord Moon is posited in 11th house which indicate financial gain to  the native in coming varshphal.

Some important points in coming 34th year varshphal.

1]Moon lagna lord of Varshphal is posited in 11th house will give immense gain to native. Moon is also exhalted

2]10th lord Mars retro in 12th house indicate trouble in career. Mars 10th lord aspect 7th and 7th lord Saturn indicate  friction between alliance due to  some disputed steps taken by the  native in his profession. But there in Shubhkatri yoga around 10th house which indicate survival of alliance of JDU and RJD

3]Muntha in 4th house with 4th and 11th lord Venus and debilitated Sun 2nd lord and Ketu and Mercury 3rd and 12th lord indicate legal trouble  in different land issue of native. See Saturn and Mars retro are providing affliction to 4th house in d-9 progression navamsha. Muntha is afflicted in 4th house in conjunction  with debilitated Sun and ketu and aspect of Saturn on it not good. Muntha is also afflicted in 9th house due conjunct with retro Mars .Sun and Saturn also aspect this muntha from 3rd and 7th house respectively.

4] See affliction to 9th house of native is afflicted in Varshphal of 34th year by Saturn from 7th house.In d-9 navamsha  progression chart Mars in retro in 9th aspect by Sun and Saturn from 3rd and 7th house respectively will provide trouble to native father.

5]Year lord Saturn is afflicted in 7th house by aspect from retro Mars from 12th house.

6]Janam lagna pati is Saturn afflicted in 7th house.

7]Varshlagna pati is Moon indicate gain  to native financially.

8]Trirashi pati is Mars not well posited in varshphal of 34th year.In d-9 navamsha d-9 afflicted in 9th house by aspect from  Saturn and Sun.

9]Dinaratri pati is Venus is again afflicted with conjunction with debilitated Sun and ketu and aspect of Saturn will provide lot of legal trouble on land issue of native.

Coming varshphal for native is not so good for native but   financially it will be good for the native.

 Super imposing Present running Vimshotari Mahadasha of birth chart on coming Varshphal of 34th year Mercury-Moon from 2-9-2022 to1-2-2024…………………………

Mahadasha of Mercury :Mercury Mahadasha lord is 3rd and 12th lord rising  cancer varshphal  of 34th year.Mercury is posited in 4th house conjunct with debilitated Sun 2nd lord, Venus 4th and 11th lord ,aspect of Saturn 7th and 8th lord.Mahadasha of Mercury is not promising good result for Tejashwi  Yadav,since Mercury is 12th and conjunct with prime Maarkesh planet debilitated Sun and aspect by another Maarkesh Saturn from 7th house and is conjunct with ketu is not  good  for deputy CM Tejashwi  Yadav.These combinations  will provide him lot of legal trouble in different cases on land deals and cases concerned with finance. Mercury is badly aspect by mars from 9th house and Saturn from 7th house in d-9 navamsha  chart. Mercury is also 8th lord d-9 navamsha chart.These combinations  indicate legal trouble and also defaming  by governing model of Bihar. But some how they will rule in collision government in bihar with JDU and RJD.

Anter of Moon:Moon anter lord is well placed in 11th house of Varshphal  of 34th year.It will help native to  earn enough wealth  while ruling Bihar.Moon is paapkatri with Mars retro in second from Moon and Rahu in 12th house from Moon.In navamsha d-9 progression Moon is 6th lord of dispute ,trouble,legal fights in 2nd house of finance  conjunct with ketu. What does these combinations  suggest.These combinations  give indication in mind of native about  legal trouble which will come in coming time with the start of 34th year in varshphal on which this anter of Vimshotari dasha of Moon of birth chart  is applied .

Coming Varshphal of 35th year


With libra lagna rising which is 10th house of birth chart of Tejashwi  Yadav. Rising 10th house of birth chart in the  Varshphal horoscope  of Tejashwi  Yadav  means something big will happen in professional life. Libra lagna is occupied by debilitated Sun 11th lord and Mars 2nd , 7th lord and ketu.  Lagna lord is debilitated in 12th conjunct with his worst enemy Moon 10th lord in 12th house. Rising lagna in Varshphal is aspect by retro Jupiter from 7th house is not good indication for Tejashwi  Yadav.

Important Points In The  Horoscope Of Varshphal Of Tejashwi  Yadav in 35th year Varshphal.

1]Lagna lord Venus is debilitated in 12th house and a debilitated planet Sun conjunct with ketu and Mars is posited in lagna these combinations  indicate public will put question mark over Deputy CM tenure  of Tejashwi  Yadav.

2]10th lord moon in 12th house with debilitated Venus lagna and 8th lord is not good for his professional life in 35th year.10th lord d-9 progression chart  is Jupiter in 6th house under aspect of Saturn and Mars will create  lot of dispute and controversies in running 35th year.

3]Year lord is Saturn well placed in 5th house but afflicted in d-9 progression chart.

4]Muntha in 2nd house conjunct with Mercury and aspect  of Saturn indicate good financial gains in 35th year.

5]Muntha pati is Mars conjunct with debilitated Sun  and Ketu indicate good financial year for Tejashwi  Yadav.

6] Janam lagna pati is Saturn is well posited in 5th house but afflicted in d-9 navamsha chart progression.

7]Varshlagna pati is Venus afflicted in 12th house  debilitated.

8]Tri rashipati is Saturn is well placed in 5th but afflicted in d-9 progression chart in opposition from Mars 3/9 axis.

9]Dinaratripati is Mercury well placed in 2nd house of finance good financial year for Tejashwi  Yadav.

But something  big will happen in 35th year in professional life of Tejashwi Yadav

Vimshotari Mahadasha And Anter Of Birth cChart

Mercury-Moon from 2-9-2022 to1-2-2024


Mercury Mahadasha lord is Mahadasha of 6th and 9th lord badly  afflicted in 10th house conjunct with 8th lord Sun and 4th and 11th lord Mars.  There is clear association of two bad houses 6th and 8th lord is attatched with Mahadasha lord mercury .Result is,  he will not be  Deputy C.M of Bihar for  long time in future.  Jupiter 12th lord aspect this mahadasha lord Mercury from 6th house indicate court cases and dispute ,trouble,and  growth of political enemy.

Moon anter: Moon anter lord is starting on 2-9-2022  to 1-2-2024 .Moon is posited in 2nd house as 7th lord is prime double maarkesh [ death inflicting dasha]  as 7th lord then posited  in 2nd house[death inflicting planet].Moon is aspect from Saturn from 12th house of change and retro  Jupiter as 12th lord from 6th of dispute and enemy and trouble .So double affliction to Moon 1st as double maarkesh and second as influence of 12th house over Moon anter lord. People will raise their voice  against  him  in  Bihar about declining law and order condition  and poor performance of Bihar government on every aspect .Moon in Navansha in 11th house as 12th lord indicate more of expenses than income.12th house is also house of retirement from profession .Moon has some what improve in navamsha d-9 as posited in 11th house. In d-10 Dashmansha chart Moon is 7th house of position debilitated conjuct with 8th lord retro Jupiter and aspect by two malefic Saturn and Sun from lagna .This combination indicate pressure on Tejashwi Yadav  to deliver good governance but that will not happen due to anter of Moon.

Anter Of Mars:1-2-2024 To28-1-2025

Mars anter lord is good for Tejashwi  Yadav .Mars is 4th and 11th lord in 10th house conjunct with 8th lord Sun  and Mercury 6th and 9th lord. Mars as karka for gain due to 11th lord but conjunct with Sun and 8th lord and Mercury 6th lord he will have to face lot of  corruption charges of land and have face court due to this combination of Mars +Sun+Mercury in 10th house which will give gain to opposition party BJP.See Mars in d-30 as Trimshamnsha chart is 4th lord in 2nd house of finance aspect from Saturn  from 12th house is not a good indication in time to come in  anter of Mars for Tejashwi  Yadav.

Transit of Saturn: Saturn is in Capricorn in lagna will provide good result to him .It has promoted  Tejashwi  Yadav as Deputy CM of Bihar.But it will change sign on 23-1-2023 to 2nd in Aquarius over natal Moon which 7th lord aspect by sign Saturn from 12th house. Jupiter also aspect this transit Saturn from 6th house as 12th lord indicate he will not remain Deputy C.M of Bihar for long time. Saturn in transit Aquarius over natal Moon is totally activate in  12th house.

Jupiter in transit in Pisces will  activate natal Jupiter in 6th house which in turn aspect 10th house of profession but its positioning in sixth house  will give trouble and raise  enemies  in Bihar.