Nitish kumar again ditch BJP and formed government with RJD with Tejasvi  Yadav as deputy CM of Bihar. Nitish kumar has this back ground in the past .Nitish kumar was unhappy with BJP  in 2013 while making Narendra Modi as PM candidate .Nitish kumar allied with RJD and Congress-I in 2015 and formed government with RJD and Congress-I. Again  it dumped RJD in 2017 on issue of corruption and allied with BJP and formed the government in 2017 .But again history repeats itself and nitish kumar on 9-8-2022 dumped BJP  and formed government with its old ally RJD and Congress-I in Bihar. Now Nitish Babu is doing robust campaign all over North India and every part of India to create an  Anti BJP and Anti PM Narendra Modi front in which he is  announcing himself silently Prime Minister material of opposition .With the presence of Rahul Gandhi of congress-I,Arvind kejriwal of AAP party,Mamta Banerji of Trinmool Congress,K.C.R of Telengana,Sharad Pawar of NCP, Nitish Babu of JDU is gathering all these leader on one stage.But this is  not easy case because election planner PK is not with them at the moment.

What star foretell about CM Nitish Babu for  his becoming next Prime Minister of India 2024 in presence of so many candidate in opposition that to with the presence of Congress-I Rahul Gandhi.We should ignore this point that still congress-I is leading opposition party in India.


CM Nitish kumar was born on 1-3-1951,13-20 hrs ,Bakthiarpur,Bihar.He has Gemini lagna with lagna lord mercury posited in 9th house of name and fame. Lagna lord mercury is conjunct with Rahu,Jupiter 7th  +10th lord,Sun 3rd lord in 9th house .Here so called Guru -Chandaal is forming which find no place in classical text which make it a fake Yoga .In the  horoscope of Nitish kumar.  There  is Gaj kesari Yoga but this is  forming in 6th and 9th house in which it make it less effective.

Some Important Feature Of Horoscope Of Nitish kumar

1]Lagna lord Mercury and 4th lord Mercury in 9th house with Jupiter 7th and 10th lord in 9th house is Raj Yoga of Maharishi Parashar.

2]Mercury lagna lord conjunct with 10th Jupiter and 3rd lord Sun indicate person to be hard working  in nature.

3] There is Gaj kesari Yoga  with Moon in  6th house in 1+

+0th from natal Jupiter .

4]Navamsha d-9 is rising of Pisces sign  which is 10th house of birth chart.This is  good indication to rise high in life.

5]Dashmansha d-10 rising with Sagittarius lagna which indicate position to Nitish kumar even time is not in his favour today.

Negative Points In The Horoscope Of Nitish kumar

1]Saturn- Mars in 4/10 axis afflicting Venus in 10th house. This is not good yoga for honest survival in profession .This yoga will reduce the reputation as a  good politician.

3]Four malefic   planets  attatch with 10th house and 10th lord Jupiter. Saturn retro  aspect 10th  house and Mars is posited in 10th house. Rahu and Sun is conjunct with 10th lord Jupiter in 9th house.

4]6th lord Mars,8th lord Saturn aspect to 10th house.12th lord Venus  posited in 10th house. Connection 6TH ,8TH ,12th house or their lord with 10th house is not good.

5]10th house and 10th lord Jupiter again afflicted in d-9 navamsha .Jupiter conjunct with Rahu in 3rd house and retro Saturn afflict 10th house.

6]In Dashmansha d-10 10th house and 10th lord Mercury is afflicted by aspect  Saturn from 8th house and Mars from 2nd house. 

7]Tenth house has Mars in Mrityu Bhagh afflicted or in turn afflicting Venus 5th and 12th lord whose anter is coming from  31-5-2023  to  31-5-2026   in Mahadasha of Rahu which is posited in 9th house conjunct with 10th lord Jupiter .In 2024 there is loksabha election and Nitish Babu is preparing to gather all opposition parties under one roof to fight against PM Narendra modi.

Modified Sudershan Chakra from lagna:

Modified sudershan chakra for timing event for loksabha election of 2024

[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]


Seventy second year from 1-3-2022 to1-3-2023

This has been very significant year for Nitish kumar due to  departing from  BJP and joining  RJD to form state government in Bihar on  9-8-2022.In progression of modified Sudershan Chakra  for 72nd  year will reach to12th   house of horoscope of Nitish kumar.It contain Taurus  sign and its is rinning into  Chhidra progression due to  completion  of 12 year from 61st   year to 72nd year now again cycle will repeat from Gemini sign for 73rd year. Taurus  sign lord  is Venus conjunct with Mars and aspect by retro Saturn from 4th house .So there is affliction in this year  due to Taurus  sign lord Venus is conjunct  with Mars  in Mrityu Bhagh and two malefic retro Saturn and Mars is attatch to venus in progression .So in coming time  there   will be  lot  of trouble and obstacles which Nitish kumar will face in 72nd year. He will rule in Bihar due to  10th house from Taurus  lagna  has three benefic planets  Jupiter ,Mercury ,Sun and one malefic Rahu in 9th house that assume to be 10th from Taurus  lagna. But his wish to gather all opposition parties of India under his leadership will remain a dream due  to affliction of Venus lord of Taurus that is  afflicted in 10th house.72nd  progression year which is 12th house also contain 8  pada which will prove ominous for Nitish kumar.

Modified Sudershan Chakra 73rd Year From Lagna


Seventy third year in progression will comes to lagna which contain Gemini sign. Gemini sign is vacant but it is aspect by 7th and 10th lord Jupiter from 9th house. Gemini lord mercury is posited in 9th house is not bad conjunct with Jupiter 7th and 10th lord +Rahu+Sun 3rd lord this position in itself is not bad but tenth lord  from Gemini sign contain Mars 6th and 11th lord which is in Mrityu Bhagh. Mars also opposed by retro Saturn from 4th house which is 8th and 9th lord. Tenth  house from Gemini   lagna contain Venus which is afflicted by Saturn and Mars opposition in 4/10 axis from Gemini lagna. What does this combination indicate. Nitish babu will survive in Bihar but his wish to become next P.M of India in loksabha  election in 2024 against PM Narendra Modi of BJP .[note Gemini sign is badly afflicted by retro Saturn from 4th house and mars from 10th house.]

Varshphal Of 72nd Running Year


Leo lagna rising which is 3rd house of natal birth chart of Nitish kumar.Third house  represent efforts  which is visible in life of Nitish kumar the way in which he is gathering all opposition parties of India under his able leader ship to contest next loksabha election for  P.M in 2024 .Lagna lord Sun is posited in 7th house conjunct with Moon 12th lord +Jupiter 5th and 8th lord this combination of Moon 12th lord and Jupiter 8th lord conjunct with Sun indicate some big change occurred in life of Nitish Babu in 72nd year.He changed his alliance from BJP to  RJD  which is represent by conjunction  of Sun with 12th lord Moon and 8th lord Jupiter in house of partner and position that is represented  by 7th house.

Important Points Of 72nd Year Varshphal

1] Leo lagna rising aspect by 8th Jupiter and 12th Moon which represent change in that particular year.

2] Muntha in 10th house is good conjunct with Rahu indicate affliction to muntha. Muntha is also afflicted in d-9 progression navamsha .Muntha is in 7th house aspect by another malefic Saturn from 10th house

3]Muntha lord  Venus in 6th house conjunct  with Saturn and Mars ,Mercury. So affliction to 10th house which contain muntha which is conjunct  with malefic Rahu and Muntha lord Venus in 6th house indicate aristha to both muntha and muntha lord venus.This  combination concerned with 10th and 10th lord of profession which  indicate Nitish kumar will face criticism  on   law and order situation  in Bihar.He will also face lot of controversies in gathering opposition on one front. Muntha lord Venus in progression Navamsha is in 3rd house conjunct with hard core malefic Rahu and Mars.

4]Progression navamsha d-9 contain Saturn in 10th house.10th lord is aspect by Mars from 3rd house will create lot of problem for  Nitish Babu.But some how he will survive in Bihar due to conjunction  of Sun 10th with Jupiter in 5th house. 

5]Year lord is Sun in 7th house conjunct  with 12th lord Moon and 8th Jupiter .[afflicted Sun]

6]Janam lagna pati Mercury afflicted in 6th house conjunct  with Mars and Saturn which represent trouble and controversies .In progression navamsha d-9 again afflicted conjunct with ketu and aspect by Mars .But this affliction is reduced by aspect of benefic Jupiter from 5th house.

7] Trirashi Pati Sun is posited in 7th house of position conjunct with 12th lord Moon and 8th lord Jupiter[not a much better position for Trirashi Pati Sun].

8]Dinaratri pati is Saturn afflicted in 6th house due to  conjunction with mars  two benefic planets  Venus and Mercury are also posited their saves the position of Saturn.

Overall result of varshphal due to  above combination is this he will able to gather opposition on one front but not for long time.

Varshphal of 73rd year


With Scorpio lagna is rising which is 6th house of dispute ,trouble ,fight, of birth chart .Lagna lord mars is posited in 7th house of position indicate no change of position .He will remain the CM of Bihar that too will be challenged  by his alliance partner RJD.10th house is vacant but aspect by Sun its lord, Saturn 3rd and 4th lord,mars lagna and 6th lord,mercury 8th and 11th lord.

Some Important Feature Of Varshphal Of 73rd Year.

1]Scorpio lagna 6th house of birth chart.

2]10th house aspect by 8th lord mercury is not good. His alliance partner or opposition which he is gathering will ditch him at the time of need .Even election planner Prashant Kishore planning policy to project him as an next P.M of India will fail miserably due to ambitious candidate of P.M like Rahul Gandhi ,Arvind kejriwal,  K.C.R for Telangana  state. [Mercury is 8th lord conjunct  with 10th Sun and aspect to 10th from 4th house gives above result.]

3]In navamsha d-9 progression for 73rd year has got Saturn and Mars aspect to each other will spoil his ambition to become next P.M of India. Mars is 6th lord of navamsha of 73rd year progression  also aspect Sun in 5th house.

4]Muntha in 8th house is not good but conjunct with 9th lord moon gives downfall in that particular year. Muntha is vargattom in d-9 navamsha is aristha for  native in that particular year.

5]Muntha lord  mercury is in 4th house conjunct with 2 malefic Sun and Saturn.

6]Year lord is Venus  exhalted  in 5th house is 7th and 12th lord prime maarkesh for Scorpio lagna.

7]Janam lagna pati is Mercury afflicted in conjunction with two malefic Sun and Saturn. Janam lagna pati is also 8th and 11th lord of 73rd year varshpahl.It indicate survival in Bihar before next coming assembly election in 2025.

8]Trirashi Pati is Venus .Venus is maarkesh for Scorpio lagna is  not good.

9]Dinaratri pati is Mercury is 8th and 11th lord conjunct with 2 malefic Sun and Saturn.

Super Imposing Running  Vimshotari  Mahadasha  At The Time Of Loksabha Election In 2024 on varshphal of 73year

Rahu-Venus From 31-5-2023 To 31-5-2026

Rahu mahadasha lord posited in 6th house of dispute and trouble and legal problem also contesting election of 2024.Rahu is aspect by a malefic Saturn which is itself afflicting 10th lord Sun. Sign despositor of Rahu is  Mars posited in 7th house aspect to 10th house of profession .He will [Nitish Babu] have face sharp criticism in his election campaign  all over India. Mars karka for aggression ,enemy ,trouble. His enemy will grown in side his opposition parties which will dump his aim to become next P.M of India at the time of election. Also he will have face sharp criticism  in Bihar for lawlessness and chaos which will spread whole of Bihar in coming time.

Venus:Anter of Venus is very  strange when it comes in Mahadasha of Rahu.If Venus is not Yogkarka for lagna and badly placed it will give bad results to native concerned .Rising lagna in 73rd varshphal is Scorpio which  is 6th house of enemy,trouble,problem. If such a volatile anter of Venus which is maarkesh  [death inflicting ]for Scorpio lagna is running it will create trouble to the  native. Venus conjunct with 2nd lord Jupiter  first rate maarkesh for Scorpio lagna   in 5th house .It will make  rule of new Delhi but he  will survive in Bihar even due uncounted problem in alliance with RJD in Bihar. 

Vimshotari Mahadasha Of Birth Chart


Applying vimshotari mahadasha on birth chart

Rahu-ketu From 12-5-2022 To 31-5-2023

Rahu mahadasha lord is posited in 9th house of luck conjunct with lagna and 4th lord,Jupiter 7th and 10th lord,  Sun 3rd lord. See degree between Rahu and 10th Jupiter just a 2 degree  difference .It shows purity of karmaas of Nitish Babu.Rahu is highly volatile and malefic planet for planet which it is eclipsing .Rahu sign lord Saturn  retro is afflicted in planetary war against Mars in Mrityu Bhagh in 10th  house..Rahu in d-9 navamsha in 3rd house conjunct  with 10th lord Jupiter aspect by retro Saturn from lagna. In this combination 10th lord Jupiter is very afflicted..Affliction  to 10th lord Jupiter by Rahu  create inconsistency in profession. How many times Nitish Babu has changed his allies from 2003 onwards till today 26-9-2022 .

Anter Of ketu From 12-5-2022 to31-5-2023

Ketu anter lord is in 3rd house of efforts  aspect by Sun its lord and Jupiter 7th and 10th lord ,mercury lagna and 4th lord. Ketu will make him work by self efforts to gather opposition   against  PM Narendra Modi   but his efforts will go waste because PM Narendra Modi has blessing of Lord Mahakaal [Lord Shiva ].Ketu is posited in 9th house of luck  in d-9 navamsha  chart aspect 10th lord Jupiter and mars from 6th house of dispute .In dashmansha chart d-10 of profession in 5th house conjunct with 10th lord Mercury.5th   house is 8th from 10th house means decline in profession which he will experience in anter of Venus which is coming on 31-5-2023 to31-5-2026.

Anter Of Venus.Anter of Venus will be starting from 31-5-2023 to 31-5-2026.This anter is very watch full in life of Nitish Kumar. Venus –Rahu and Rahu Venus anter are very watchful according to  Madhya Parashari. These anter lord if not well disposed to each other in birth ,Navamsha d-9,dashmansha chart they will produce negative result. Venus anter lord is 5th and 12th lord very badly afflicted in 10th house of profession conjunct  with mars 6th and 11th lord in Mrtiyu Bhagh.[for mrityu bagh please read research article by k.n.rao and menakshi in early 1990].Venus is is badly afflicted in 4/10 axis of profession in Saturn retro, Mars opposition .This anter will provide utter trouble to nistish kumar due non fulfillment desire of getting proper coordination and support from his opposition allies .They will pull  leg of his chair  of PM post.Venus anter is badly posited in 8th house in Navamsha Chart d-9 and also 3rd and 8th lord in Navamsha d-9 chart. In d-10 Dashmansha d-10 well posited in 4th exhalted but malefic  lord of 6th lord of enemy and 11th lord of gain 6/8 relation with Mahadasha lord Rahu. So his dream will never fulfill to become next P.M of India. In d-30 Trimshansha chart in 10th exhalted badly aspect and afflicted by Saturn retro and Mars from 4th house.

Transit  Of  Saturn

Saturn will enter Aquarius on 9th house in the  horoscope of Nitish kumar. In ashtakvarga Aquarius has got only 20 points will provide Nitish Kumar  illusion to became next P.M of India in 2024. Saturn from Aquarius will aspect 6th house dispute and trouble and also debilitated  Moon which in kemdruma Yoga.

Bhrigu  Transit:Saturn  transit in 9th house will over Rahu ,Jupiter ,Mercury,Sun will create  his dream to gather all opposition under his roof which seems to be impossible till Rahul Gandhi and Arvind kejriwal is  in opposition  field against   PM Narendra Modi.  Moreover whenever Saturn  transit in Aquarius  over natal Rahu it is an ordinary  start for big aim. Saturn in transit over natal Rahu over april-2025 will not able to fulfill his dream   as next P.M of India in 2024 .When Saturn will be  transit in Aquarius .Saturn sign despositor is natal Saturn retro in 4th afflicted in opposition from Mars in Mrityu Bhagh. All major opposition leader will not take Nitish kumar seriously as P.M candidate for 2024 Loksabha election.As we should not undermine the major opposition is congress-I and Rahul Gandhi is major P.M candidate in opposition against PM Narendra Modi.

Jupiter  transit in 10th over natal Venus and in opposition of natal Saturn from 4th house  to natal Mars in Mrtiyu Bhagh will create over confidence in Nitish kumar to fight next Loksabha election against PM Narendra Modi in 2024.Sign lord of transit Jupiter in Pisces is natal Jupiter badly eclipsed by natal Rahu which shows unclear vision  to become next P.M of India in 2024.Note ;; Jupiter in 10th  house in transit aspect to 6th house and 2nd lord moon debilitated in 6th house jointly with transit Saturn. He will create more of enemy due to his slipped tongue due to combination of 2nd lord  moon in 6th house of enemy.