Future Of Arvind Kejriwal

Future Of Arvind Kejriwal

AAP  head Arvind kejriwal is in muscle tussle with his  opposition BJP lead by PM Narendra modi.Fisrt Satyender kumar Jain Health Minister of AAP party government at Delhi lands in trouble when he was arrested by ED on 1-7-2022.Now Delhi Aap party government minister Manish Sisodia land into trouble when CBI raids in his office in months of August 2022 in liquor scam .These days Arvind kejriwal is pro active to defends his friends and colleague who are this way or that way  was by product of Anna Hazaare   movement against corruption 2013-2014.

Let’s  See what Is Future Of  Delhi CM  Arvind kejriwal   and  Its Survival Against mighty PM Narendra Modi of India.It’s  Arvind kejriwal’s  wish to become next P.M  of India in next general Election of  Loksabha of  2024.



CM Arvind kejriwal was born on 16-8-1968 ,7:30hrs ,Bhiwani ,Haryana.He has got Leo lagna with lagna lord Sun in 12th  house conjunct with yogkarka Mars for Leo lagna.This is Sookshma Raj Yoga for CM Arvind kejriwal with Rajyog karka Mars is forming with Sun in 12th house.The  efficiency of Rajyoga of Mars and Sun has been reduced due to debilitated of mars in 12th house.

Some more good points in the  horoscope of Arvind kejriwal

1]Formation of Parashari Rajyoga with conjunction of 5th lord Jupiter with  10th and 3rd lord Venus with 2nd and 11th lord of gain , mercury in lagna.

2]6th lord Saturn in debilitation in 9th house conjunct with 12th lord moon. Debilitation of 3rd,6th ,8th lord is good. Saturn debilitation is good as 6th lord.

3]Rising of Arvind kejriwal starts from 29-3-2008 with the start of Vimshotari Dasha of 5th lord Jupiter conjunct with Venus 10th lord of profession conjunct with 11th lord of gain , mercury. Arvind kejriwal  rise as a  Crusader of anti corruption drive with Anna Hazare .But now arvind kejriwal’s  government is down due to blames of corruption charges against his colleages .Jupiter is also 4th and 7th lord of navamsha posited in lagna     giving him  rise as  he wants in his profession of politics as  CM of Delhi.

Negative Points To Observe In The  Horoscope Of Arvind kejriwal

1]Mercury karka of logic and intelligence is in mrityu bhagh  

2]Sun karka for soul is with debilitated mars in 12th house. Moon karka for mind  is with Satrun retro in 9th house of Dharma,religion.

3]Rising navamsha is Virgo which is  two –twelfth to Leo Lagna.

4]Saturn retro in navamsha d-9 chart in 8th house afflicting 10th Mercury which  is already in mrityu bhagh.

5]Coming mahadasha of Saturn retro from 29-3-2024 indicate fall down of dreams to  lead India due to clashes with other opposition parties on this issue.

6]Vimshotari mahadasha  with chhiddra dasha  ending of Jupiter mahadasha with start of another mahadasha of Saturn retro from 29-3-2024 at the time Loksabha Election in 2024.

7]Starting of Saadhsati from 29-3-2025  to17-4-2032.This will be very difficult time for Arvind kejriwal.

8]Transit of Jeev Jupiter in transit over natal Rahu in 8th house indicate legal troubles ,fight ,rise of enemy ,health troubles.

What at present star  Foretells about  CM Arvind kejriwal in fight against PM Narendra Modi and  BJP  will analyzed from his present running varshphal 55th and 56th year varshphal which will run from 17-8-2022 to17-8-2023 and 17-8-2023 to 17-8-2024 at the time of Lok Sabha Election of India.

Present running Varshphal of 55th year from 17-8-2022 to 17-8-2023


Running varshphal of 55th year for Arvind kejriwal.

With   Gemini lagna rising which is 11th lord of birth chart indicate rise in career   despite of trouble .In varshpal of 55th year lagna lord mercury in 3rd house aspect by 6th and 11th lord mars from 12th house indicate troubles from enemy ,fight, aggression in approach to deal with enemy. Arvind kejriwal’s  55th year will devoted in fight against  political enemy in Delhi. Position of 10TH  lord retro Jupiter looks good 55th year varshphal. But see progression navamsha d-9 chart gives clear picture of profession life of CM arvind kejriwal will be full of trouble and obstacles and problem in this 55th year, rising Navamsha is Taurus  which is 2/12 to Varshphal  d-1 Chart.Tenth  house has 7th  and 12th lord  mars afflicting muntha in 10th house. Tenth house   is afflicted by natal Saturn retro in  opposition from Sun in 4/10 axis and aspect of Mars also give glimpse of professional life full of controversy  in 55th year.

Some points to remember  in varshphal of 55th year

1]Gemini lagna risng with lagna lord Mercury posited in 3rd house afflicted from Mars from 12th house.

2]Muntha is well placed in 9th house but muntha lord Saturn retro is afflicted in 8th house  in opposition from Sun 3rd lord .Venus 12th lord also aspect this retro Saturn in 8th house own house. This combination shows luck will not  support Arvind kejriwal in 55th year from rising controversies.

Super imposition birth chart vimshotari mahadasha  and anter  on varshphal  of 55th year Jupiter –Rahu from 3-11-2021 to29-3-2024

Jupiter Mahadasha :Jupiter Mahadasha lord is retro in own house in Pisces in 10th house will give good survival rate to his government in Delhi .Jupiter progression navamsha d-9 chart in 6TH house  as 7th   and 10th lord conjunct  with lagna and  4th  lord Mercury in Mrityu Bhagh . 7th lord Jupiter is  aspect by 9th and 10th lord retro Saturn. These combination shows  gain to CM Arvind kejriwal even in the midst of 55th year,due Jupiter position in 6th  house Maarkesh will create  lot of controversies.

Rahu anter lord is posited in 11th house of gain conjunct with Moon 2nd lord prime markesh in 55th  year  varshphal.Sign despositor of Rahu in natal Mars in 12th house of loss of name and fame  is not good. Rahu in progression navamsha d-9 is in  house 5th house conjunct  with 5th  lord Venus will  give less gain to  Arvind kejriwal  in coming election in Himachal Pradesh  and Gujarat as compared with BJP but it will definitely capture the vote share of congress-I in these states.

Some important parameter of 55th year Varshphal

1]Muntha 9th house good

2]Muntha lord Saturn retro in afflicted due opposition from Sun in 2nd house.

3] Year lord is mercury in 3rd house afflicted by aspect of mars from 12th house.

4]Janam Lagnapati Sun in 2nd house afflicted due  to opposition from retro Saturn in 8th house.

5]Varshlagna pati is also Mercury again afflicted from aspect of Mars from 12th house.

6]Trirashipati is also mercury again afflicted in 3rd house by aspect of mars from 12th house.

Varshphal of 56th year


Virgo lagna rsing in 56th year varshphal with lagna mercury posited in 12th house badly afflicted conjunct with Mars and Moon. See degree wise Mars at 29-11 degree and mercury 25-45degree 3 to 4 degree difference. Mars is 3rd and 8th lord and aspect of Saturn retro from 6th house make it difficult for Arvind  Kejriwal to complete his ambition to become P.M in next  Loksabha election of 2024.Both 6th lord and 8th lord and 12th  three  trikh or bad house signification is associated with 10th and lagna lord mercury in 12th house conjunct with 11th lord moon.

56th  year Varshphal  important points:

1]Muntha in 7th house aspect by retro Saturn from 6th house and malefic Mars from 12th house .Serve affliction to muntha.

2]Muntha pati is Venus afflicted in 11th house conjunct with 12th Sun.

3]Year lord is Venus retro conjunct with 12th Sun in 11th house afflicted.

4]  Janam lagna pati is Sun well placed in 11th  house.

5]Varshlagna pati is Moon badly placed in 12th house in Saturn retro, Mars opposition in 6/12 axis.

6]Trirashipati is Mars is again afflicted in 12th house.

7]Dinmaan Rashi Pati Jupiter is too afflicted in 8th house

8]No benefic in Kendra and Trikona.

So all parameter are afflicted in 56th year varshphal  a very tough and trouble creating year for Arvind kejriwal.

Vimshotari mahadasha in birth horoscope of CM Arvind kejriwal

Jupiter-Rahu 3-11-2021 to 29-3-2024


Mahadasha of Jupiter: Jupiter  Mahadasha lord is  well posited birth chart with Mercury and Venus. Arvind kejriwal saw  his rise in mahadasha of Jupiter 29-8-2008 .Jupiter is conjunct with 10th lord Venus and 11th Mercury. Tenth house represent profession and 11th house represent gain from this profession. Since  Mercury is in Mrityu bhagh so karmaas done in mahadasha of Jupiter will be repaid in Mahadasha of debilitated Saturn 6th and 7th lord Saturn conjunct with 12th   lord moon in 9th house. Jupiter is well placed in d-9 navamsha chart. Jupiter is 11th lord of gain aspect by debilitated 10th lord Mars from 6th house and Saturn retro debilitated in 3rd house in dashmansha chart –d-10.

Anter of Rahu:Rahu is posited in 8th house in 6/8 position from Mahadasha lord Jupiter in lagna.Rahu last anter in mahadasha of Jupiter.This is chhiddra anter with ending of Jupiter mahadasha and starting mahadasha of Saturn In 9th house. In Rahu anter CM Arvind kejriwal government in Delhi surrounds in dispute in cases of corruption .Rahu in 8th house creates such kinds of problem for Arvind Kejriwal. Rahu is posited in d-9 navamsha chart with 11th lord Moon so it has provided him gain in Punjab.Rahu is posited in d-10 dashmansha chart in 3rd house of self efforts but with lagna and 12th lord Saturn .But this Rahu will not give much peace while starting of mahadasha of Saturn in 29-3-2024.Rahu anter will surrounds Arvind kejriwal in numerous dispute. His vision to defeat PM Narendra Modi will remain a dream.

Saturn mahadasha from 29-3-2024

Mahdasha of Saturn retro will start on 29-3-2024 at the  time of Loksabha election in 2024 will not help Arvind kejriwal from becoming leading position in India. Saturn in 6th and 7th lord for Leo lagna .As 6th lord conjunct with 12th lord Moon will give him immense tension due to  Saturn as 6th lord of fight,enemy, dispute  conjunct with Moon  12th lord  of loss..Saturn is again afflicted in navamsha d-9 due to opposition from Mars from 2nd house. Saturn in 6th lord in navamsha and Mars in 8th lord. Eighth  house represent trouble ,obstacles  and sudden  downfall  in profession. Saturn in d-10 dashmansha chart is again vargottom but conjunct  with Rahu is not good. 

  Transit of Saturn :Saturn in transit is in 6th house retro  from 5-6-2022  in Capricorn. From here Saturn in transit will receive the aspect of malefic debilitated Mars and Sun from 12th house. Saturn  in transit sign despositor is natal Saturn in 9th house conjunct  with 12th lord Moon. Saturn retro in transit will fully exposing the  12th house signification which represent loss ,trouble ,mental tension .It also represent jail sentence by court or punishment by court ,Saturn will enter 7th house  Aquarius which is  maarkesh house will going to create lot of trouble for Arvind Kejriwal .In 7th house Saturn in transit will receive the aspect of Jupiter +mercury in Mrityu Bhagh+Venus from lagna and debilitated Mars from 12th house of loss. Sign lord of transit Saturn is natal Saturn posited in 9th retro with Moon will create a  lot fear in mind of Arvind kejriwal  in transit of Saturn in Aquarius .But aspect of Jupiter +Mercury +Venus will somehow saves Arvind kejriwal of much disgrace in 55th year. But fifty sixth year is very bad for Arvind kejriwal.

Jupiter is in 8th house over natal Rahu a time for dispute ,trouble for Arvind kejriwal.