original bhrigu Samhitas reading-28

Bhrigu  Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji

Shree Ganeshaaye Namah

Such type of native are having charming personality , good natured and having good position in her social circle. In her young age she enjoys all happiness and prosperity and having all facilities and ammunities of life. She had all type of happiness like family, children ,vehicles and helpers etc. But all these things do not remain stable due ton effect of her last birth Karmaas [deeds]. Her life became disturbed by the both point of view by economic point and defamation. Many disturbance take place at home ,aggression  and loss of work also take place.Disturbance in married life can be seen in this horoscope. If the native will do salvation of her last birth Karmaas [deeds] she can live a peaceful life and her problems will be vanished.


She was born in a shudra [low caste in social hierarchy] family and always busy were in serving saints and devoted towards God and do lot of prayers. She was very poor and feed herself by serving Brahmins By serving Brahmins and devotion towards God , she was blessed with all happiness of life and feel herself very lucky . Many days passed and she was living a smooth and peaceful life but suddenly she was attracted towards a Brahmin who she was serving from the last few years and ditched her husband while her husband was sincere and loyal towards her when he came to know about her relation so  he cursed  her .

If she will do salvation of her last birth karmas[deeds] then definitely she will get relief in her present life.


Chant this following Mantra 108 times and after completing this, feed the Brahmins and satisfy them by offerings;


If she will complete these rituals she will get relief . She will take her next birth in a well to do family and will enjoy all happiness of life.


From one to three years of life the native got affection and love from her parents..Some paediatric problems like fever , toothache etc. Take place and her parents got worried but by their efforts all problems were resolved.

From four to seven years she lead a wealthy and prosperous life and enjoyed all comforts of life. Some physical problems like acne take place during this period.During this period the native’s mother can face some physical problems .Chances of getting sibling can be seen in the horoscope during this period.The father of native get tensed during this time and his anxiety level also gone very high. 

From eight to twelve years  some auspicious occasion can take place . Expenditure of father also go very high but this expenditure was done on auspicious work. Her father earned name and fame during this time. The native enjoyed beautiful clothes, jewellery etc. During this time but also faced some problem due to her last birth karmas[deeds].

From thirteen to eighteen years this period was period of good fortune .All her wishes were fulfilled but sometimes she got little bit tensed and get upset. This time passed smoothly due to native’s good Karmaas[deeds] performed by her in this birth or even of her last birth.

From nineteen to twenty five years she got good reputation in her family and social circle. She was enjoying life but some obstacles also came during this period. She managed multiple work at a time.

From twenty six to thirty one years the native was happy and some auspicious occasion also take place during this time. Some physical problems also take place and got some differences with her partner.She enjoyed all facilities and ammunities of life but get disturbance from husband and children.

From thirty one to forty years some comforts and happiness came in the family by grace of God.Expansion in work field can also be seen during this period. If the native perform some religious rituals during this time she can get relief from troubles. This period was mix period of happiness and sadness.

From forty one to fifty years some physical troubles can take place. The native must donate some items and money during this period to escape from these problems. She can also visit some pilgrimage during this time.

From fifty one to sixty years She must indulge herself in devotion towards God and do some charity work. If she will devoted towards God and perform rituals during this time she will take her next birth in a very good family by grace of God.

After sixty five years   her wishes will be fulfilled. Bhrigu Muni is advising the native to devote herself towards God .The 66 and 67th year will be good from financial point of view.

Some physical problems can take place during 69, 71, 72 years so take care of yourself during this time.

The native can face some mental disturbance and stress during 72 to 78 years  and this tension will occur due to your relations with a person.so avoid him he can ditch you

She will enjoy full life span

All The Best