Spiritual Saints Of India-1

India has long tradition of spiritual saints which used to guide Hindu society to run on the path  of Dharma or  religious righteousness .These saints tradition was developed from the start of satyuga in which first yogi is  Aadiyogi Lord Shiv or Lord Mahakaal give diksha to seven maharishi which include Maharishi Kashyap, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Agastya, Maharishi Gautam Maharishi Jamadagni ,Maharishi Bhardwaja , which started the saint tradition or Guru Shishya  Parampara which  later developed in Three Yuga in Tretta Yuga ,Dwapara Yuga then at last Kalayuga.

In kalayuga  we can see decline of spiritual saints due to foreign invaders

Astrological CombinationOf Spiritual Saints: Spiritual saints horoscopes are blessed  with rich spiritual astrological combination which was described by my Jyotish Guru K.N.Rao who himself has devoted his whole life around these spiritual gurus.

Some Astrological combination of spiritual saints

1]Lagna lord in 5th house or 9th house. or PAC of 1,5,9 house and their lord.

2]Fifth and ninth  lord conjunct in any house is the biggest source for spiritual combination.

3]Jupiter in cancer ,Scorpio ,Pisces .

4]Planets in cancer ,Scorpio  Pisces specially Jupiter who is Dev Guru and Venus [Shukracharya ji ] Guru of Demons in these  signs.

5]Benefic in cancer ,scoprio ,pisces specially in sarp drekhona

6]Vimshotari Mahadasha of 5th , 8th,9th 12th lord are good for spiritual [sadhna] practice .

7]Transit of Jupiter in Dharma Trikona specially in 1,5,9 house and on their lord.

8]Transit of ketu in Scorpio sign which represent mooladhar chakra in seven chakra.

9]Mahadasha sequence of Vimshotari starting from Rahu, Jupiter,Saturn, Mercury,Ketu are good for sadhana when they are connected with 5th and 9th house and their lord.

10]According to Bhrigu astrology transit of jeev Jupiter on natal Ketu or transit Ketu on natal Jupiter.

11] Jupiter ,Ketu conjunct in natal horoscope and transit of  jeev Jupiter over  this  combination in Bhrigu Astrology.

12] Transit of jeev Jupiter over Saturn ,Ketu conjunction in  natal horoscope.

13]Transit  of Saturn in 1,5,9, house and their lord for Libra Lagna

14]Transit of Jupiter in Sarp Drekhona in Cancer ,Scorpio ,Pisces sign is the great combination for Hatth  Sadhna.

15] Malefic in third house is good for Sadhna .

16]Fifth and eighth house PAC[position aspect and conjunction] is good for doing Sadhna and becoming Spiritual Guru.

17]Jupiter should be unaffiliated

18]Venus should be unaffiliated

Examples Horoscope Of Spiritual And Saints Gurus Of India.



Sanit Tukado Ji Maharaj :Saint Tukado Ji Maharaj was spiritual saint from maharashtra India .He was born on 29-4-1909 at 5-15 hrs ,Amrawati Maharashtra India .His real name was Manikdev Banduji .He was born and brought up in poor family in Amrawati town .His Guru’s  name was Aadkoji Maharaj Saint Tukdoji Maharaj was  involved in social  reforms in rural Maharashtra.

Some spiritual combination in horoscope of Saint Tukado Maharaj:

1]Aries lagna with lagna lord mars exhalted in 10th house in Capricorn sign .Mars has obtained directional strength in 10th house.

2]Fifth lord Sun  in lagna  exhalted and ninth lord Jupiter in Leo in fifth house aspect to fifth lord Sun in Lagna exhalted. Fifth and  fifth lord Sun in PAC with ninth house or ninth lord Jupiter is foremost important combination spiritual sadhna or tough  spiritual practice.

3]Excellent Gajkeasri Yoga in 5th house with 9th lord Jupiter conjunct with 4th lord Moon in 5th house also a excellent Rajyoga combination of Maharishi Parashar.

4]Lagna lord in 10th exalted in 10th aspect to 5th lord Sun in lagna and 5th house is a promise of Rise high in spiritual rise.

5] Venus afflicted also some time give control of senses connected with Venus.

Combination of Spirituality in navamsha d-9 chart:

Taurus  Lagna rising with lagna Venus afflicted in 4th house conjunct  with Sun and Rahu and aspect by Saturn .Some times is some horoscope affliction to venus gives person devoid of karka of Venus.

Life events

    He devoted early part of life in dense forest of Ramtek ,Salbardi,etc

Vimshotari in early year of his life for timing events Ketu Mahadasha right from start from 29-4-1909 to 21-6-1914

1]Ketu in spiritual sign in Sarp Drekkhona in 8th house of Samadhi or inclination right from birth towards Sadhna or Spiritual practice .Ketu in Vimshamsha d-20 in 5th house of Dharam  Trikona which is also another house for rich spiritual experience of past birth  carried in this birth also. Ketu sign despositor in exhalted mars which also aspect to 5th house. There  is clear connection of past birth poonya carried in this birth for exhalted Sadhna or spiritual practice .

2]Venus next mahadasha which ran from 21-6-1914 to 20-6-1934

Venus is aries sign which represent Ram which resides in mountain and hilly area or also forest. Saint Tukadoji maharaj  devoted his early part of  life in the  forest which properly indicated with venus in aries sign conjunct with 5th lord Sun which represent spiritual l practice in form of Hatth  Sadhna which represent 3rd  and 6th Mercury conjunct with  this combination. Venus is 5th lord in Vishamsha d-20 chart posited in 9th house of another Dharam Trikona and most power full house in three Dharam Trikona which represent by lagna first then fifth house after that 9th house which most powerful one, as  indicated by Maharishi Parashar.

3] Saint Tukadoji Maharaj also undertake a Rudra Mahayag 1934 in salabardi forest which is in hilly region of Maharashtra.  This Rudra MahaYag was undertaken in Mahadasha of Sun from 20-6-1934 to 20-6-1940.Sun itself Rudra or Lord Shiv according to spiritual astrology.As 5th lord it represent spiritual practice in  the form of Rudra mahayagya  undertaken in forest which is represent by Sun exhalted in Aries as 5th lord

4]He organized and establish Bhartiya Sadhu Samaj in 1956 in Mahadasha of Mars which ran from 20-6-1950 to 20-6-1957.Mars is lagna 8th lord exhalted in 10th house obtaining digbal. Mars aspect 5th house and 5th lord Sun exhalted in Lagna. Tenth is concerned with organizational abilities which Tukadoji Maharaj undertaken in Mahadasha of Mars .Mars in d-20 Vishamansha Chart  is in 12th house of spiritual progress aspect by ninth lord Saturn .Generally aspect of Mars, Saturn on each other indicate a big work undertaken in mission way which required lot of stamina and zeal to work on that mission. Saturn as 9th lord involved in this combination indicate a big  missionary job  undertaken by Tukadoji Maharaj in Mahadasha of Mars .

Artistic work done by Saint Tukadoji Maharaj was unparallel. He write 3000 songs and  poems in religious field was well understand by combination of Sun with planets of arts Venus which also represent poems and songs conjunct with 3rd and 6th lord Mercury  in lagna.3rd house represent writing in which he written the poems and songs in regards with lord Shiva and lord Krishna.