Afghanistan Internal Clashes2022

Afghanistan Internal Clashes2022

In  Afghanistan  last year2021  American troops leave Afghanistan and by August  2021 .Taliban nearly captured Kabul and whole of Afghanistan leaving Panjshir which is  lead by Ahmad Massoud .Panjshir is the only province in Afghanistan which is giving strong resistance to present Afghanistan government which is lead by Taliban.  Panjshir head Ahmad Massoud is the son of legendary Tajik military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. Saturn transit in Aquarius on 29-4-2022 are the Factor Which Has Lead To These Clashes Astrologically?[For more calculation we will analyze the event through sudershan chakra,bhrigu transit and through three year varshphal of 23rd,24th 25th year in sequence ]


Bhrigu  Transit:Saturn is karka for profession and karmas which when afflicted will lead to future course of action .In the  horoscope of Afghanistan Saturn in transit Aquarius on 29-4-2022 .Its natal sign lord is natal Saturn which in turn aspect by mars from  2nd house afflicting the 10th and Saturn and lagna lord Mars which is leading to present bloodshed in Afghanistan from April 2022 onwrads  .On March 30,  2025 Saturn will leave Aquarius sign which will provide some relief to Afghanistan.

Transit  Of Jeev Jupiter :Jupiter when transit Taurus  sign on 30-4-2022 this year will be year of trouble for Afghanistan.It is due to natal Mars and Saturn are opposing each other in Taurus – Aquarius sign in mutual aspect to each other.




[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

Sudershan Chakra:

FROM LAGNA:In Sudershan Chakra of Afghanistan is in  21ST  year in progression is running from lagna which comes to 9th house which contain Sagittarius sign which contain Mercury ,Sun,Ketu Venus and 9th lord Jupiter is posited in 3rd house of neighbor countries. In Afghanistan major battles between Taliban and Panjshir led by  Ahmed Masoud has taken place between May and June 2022 which is 5th and 6th month counted from  Sagittarius sign which is from 22-12-2021,fifth and sixth comes to Aries  and Taurus  sign .Aries sign lord mars is in direct aspect from Saturn retro 2nd house  which has lead to direct confrontation or fight between Taliban and Panjshir lead Ahmad Masoud.This same happen in june 2022 which is 6th month from Sagittarius sign in which same event of fight take place  between Taliban and Panjshir resistance front.

From Moon Lagna :From Moon lagna 21st   year comes  to Scorpio sign its lord Mars in 12th house from Moon lagna in direct aspect to retro Saturn in 3rd house from  moon lagna which lead to fight between Taliban and Panjshir resistance front.

From Sun Lagna: Ninth house comes to Leo sign whose Lord   Sun is conjunct with Venus 6th lord from Sun Lagna but too many benefic will lead to fight between Taliban in internal clash with Panjshir resistance front but not much problem will comes out

But when 10th house or 22nd year will comes into progression  in Sudershan Chakra from lagna,Sun lagn and Moon lagna will lead to major clashes between Taliban  with Ahmed Masoud of Panjshir and also with Pakistan.


Twenty third  year varshphal: As we analyzing from varshphal  when internal conflict will reach its climax in Afghanistan .The answer is very clear from twenty third year the internal conflict will reach its climax .See twenty third year Varshphal progression which will be  Scorpio sign is rising in which Scorpio sign is 8th house of natal horoscope and its  totally afflicted in progressive Varshphal which will run in 23rd  year .Mars is posited in lagna and is in mutual aspect to Saturn 4th lord in Aquarius sign in 4th house. Muntha is also afflicted in running Varshphal of 23rd  year in the  horoscope of Afghanistan.


Twenty Fourth Year: Twenty fourth year running in varshphal progression in  the horoscope of Afghanistan is Aquarius sign which 11th house in natal horoscope of Afghanistan .Eleventh house is badly afflicted in natal horoscope of Afghanistan. In 23rd  year Varshphal see affliction to 4th lord Venus with 4th lord in 12th house and aspect to 4th lord by debilitated retro mars Is not good position for peace in Afghanistan. 


Twenty Fifth Year: With Gemini lagna  rising as an ascendant and lagna lord in  6th house of fight ,dispute and border fights .Tenth lord which represent government working has Saturn 8th is mutual aspect with mars sixth lord. What does this indicate maybe  possible terrible fight for survival for capturing centre  of government between Taliban with Pakistan or Ahmed Masoud of Panjshir .See 10th Jupiter in lagna gain aspect by 6th lord mars from 7th house of open war indicate great instability in Afghanistan in  coming year

Vimshottari Coming In Future; In The  Foundation   Horoscope Of Afghanistan

Mercury-Mercury  Mahadasha starting from 12-8-2023 to 8-1-2026

Mercury –Mercury  Mahadasha is  chhidra in which one mahadasha of Saturn end and mercury starts from 12-8-2023.Mercury Mahadasha lord is 3rd and 6th lord for Aries  lagna.Third house represent neighbor countries and 6th house represent fight with these neighbor .I am indicating Taliban fight with Pakistan army near Durand line border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Second focus between Ahmad Masoud ,Panjshir conflict with Taliban .There  will be terrible fight between these group in near future in Mahadasha of Mercury .Mercury Mahadasha lord is lagna lord in 3rd house in navamsha d-9 chart aspect by 6th lord mars from 9th house indicate fire and violence which karka for Mars which will weak Afghanistan internally  in Mahadasha of Mercury in near future.

Rahu Mahadasha Of Yogini Mahadasha starts from 19-8-2020 to 19-8-2028

Rahu in yogini Mahadasha  indicate sankata means trouble .In Rahu Mahadasha change of government take place in which American  troops leaving  Afghanistan in hands of Taliban which capture whole of Afghanistan making the life general public miserable .In whole of Mahadasha of Rahu these trouble will increase in Afghanistan has lead to many clashes between Panjshir lead by Ahmad Massoud and Taliban .