Rise Of BJP With Obstacles And Hurdles2022-2023

Rise Of BJP With Obstacles And Hurdles2022-2023

From start of Nav Samvat 2079 [year 2022-2023] from 1april-2022 there  has been start of trouble form Delhi  Jahanghir Puri riots  .After that one by one communal trouble is increasing day by day in India .With rise of difference between majority and minority community which is increasing day by day in all parts of India due to  Saturn transit in Aquarius from 29-4-2022.Central government is tackling the situation but in opposition ruled states it does interfere in working of state government, I have indicated  in my article on Navsmavat 2079 about the rising violence .This will increase with the passage of time when Saturn  will enter Capricorn sign on 12-7-2022 and re enter Aquarius sign  on 23-1-2023.Since BJP who ruled central government is in stage of silence  over these issue of  communal in nature .Only some of its state  government like Uttar Pradesh  lead by  CM Yogi Aditya Nath,and Assam which is lead by CM Hemant Vishwa Sarma are handling these situation effectively.

Why BJP is Silence  over these issues ? what will happen over these matter will be ascertained for its foundation horoscope with running progression in Sudershan Chakra,running varshphal of forty  third and forty  fourth year and running Vimshotari dasha with transit.



Foundation Horoscope Of BJP:BJP  has Gemini lagna with lagna lord in 9th house of dharma or religion .Mercury lagna lord is conjunct with ketu and has aspect of Saturn retro 9th and 8th lord,Jupiter retro 7th and 10th lord,mars retro 6th and 11th lord. There is Parashari Rajyoya is forming in the  horoscope of BJP with mercury aspect by Saturn retro 9th lord trikona lord and Jupiter retro Kendra lord from 3rd house of valor and self efforts .This Raj yoga formation will give BJP a long lasting favour to rule India in central government under PM Narendra Modi. In navamsha d-9 chart  rising is of Taurus  lagna which is 12th house of natal foundation horoscope of BJP. This is negative formation in navamsha d-9 chart  .But formation of some yoga in d-9 navamsha will curtail the negative effect of rising twelfth house of birth horoscope as ascendant of navamsha d-9 is given below.

1] There is  good formation of planets are lagna lord venus exhalted in 11th house of gain.  

2] Benefic mercury as 2nd and 5th lord in lagna conjuct with Rahu in lagna.

3]T000hird lord moon in 10th house give success  by self efforts. As we know how much BJP  leader has worked hard in  campaigning  all  over India to convert campaign  into votes share in majority community .PM Narendra Modi is best example of BJP  leader who has done self efforts doing rigorous campaigning all over India to establish BJP  rule  in India.

Sudershan chakra for rise of BJP  in present running year forty third year.

[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]


From lagna :From lagna progression of 43RD  year reach to 7th house which contain Sagittarius sign whose lord Jupiter retro in third house conjunct with hardcore malefic retro Saturn and retro mars and Rahu and also aspect of mercury from 9th house .Seventh is marakah bhaav [death inflicting house ].But its lord Jupiter has gone to 3rd house with hard core malefic so BJP will have fear and suspicion due on going circumstances   running in India at present [communal clashes].Only BJP leader   present CM Yogi  Adityanath  of Uttar Pradesh  is handling these situation effectively .Since this is progression of seventh house is  maarkesh [death inflicting period ] period running  for BJP  So in present 43rd  year obstacles and fear will be there  in the mind of  BJP   leadership. Since Jupiter 7th lord in 3rd house self efforts with 10th lord of profession and with retro mars 6th lord [hard ship]+11th lord gain with 9th lord luck retro Saturn  will there  in this running year in sudershan chakra progression .There will increase in  influence area of BJP  in South India .

 Progression From Sun Lagna :From Sun lagna 43rd year progression reaches to 7th house which contain Virgo sign and its lord has posited in 12th house in the  horoscope of BJP conjunct with ketu and aspect by Jupiter retro 10th lord and mars 2nd and 9th lord+Saturn 11th and 12th lord from Sun lagna.What this combination indicate? .Seventh lord in 12th house is not good indication for BJP from Sun lagna.It shows large trouble and obstacles in its working from opposition .So much influence of malefic over 43rd year lord  mercury in 12th house shows trouble  in running year. The present episode in months of june 2022 has occurred in 3rd months counted from Virgo comes to 9th house .Ninth house  represent religion and debilitated moon there  indicate fear in minds of BJP  leadership with ongoing episode of major rift occur between majority community with minority community is alarming. Ninth lord here is mars gone in sixth house of dispute with 10th lord Jupiter and 12th and 11th lord Saturn in 6th conjunct with Rahu in troubling situation in month of june -2022 for BJP

From moon lagna:From moon lagna forty  third year comes to 7th house which contain Taurus  sign with Venus posited in this. Its lord Venus is also 12th lord form moon lagna..Seventh house also aspect by ninth lord debilitated moon from moon lagna indicate in whole 43rd year BJP  will live in fear due to communal disturbance .It will not be able to tackle the trouble which is communal in nature. Debilitated moon clearly indicate fear will loom in their mind of BJP  leadership to tackle communal disturbance in India. But still it will rise with passage of time .Retro Saturn as 3rd and 4th lord also aspect this combination in 7th and 7th lord Venus. From making venus or Taurus  sign  as lagna see concentration of malefic planet in 4th house doesn’t shows happy internal condition of BJP.It is only PM Narendra Modi which  is running BJP  with his strong horoscope  and will lead  Bjp in this time of trouble.

 Varshphal for two years ; 43rd  and 44th   year


Running 43rd year varshphal: Running varshphal for 43rd year rising is Pisces sign  10th house of natal horoscope is good in achieving  for governing in financial aspect .But presence of 6th lord Sun in lagna conjunct with 4th and 7th lord mercury in not good condition. Aspect of 11th and 12th lord Saturn on this combination indicate some dispute and problem will be attatched with BJP  in this running varshphal. Aspect of Saturn as 11th  lord on lagna indicate gain in coming time in coming election in Gujarat and Himachal  Pradesh.Recently BJP  has gain momentum and formed government with Eknath Shinde  in Maharashtra which is clearly indicated in running varshphal. Muntha in 10th house is good and muntha lord in Jupiter  in 12th house with 3rd and 8th lord Venus[trouble through female ] indicate obstacles and fear in mind of BJP leader running varshphal. See 6th lord Sun and 12th lord Saturn association with lagna by position and aspect. Lagna lord Jupiter also in 12th with 8th lord venus  .Full of malefic influence over lagna and lord Jupiter is not good indication for BJP  in time to come Year lord is mercury which is conjunct with 6th lord Sun and aspect of 12th lord Saturn lord of two   bad houses  on year lord indicate present trouble in month of june and july-2022 .But BJP  leader horoscope PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit shah indicate good fortune and luck which will cover the bad combination forming in present varshphal of BJP.


Coming 44th year :Coming varshphal has cancer lagna which is 2nd house of natal horoscope of BJP. There  is improving combination in 44th year varshphal.Lagna lord in 4th house conjunct with ketu and aspect by 3rd and 12th lord mercury. Muntha in 7th house is not so bad .Muntha pati Saturn in 8th house indicate some national mourning may take place in this running year. Luck is with BJP in this running year with 9th Jupiter conjunct with 2nd lord in 9th house of luck which is influencing lagna . Some temple building activities or some good combination of temple fight [kashi Vishwa Nath and Krishna Janambhomi Temple fight in court] may take place in coming  year in the  horoscope of BJP.


Saturn will transit in  Capricorn12-7-2022 . From capricorn which is 8th house in natal horoscope of BJP  from here it will aspect natal Sun and 10th house will give lead to BJP  in coming election of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. When it will again comes to Aquarius sign on 23-1-2023 it will again transit over natal mercury and it will aspect from here 11th house and 11th lord mars in 3rd house retro conjunct with Saturn retro 9th lord and Jupiter 10th in 3rd house it will activate all malefic planets in 3rd house of self efforts which will give rise to BJP  but with lot of hurdles  and fear and confusion.

Jupiter is present in 10th house over natal sun 10th lord will give rise and win in coming election of Gujarat and Himachal and extension in South India specially in state of Andhra and Telangana .

Present Coming  Vimshotari Dasha Of Moon-Saturn from 18-7-2022 to17-2-2024


Moon mahadasha lord is mahadasha of 2nd lord is debilitated in 6th house. Second debilitated in 6th house is good according to Maharishi Parashara moon debilitated in 6th house is aspect by mars 6th and 11th lord from 3rd house and Venus from 12th house as 5th and 12th lord. Second debilitated moon indicate BJP leader will be  source of agony to party specially female[moon is karke for female] .Second house indicate speech and moon is female planet which indicate trouble to some female leader in mahadasha moon. Moon mahadasha lord is posited in 10th house in d-9 navamsha chart as 3rd lord of efforts. Moon in aspect by Saturn retro from 8th house shows fear in mind of top leader ship due ongoing circumstances from start of this year  itself from april-2022.

Saturn anter lord from18-7-2022 to17-2-2024:This anter of retro Saturn in moon mahadasha will results in rise of some temple movement which will reach its climax in anter of Saturn. Due Saturn 8th and 9th lordship some secret work will done to give favour majority community in anter. Saturn retro as 8th lord shows working secretly on this mission to give boost to movement related to ninth house ninth represent religion and Saturn retro as ninth lord also aspect to this house shows rising of Sanatan Dharma movement by BJP. Saturn is conjunct with mars as 6th and 11th lord. Saturn conjunction  with mars retro  indicate lot of upheavels by upbringing of enemy of BJP  in this period .But mars is also 11th lord of gain so bjp will have gain over its enemy in anter of satrun retro.Since Saturn retro  anter in 3rd anter in mahadasha of moon will results in efforts and with result these efforts BJP  will extend its base in southern part of country.but over all Saturn anter will give rise to BJP  with lot of unnecessary fear and obstacles in India.