Cancer  And Leo  Sankranti 2022,  Sun –Saturn Retro Opposition And Its Impact Over India

 Cancer  And Leo  Sankranti  2022,Sun –Saturn Retro Opposition And Its Impact Over India.

 CANCER SANKRANTI :Sun  will enter cancer  sign on 16-7-2022 at 22:56,delhi this will start the cancer sankranti .With Pisces sign rising with Jupiter in lagna aspect to 5th and 9th house covering the house of dharma or religion.In this cancer sankranti very important point to notice is that Sun will entering Dakshinayan  in Southern course from sign cancer and Capricorn sign is afflicted. Sun will be 6th lord for Pisces sign is not lord of good house as both luminary are afflicted by retro Saturn. Saturn is opposing Sun in 5/11 axis and it will also aspect moon in 12th house. Affliction to Sun in 5th house by Saturn 11th and 12th lord and Sun 6th lord clearly points, emotion of public will on fire.Fifth house is also aspect by mars 9th lord which represent religion or house of dharma. Temple [Gyaan vapi case in Banaras and Krishna Janam bhoomi in Mathura] dispute will gain momentum  from this sankranti. This will raise very sharp reaction from majority and minority  community .But lagna lord Jupiter will aspect this combination will protect India from this affliction in which country Is passing in phase  of  communal disturbance. But this sure ,disturbance will be there in this cancer sankranti. Derogatory remarks on majority community  and their deities will disturb eco system of majority community .Conjunction  of Rahu with Mars is not a combination for peace and communal harmony in India.


Leo Sankranti: Leo Sankranti will start  with entering of Sun in Leo sign on 17-8-2022 at 7:23 Delhi ,with lagna lord Sun in lagna and Mercury as 2nd and 11th lord conjunct with Sun indicate good flow of FDI or increase of Forex  Reserve in India. Again see the influence of moon as12th  lord conjunct with Rahu  karka for poison which will again be providing communal disturbance in India. Clearly source will be Pakistan which is represented  by Moon 12th lord conjunct with Rahu in 9th house of religion .See affliction to lagna lord Mercury in D-9 navamsha chart in 3rd house conjunct with Jupiter retro but Saturn aspect lagna lord Mercury and Saturn retro posited in lagna as 6th lord of fight ,disease ,dispute. Mars as 3rd and 8th lord aspect lagna and Saturn 5th and 6th lord posited in lagna in d-9 navamsha chart .There can be rise of terrorism in this Leo Sankranti .Mars aspect both in lagna and D-9 navamsha chart but in much worse way in d-9 navamsha chart  will lead to terrorism in jammu and kashmir  and many communal outrage [disturbance] which will be  in this Leo Sankranti. Rise of  covid -19 may see possible outcome of Saturn as 6th lord in Lagna and aspect of Mars on Saturn retro in lagna from 6th house.


Sun-Saturn Opposition In 3/9 Axis In The  Foundation Horoscope Of India.


India has Taurus  lagna with five planet posited in 3rd house. Sun will be in transit in 3rd house over these five planets  is not  a good point to observe peace in India. Sun entry in cancer sign which has 27 point in ashtakrvarga below 28,  which is below average will oppose Saturn retro in 9th house of religion. Disturbing time for over Sun stay in cancer sign from 16-7-2022 to 17-8-2022.This will disturb communal harmony  of India with majority community fully devoting towards PM Narendra Modi government at centre. Sun entry in 3/9 axis will the reason of disturbance because 9th and 10th lord Saturn is posited in 3rd house  with 20 degree 38min.When sun will transit  on this degree of natal Saturn in 3rd house will be the point of disturbance in India. It will also put lot of pressure over central government over different issue .It will face tough fight from opposition. Only one factor is helping with deep pious aspect Dev Guru Brahaspati  [Jupiter ]over transit Sun in 3rd house from Pisces sign 11th house of India

Mahadasha-Anter-Pratyanater at the time of this transit: Moon-Mercury-Jupiter from 16-7-2022 to13-9-2022

Jupiter pratyanter coinciding with current transit: Jupiter pratayanter lord 8th and 11th lord in 6th house represent dispute and trouble for India in this period coinciding with present transit of Sun in Cancer on 16-7-2022.Jupiter is 9th lord of religion from moon lagna .Jupiter in d-60 shastiyamsha is   7th lord in 5th house of emotion aspect by Saturn 6th lord .it will give boils in  public of majority community