Retrogration Of Mars On 31-10-2022 To 13-1-2023 And Its Impact Over India.

Retrogration Of Mars On 31-10-2022 To 13-1-2023 And Its Impact Over India.

In India circumstances are changing very fast. Communal disturbance is gripping India   these days.. Entry of slow moving planet Saturn from Capricorn to Aquarius on 29-4-2022 and when it retrograde on 5-6-2022 these communal disturbance take nasty turn but it  reached its heights when mars entered Aries own sign on 27-6-2022 conjunct with Rahu in Aries .Rahu and Mars both are negative planet to provide disturbance in national scenario of India. Mars represent violence, Rahu represent minority community so conjunction of  Rahu and Mars in Aries Is not good for peace but this same mars hard core malefic will retrograde on 30-10-2022 to 13-1-2023 will have deep impact over politics of India which control sensitive communal fabric of India. To study in which direction our country India will lead to by   this retro mars  depend its impact over foundation horoscope of India ,BJP  PM Narendra Modi, Congress-I ,Sonia Gandhi and Aap party.



Foundation horoscope of India :Mars will enter Gemini sign on 16-10-2022 and will retrograde in same sign on 31-10-2022 .Here mars will retrograde on natal mars in 2nd house  which is 8th and 12th lord for Taurus  lagna. Here mars retro gration  is good for India because it will activate  natal mars  in house of  finance. Natal mars which is activated by transit mars   is 12th lord which indicate inflow FDI [foreign direct investment.].As 7th lord it represent opposition of India or of PM Narendra Modi whose every action is   try to dethrone him from  power. But they will not be successful in their mission and transit over natal mars indicate this action of opposition of India which  is due to two-twelfth to lagna lord Venus in 3rd house which represent PM Narendra Modi in power in India. Transit mars when retro  will activate the natural karka of natal mars which represent violence ,fire, terrorist activities from across the border, unrest in general public of  India because natal mars  also aspect 5th house emotion of general public  .Transit mars  natal  depositor   is mercury which is posited in 3rd house of neighbor countries which is represented  by Pakistan and China . Which  are  two major threat for  India. All five planets  in 3rd house indicate upheavals in these neighbor countries which is represented  by sign depositor mercury in 3rd house of transit Mars in 2nd house. 

Now natal mars over which transit mars is in transit  upto 13-11-2022 will produce communal violence due to  activation of natal mars by transit mars .Natal mars aspect 8th of uncertainty and problems and its 8th aspect is over 9th house of religion and dharma from where it will generate communal problem in India .[Note all aspect here mention are of Bhrigu aspect in which natal planet will be activated over which transit mars will transit]

After the changing of sign by transit mars from Gemini to Taurus  on 13-11-2022 in which it will remain retro grade upto 13-1-2023.In Taurus   sign retro mars will upon natal Rahu which karka of minority community and mars in retro gration is not welcome over natal Rahu  in Lagna  of foundation horoscope of India .It will lead to communal frenzy in minority community and transit mars is karka of violence and terrorism and cross border fights specially from Pakistan or  Infiltration from Pakistan in India may be possible in this time when mars will transit in retrogression in lagna over natal Rahu. Sign despositor of transit mars in natal Venus which is conjunct  and is in Paapkatri  in 3rd house between Sun ahead and Saturn behind and other two planets are indicated  by moon 3rd lord and mercury 5th and 2nd lord. This is  very sensitive time in the  foundation horoscope of India.

India will running vimshotari mahadasha  and anter of Moon-Ketu which will start from 4-12-2022 to5-7-2023.Ketu anter in mahadasha of Moon is not good as for peace and prosperity   is concerned in India .Ketu is posited in Scorpio sign of Mars  and in Anuradha Nakshatra of Saturn .Both are malefic sign and sign lord and nakshatra too of malefic planet .Ketu is  posited  in 6th house conjunct with Moon in Leo sign is  not good as far as peace is concerned in Punjab..



Mars In Transit Gemini-Taurus  In The  Horoscope  Of BJP: Bjp has entered the anter of Saturn  in Mahadasha of Moon from 18-7-2022 to17-2-2024 a good anter but it will produce lot of trouble and fear in the  mind of BJP leader from minority community .It is due to reason BJP  is 8th and 9th lord so it will work silently on  topics  communal in nature. Saturn  is karka for silence and 8th lord of secrecy..These silent work of BJP will start from retrogression  of mars in Gemini  from 31-10-2022.Mars will retrograde in Lagna in sign of Mercury and Mercury is posited in ninth house of luck   and dharma or religion forming a Rajyoga with aspect of Saturn retro ,natal retro mars and retro Jupiter from 3rd house of self efforts. In this time assembly election in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh are going  to be  held  in the end of year of 2022 will give good news to BJP. Mars as  6th lord of enemy and problem will retrograde upto 13-11-2022in Gemini sign in lagna will produce some difference of opinion with party cadre with top leadership .As some of party leader  which were expelled from party in month of june-2022 will repay BJP  top leadership  if form of difference of opinion with  party cadre with top leadership In any way Mars transit in Lagna will create  trouble to BJP  in coming time. Mars retro entry in Taurus  in 12th house from lagna and  in 7th house from natal moon lagna that is why BJP will face problems   from congress-I and other parties. .At the time of mars retro   transit in Taurus  in 12th house in  the horoscope of BJP  will create lot of  troubles  for female leadership of BJP . Venus is karka for female on which mars will be in transit and it will aspect natal Moon that too is karka for female leader of BJP will be target of terrorism.



Mars In Transit In The  Horoscope Of PM Narendra Modi: Mars  in transit in Gemini sign will retro on 31-10-2022 in 8th house. Mars retrogression  in 8th house is not good for PM  Narendra Modi because mars is lagna lord and also in 8th house from Moon Lagna. This will provide unnecessary  stress over PM  Narendra Modi with ongoing problem or trouble  in India which will be communal in nature. Mars in transit in 8th house will be aspect by natal Mars [Bhrigu aspect] from lagna which is Lagna Lord  and 6th Lord.This aspect of natal mars lagna lord will save him from much of the trouble created by transit Mars. Sign despositor of transit Mars will be in 11th house with 10th lord Sun and conjunct  with Ketu. So overall the result of transit Mars in 8th house will convert from bad to good after when mars will change sign from Gemini to Taurus . Retro mars will enter in  transit  Taurus sign on 14-11-2022 and will remain retrograde upto 13-1-2023 .From here natal moon 9th lord , mars lagna and 6th lord will aspect transit Mars in Taurus  sign in 7th house .Mars +moon combination always give PM Narendra Modi positive result .But  mars as 6th lord definitely going to increase his tension from enemy. Transit mars sign lord is venus in 10th conjunct  with 3rd and 4th lord Saturn in 10th house ,aspect of Jupiter on natal Saturn and venus is forming rajyoga combination  for PM Narendra modi. This will be visible in assembly  election in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh  which are going to held at the end of year 2022 .Retro mars  transit from  14-11-2022 to 13-1-2023 will produce good results  to PM Narendra Modi only transit in Gemini will be tough time for PM Narendra Modi from 31-10-2022 to14-11-2022.



Retro Mars In Gemini And Taurus  And Its Impact Over Congress-I: Congress-I is passing  in Phase  of difficulty in which Aap party in taking over in mainstream vote bank. Mars will transit in retro motion  in Gemini to Taurus  sign from  31-10-2022 to13-1-2023 .Mars will retro   transit will be in Gemini on 31-10-2022 in 4th house on natal Jupiter lagna and 10th lord. Mars in transit  is retrograding from 31-10-2022 to 14-11-2023 on natal Jupiter and natal 6th lord Sun and 3rd and 8th lord natal Venus will be providing trouble to congress-I .Sign lord of transit Mars in Mercury posited in 9th house which indicate it will fully support minority community on name of  religion, communal  disturbance between majority and minority community .From 14-11-2022 to 13-1-2023 mars  will transit in 3rd house where it will aspect by Saturn retro from 6th house as 11th and 12th lord and Mercury as 4th and 7th lord. its sign depositor is Venus conjunct with 6th lord Sun in 10th house. Here both 6th ,3rd ,12th and 11th house signification is connected with transit Mars in Taurus .Eleventh  house indicate small gain  in assembly election of Gujarat may be in Himachal Pradesh  but major signification will connected with 6th and 12th house .Sixth house indicate trouble ,fights ,problem to top leadership. Twelfth house and 12th lord Saturn indicate  loss being posited in 6th house aspect to transit retro Mars in Tarsus.



Sonia Gandhi: Congress-I  head Sonia Gandhi has cancer lagna with lagna lord Moon   in 12th house aspect by Mars and Jupiter. Mars in transit will go retro on 31-10-2022 in 12th house will bring tension  and trouble  to congress-I head Sonia Gandhi. It will energized natal moon and natal 10th and 5th lord Mars from 6th house. Lagna lord in 12th house and 10th and 5th lord in 6/12 axis is not good. Moreover 12th lord Mercury is in 5th house of children is obstacles for  children in transit of Mars in retrogression   from 31-10-2022 to 13-11-2023. Then Mars will transit in 11th house retro in Taurus  will bring some relief  but it will be small one. Mars in transit over Rahu and aspect of Mercury ,Ketu,Sun will  also provide problem .Mars  in transit sign depositor Venus in 4th house with 6th lord Jupiter again is not good.



Aap Party :Aap Party has got Capricorn lagna and lagna lord in 10th house conjunct  with Mercury retro and Venus indicate where ever congress-I  is in opposition in India  Aap will grab the situation or vote bank of congress-I specially the minority one. Mars in transit will retro on 30-10-2022 in Gemini sign in 6th house aspect by natal Mars 4th and 11th lord from 12th house of loss. Mars retro in transit sign despositor Mercury retro is conjunct with Venus and lagna lord Saturn in 10th house will create problems for top leadership. Sixth  house itself represent trouble ,fight, legal trouble and Mars in transit in retro gration will activate these signification for Aap Party. After 14-11-2022  mars in transit will  enter 5th house in Taurus  sign .Sign despositor of Taurus  is        Venus is  5th lord in 10th house .Fifth house is 8th house from 10th house of profession which shows loss of profession.Mars in transit in Taurus  sign   is not going to provide good result in assembly election in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh In  the foundation horoscope of India will have Moon-Ketu period from 4-12-2022 to5-7-2023 and it indicate some disturbance in Punjab and Aap party is in power in Punjab.