Seventy  Third Year Of PM Narendra Modi And Future Ahead For One Year 2022-2023

Seventy  Third Year Of PM Narendra Modi And Future Ahead For One Year 2022-2023

Our prime minister  PM Narendra Modi will be entering seventy third year crossing  seventy second  year.In seventy  second  year was somewhat  tough for PM Narendra Modi due to rising communal tension in India. Financially India has progressed under the guidance of PM Narendra Modi  in his seventy second period.  Bjp has won in four states in Mar-April 2022 assembly election in Uttar Pradesh ,Manipur ,Uttrakhand,Goa .BJP also   has gained in maharshtra in .PM Narendra Modi  is not only the prime minister of India but also a well known politician all over the world. His eadership has been hailed by world leaders , international agencies and many more The coming seventy third in dasha chiddra in twelfth year progression of lagna   Lord  Mars and also padd  dasha of lagna lord Mars in Bhrigu Astrology is over by 17-9-2022.For assessing what star foretell about PM Narendra Modi future in seventy third year we will have to analyze Sudershan Chakra and Varshphal for 73rd year has to seen .

Sudershan Chakra For Seventy Third Year For PM Narendra Modi


[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

Form lagna:Seventy third year comes to lagna with Scorpio sign in progression with 9th lord moon and lagna lord and 6th lord mars is posited in lagna. Moon +Mars combination in lagna is called as Chander+Mangal Yoga which indicate  wealth and name and fame .Since 73rd year in progression got Moon 9th lord debilitated  indicate increasing communal disharmony between majority and minority community of India will create lot of trouble to PM Narendra Modi in 73rd year .Notice moon is debilitated as 9th lord indicate lot of  misunderstanding in handling these situation effectively .But this is sure he will have to bear lot of tension at home front with ninth debilitated conjunct with lagna and sixth lord Mars in conjunction in running progression. With crossing of Saturn from Capricorn to Aquarius on 23-1-2022 these problem will start in India in his horoscope .Since Mars is own house cancels this debilitation of 9th lord Moon in  the horoscope in running progression of 73rd year.

Form Moon Lagna Same As Lagna Progression

From Sun: From Sun 73rd year progression  will reach to Sun lagna with Virgo sign in progression. Sun is conjunct with retro mercury and ketu. Sun is 12th lord from itself conjunct  with Mercury sign lord of 73rd year progression .Mercury is Sun sign lord also 10th lord from Sun lagna. Conjunction of 10th and 12th Sun in Sun lagna indicate a  lot  of travelling  in this seventy third year.PM Narendra Modi will outshine his opponent China XI;-Jingping and Pakistan Shabaz Sharif in international politics .China will be on knees in coming time with foreign policy  launched  by PM Narendra Modi, and  Foreign Minister  S.Jayanshanker duo in coming time specially  in the start of 73rd year.PM Narendra Modi will outshine every opponent in international politics specially good relations with  America and Russia will in prime focus to outshine China in coming 73rd year. Pakistan in no way stands in opposition against  PM Narendra Modi in 73rd year.

Coming Varshphal  Of Seventy Third Year Of PM Narendra Modi:PM Narendra modi is entering in  73rd year on 17-9-2022


Varshphal of seventy third year: On seventy third rising varshphal for PM Narendra Modi is Taurus  lagna with lagna lord  Venus posited in forth house .Lagna has Moon +Mars combination of birth lagna repeating in varshphal lagna .Taurus  sign rising as  varshphal in 7th house of birth horoscope  is not bad. Moon 3rd lord and mars 7th and 12th lord in Lagna indicate lot of short international travelling to safe guard interest of India in international politics.

Features Of 73rd Year Varshphal:

1]Muntha in 7th house is average but aspect of 7th lord Mars on  Muntha its lord is  not bad,aspect of 11th benefic retro Jupiter on Muntha will protect the bad effect of 7th and 12th lord Mars on Muntha. Mars  is karka for Violence ,Trouble ,Tension so its aspect on muntha is not always praised in Varshphal. But in present Varshphal of PM Narendra Modi is protected by Jupiter aspect from eleventh  house.

2] In seventy three year varshphal retro Saturn in 9th house indicate lot of  tension on home front by rising communal tension between majority  and minority community  in present running Varshphal in the  horoscope of PM  Narendra Modi. This happen when Saturn will enter Aquarius sign on 23-1-2023 in transit.

Super Imposition Of Running Vimshottari Mahadasha Of Birth Chart On Running Varshphal

Running Vimshotari Mahadasha in birth chart of PM Narendra Modi and super imposition  on varshphal of seventy third year.

Present Mahadasha of Mars-Jupiter from 21-5-2022 to27-4-2023and Mars –Saturn from 27-4-2023 to 5-6-2024

Mahadasha Of Mars :Mahadasha lord mars is well posited in  coming Varshphal of 73rd year .Mars is conjunct with exalted moon 3rd lord of 73rd year Varshphal.Mars is 8th +12th lord .Since conjunction of Mars with exalted moon indicate lot of travel overseas to establish India as super power in world politics .Mars as seventh lord indicate his foreign affairs policy  with S.Jayshanker present foreign minister will save India form many trouble created by China  ,Turkey and Pakistan on international affairs.

Anter Of Jupiter:Jupiter anter lord is well posited in 11th house will give him lot of name and fame in India and abroad. Jupiter anter lord as 8th and 11th lord will give some tension as 8th lord and  gain as 12th lord .But Jupiter will give result mostly of 11th but as[aspect of Saturn retro 9th and 10th lord will provide both result of 9th religious disturbance and overcome these religious disturbance from stern governance as 10th lord .All these effect of Saturn will transfer in anter of Jupiter which applied from 17-9-2022 onwards. Aspect of Sun and Mercury exalted on Jupiter will also produce excellent rajyoga of Maharishi Parashar forming in 73rd year varshphal.

Anter Of Saturn From 27-4-2023 To17-9-2023:Anter of Saturn retro will difficult for PM Narendra Modi being Yogkarka retro ninth lord it will give mental agony  for ongoing disturbancein  India which will start from entry of Saturn in Aquarius from 23-1-2023 in transit in natal horoscope of PM Narendra Modi. But Saturn will give good result to PM Narendra modi as 10th lord in 9th house own house with delivery of good governess of his government at center.  Saturn  retro in progression navamsha d-9 chart  give clear glimpse of what he is going to do in anter of Saturn retro in 73rd year Varshphal. Saturn in 2nd house of finance as 7th and 8th lord will provide corruption movement started by PM Narendra Modi will disturb the whole scenario of opposition of PM Narendra Modi in India also abroad  like in China and Pakistan.

Vimshotari Mahadasha Of Birth Chart


Mars Mahadasha From 4-12-2020  To 5-12-2027

Mars Mahadasha Has Been Giving Very Peculiar Result To PM Narendra Modi .From its start its has providing  trouble to  PM Narendra Modi  from rising communal disturbance   in India between majority and minority community .Since Mars is conjunct  with debilitated Moon 9th lord the house of religion so PM Narendra Modi will not be able to divert this communal disturbance in India. Mars has been started from 4-12-2020  since religious impatience will increase in India .PM Narendra Modi’S  Mars is debilitated in d-9 navamsha chart aspect by Jupiter retro from lagna. So PM Narendra Modi has divine grace in form of Jupiter protecting mars from by its aspect ,he will not be able to stop religious intolerance  in india. But at last Sanatan Dharma will rise as a major sect of religion which will rule in India.

Mars Jupiter :From 21-5-2022 to27-4-2023: Since Jupiter is afflicted in birth  chart by aspect of Mars from lagna and Saturn from tenth house. But this afflicted Jupiter improves in d-9 navamsha chart. Jupiter is forming Raj Yoga with Saturn four-ten axis which will elevate PM Narendra Modi from every trouble which will be created by his opposition .He will  shine due to  his good work in India and all over world due to this Jupiter Saturn Raj Yoga in four –ten axis. He will be able to overcome his enemy due to  this combination of Jupiter and Saturn aspect to each other . Jupiter jn d-10  dashmansha  chart is as lagna lord in  5th house aspect by moon 8th lord indicate divine blessing of lord Shiva on PM Narenadra Modi. There  is excellent Gaj kesari Yoga in 5/11 axis in d-10 dashmansha chart.

Mars-Saturn: From 27-4-2023 to 5-6-2024 :Saturn is 3rd and 4th lord forming Rajyoga of Maharishi Parashar with 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter in 4/10 axis of profession. Saturn is conjunct with venus  of 7th and 12th lord of position .So in anter of Saturn in 6th house in d-10 conjuct with 9th Sun and 10th mercury is forming Rajyoga  .PM Narendra Modi  will devastate all dream of his opposition to occupy the center stage in Delhi. He will definitely going to become next PM of India in anter of Saturn for third time in continuation from 2014 .

  Present Transit Of Saturn And Jupiter In  The Horoscope of P.M  Narendra Modi

Saturn: Saturn is in retro motion from 5-6-2022 to 23-10-2022 in Capricorn will enter Aquarius sign on 23-1-2023.At present Saturn  in Capricorn will provide  result to PM Narendra modi  .Sign despositor of retro Saturn in Capricorn sign is natal Saturn in 10th house conjunct with Venus and aspect of Jupiter is forming a Rajyoga for PM Narendra Modi in 4/10 axis of profession in  the horoscope of PM Narendra Modi. But when Saturn will enter 4th house in Aquarius sign in  the horoscope of PM Narendra Modi .It will receive the aspect of natal Mars lagna and  6th lord [which represent enemy ,fights,dispute etc].Transit Saturn in Aquarius will over natal Jupiter retro which is forming the Rajyoga  by aspect of natal Saturn sign lord of transit Saturn and also venus is fulfilling the excellent Rajyoga of Parashar .But note here two malefic planets  also aspect transit Saturn that is natal Mars and natal Saturn which will provide him lot of tension of communal disturbance in India. But Saturn while leaving in its tenure  in transit in Aquarius will make him elected for next term for the  post of PM by defeating his opposition  in next general election of Loksabha of 2024.

Transit Of Jupiter In Pisces Sign In 2022-2023

Transit of Jupiter in Pisces sign over natal ketu is not good .Jupiter is life  or soul force in the  horoscope  according to Bhrigu Astrology. Whenever it will transit natal Rahu , then the  time for tension and trouble to native. These growing communal tension will provide him lot of trouble and problem. When transit Jupiter crosses natal Rahu in Pisces to Aries sign will be the time of relief for PM Narendra Modi. In Ashtakvarga there  only 20 points and Aries has 30 points .A massive jump of 10 points in the  horoscope in transit  from Pisces sign to Aries   will definitely going to  improve the position of P.M Narendra Modi in future.